Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Growth of Women’s Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Growth of Women’s Entrepreneurship

A Comparative Analysis

9781785364617 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Tatiana S. Manolova, Professor of Management, Bentley University, Candida G. Brush, Franklin W. Olin Professor of Entrepreneurship and Co-founder and Research Director- Diana International Research institute (DIRI) Babson College, Linda F. Edelman, Professor of Management and Chair of the Management Department, Bentley University, Alicia Robb, The National Bureau of Economic Research, US, and Friederike Welter, Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Bonn and University of Siegen, Germany
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78536 461 7 Extent: 320 pp
The renowned group of international contributors to this book provide analysis of where and how gender plays a role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 11 essays examine how ecosystems influence women entrepreneurs and how women entrepreneurs influence their local ecosystems, both cross-nationally and through in-depth country studies.

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The renowned group of international contributors to this volume provide analysis of where and how gender plays a role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Eleven essays examine how ecosystems influence women entrepreneurs and how women entrepreneurs influence their local ecosystems, both cross-nationally and through in-depth country studies.

The studies build on rich qualitative and quantitative data from diverse contexts including the United States, Norway, India, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Chile. A special section of the book examines national and regional policies in support of growth-oriented women’s entrepreneurship. The contributions highlight the significant variety of entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world and provide valuable insights for promoting growth-oriented women’s entrepreneurship at the local, regional, and country level.

Academic researchers in the areas of entrepreneurship, management, business strategy, economic geography, and gender studies as well as policy-makers at the regional, national, and supra-national levels will all find something valuable in this illuminating book.
Critical Acclaim
‘This volume, carefully curated and edited by leading luminaries in the field, pushes the boundaries of studies of women business owners and their businesses, not just geographically, but theoretically and empirically as well. As an added bonus, the use of a framework that includes entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as business start-up and growth, helps us all think more deeply about those ever important public policy implications for a range of types of countries.’
– Patricia Greene, Babson College, US

‘This is very timely text which adopts a critical analysis drawing together three underlying contemporary themes in entrepreneurship research: ecosystems, context, and gender. There is a maturing literature exploring the influence of gender upon women’s entrepreneurial activities; however, it is now time to move forward to adopt a more discriminating analysis. This edited book recognizes this need with a range of chapters exploring diverse aspects of women’s business ownership with relation to specific entrepreneurial ecosystems. Drawing upon an impressive range of global experts, this text is a necessary read for all gender scholars to advance the research agenda. It constitutes a fine addition to the Diana International Project; the editors and contributors are to be congratulated for their insightful and carefully argued contributions.’
– Susan Marlow, FRSA, The University of Nottingham, UK

‘This timely volume makes an invaluable contribution to building cumulative knowledge in women’s entrepreneurship with its spotlight on the gendered aspects of entrepreneurial ecosystems. A perceptive introduