Encyclopedia of Stakeholder Management


Encyclopedia of Stakeholder Management

9781800374232 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, Professor of Philosophy of Management and Ethics, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark and Maria Bonnafous-Boucher, Director of European and International Affairs towards High Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (Hcéres), Paris, France
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 423 2 Extent: 444 pp
This Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of the most important concepts of stakeholder theory and management in business and public administration. It identifies that stakeholders are essential for value-creation in democratic societies.

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Critical Acclaim
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This Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of the most important concepts of stakeholder theory and management in business and public administration. It identifies that stakeholders are essential for value-creation in democratic societies.

Featuring 81 entries from a wide range of expert contributors, this Encyclopedia presents an accessible overview of key ideas as well as highlighting current issues and emerging areas of study. Topics covered include business ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, corporate governance, business legitimacy and good corporate citizenship, to reveal how stakeholders are crucial to both business and society.

The Encyclopedia of Stakeholder Management will be a valuable resource for academics and students in corporate social responsibility, strategic management and organizational theory. It will also be useful for practitioners in business, NGOs and public administration who work with stakeholders and stakeholder theory.

Key Features:
• Over 80 entries
• Accessible explanations of key concepts
• Contributions by recognized stakeholder scholars
• Integration of stakeholders with business ethics and corporate social responsibility
Critical Acclaim
‘A century has passed since Cassirer first called for all of Western philosophy – largely undisturbed from Euclid until Einstein''s Theory of Relativity – to be tested anew. Few concepts have contributed so practically and effectively to a complex systems understanding of organisations and society, than stakeholder theory. Such an outcome might easily be congruent with strands of Ed Freeman’s openly pragmatist approach. In this encyclopedic, revised companion volume and through 81 expert, scholarly entries, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff and Maria Bonnafous-Boucher marshal a collective tour de force. This book presents an effective deconstruction of the manifold, complex and inseparable stakeholder themes that overwrite defunct, neo-classical logic, agency theory and shareholder primacy. Compelling and comprehensive stakeholder reference material for scholars, students and professionals.’
– David Bevan, St Martin''s Institute of Higher Education, Malta
Contributors: Peter Aagaard, Ozan Nadir Alakavuklar, Michael Aßländer, Gilles Barouch, Giorgio Baruchello, Maria Bonnafous-Boucher, Jacquelaine Florindo Borges, Johan Bouglet, Karin Buhmann, Laurence de Carlo, José Candela Castillo, Massimo Contrafatto, Paolo D’Anselmi, Georges Enderle, Jette Ernst, Yves Fassin, Johan Fischer, Pedro Francés-Gómez, Finn Frandsen, Magnus Frostenson, Lars Fuglsang, Elisa Ganivet, Arnaud Gautier, Tobias Goessling, Wenceslao J. Gonzalez, Michaela Haase, Jeffrey S. Harrison, Christian Hauser, Ole Have Jørgensen, Anna Heikkinen, Alicia Hennig, Bettina Hollstein, Shinji Horiguchi, Ove Jakobsen, Olivier Joffre, Charlotte Jonasson, Johannes Kabderian Dreyer, Slobodan Kacanski, Johannes Graf Keyserlingk, Martin Lund Kristensen, Johanna Kujala, Luise Li Langergaard, Øjvind Larsen, Linne Marie Lauesen, Kevin Levillain, Frank Lindberg, Maria Duclos Lindstrøm, Benjamin T. Mitchell, Ronald K. Mitchell, Kirsten Mogensen, Eyob Mulat-Weldemeskel, Unang Mulkhan, Margit Neisig, Niels Møller Nielsen, ORLAN, Virgile Perret, Emmanuel Picavet, Javier Pinto, Frédéric Ponsignon, Mette Apollo Rasmussen, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, Marin de La Rochefoucauld, Gianfranco Rusconi, Leire San-Jose, Germán Scalzo, Christoph Schank, John Damm Scheuer, Blanche Segrestin, Spencer Shaw, Silvana Signori, Guilherme Siqueira, Camilla Sløk, Klaus Steigleder, Arnaud Stimec, Andreas Suchanek, Till Talaulicar, Dirk Tänzler, Riikka Tapaninaho, Kristian Høyer Toft, Riccardo Torelli, Arild Wæraas, Duane Windsor, Patrizia Zanoni, Marianne Thejls Ziegler

Preface x
Introduction to Encyclopedia of
Stakeholder Management xv
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff and Maria Bonnafous-Boucher

Accounting 1
Gianfranco Rusconi and Massimo Contrafatto

Accounting context 6
Magnus Frostenson
Art 11

Authentic leadership 13
Spencer Shaw

Border wall aesthetics 20
Elisa Ganivet

Climate change 22
Laurence de Carlo

Complexity 25
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Consumer culture theory 29
Frank Lindberg

Contract 34
Pedro Francés-Gómez

Corporate governance 40
Till Talaulicar

Corruption 45
Christian Hauser

Crisis 51
Tobias Goessling

Critical perspective 56
Ozan Nadir Alakavuklar and Patrizia Zanoni

Deliberative stakeholder theory 60
Øjvind Larsen

Democratic business 66
Maria Duclos Lindstrøm

Development 71
Unang Mulkhan

Dialogue 79
Arnaud Stimec, Kevin Levillain and Blanche Segrestin

Eastern perspectives on stakeholder relations: Confucianism and Daoism 84
Alicia Hennig

Eastern relational thinking 88
Alicia Hennig

Ecological economics 92
Ove Jakobsen

Employee rights 95
Kristian Høyer Toft

Engagement 100
Leire San-Jose

Expectations 105
Johan Bouglet and Olivier Joffre

Family firms 112
Yves Fassin and Silvana Signori

Fiduciary duties 119
Javier Pinto and Germán Scalzo

Governance 124
Marin de La Rochefoucauld

Green deal 127
Paolo D’Anselmi and Eyob Mulat-Weldemeskel

Greenwashing 131
Riccardo Torelli

Guilt 134
Camilla Sløk

Healthcare technology 140
Jette Ernst and Charlotte Jonasson

Heterogeneity 145
Emmanuel Picavet

Human rights and meaningful stakeholder engagement 150
Karin Buhmann

Innovation 156
Lars Fuglsang

Institutional legitimacy 160
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Integrative social contracts theory 165
Guilherme Siqueira

Integrity 170
Marianne Thejls Ziegler

International civil society 175
Virgile Perret

Internet 180
Wenceslao J. Gonzalez

Justice 186
José Candela Castillo

Kyosei 188
Shinji Horiguchi

Legitimacy 193
Andreas Suchanek

Libertarianism 197
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Local community 202
Mette Apollo Rasmussen

Management 208
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Marketing 212
Michaela Haase

Moral economy 218
Giorgio Baruchello

Narrative inquiry 224
Jacquelaine Florindo Borges

Nature 227
Johanna Kujala and Anna Heikkinen

Networks 233
Slobodan Kacanski

NGOs 237
Marin de La Rochefoucauld

Normativity 240
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Organizational identity 246
Arild Wæraas

Performance 251
Jeffrey S. Harrison

Pluralism 254
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Political communication 259
Peter Aagaard

Political CSR 263
Christoph Schank

Political stakeholder 268
Ole Have Jørgensen and Finn Frandsen

Pragmatism 273
Bettina Hollstein

Public diplomacy 278
Kirsten Mogensen

Public organizations (local) 284
Linne Marie Lauesen

Public organizations (management practices) 289
Linne Marie Lauesen

Public organizations (new perspectives) 293
Linne Marie Lauesen

Public relations 298
Niels Møller Nielsen

Quality management 304
Gilles Barouch and Frédéric Ponsignon

Reciprocity 309
Yves Fassin

Recognition 314
Martin Lund Kristensen

Religion 318
Johan Fischer

Rights (universalism) 320
Klaus Steigleder and Johannes Graf Keyserlingk

Shareholders 326
Johannes Kabderian Dreyer

SMEs (small and medium-size enterprises) 330
Arnaud Gautier

Social entrepreneurship 333
Luise Li Langergaard

Stakeholder salience, social media, and the cognitive commons 338
Ronald K. Mitchell and Benjamin T. Mitchell

Strategy 344
Duane Windsor

Sustainability 350
Riikka Tapaninaho and Johanna Kujala

Systems 355
Margit Neisig

Translation 362
John Damm Scheuer

Unknown stakeholder 368
Paolo D’Anselmi and Eyob Mulat-Weldemeskel

Value creation 372
Michael Aßländer

Virtue 376
Germán Scalzo and Javier Pinto

Watchdog 381
Dirk Tänzler

Wealth creation 385
Georges Enderle

Index 391
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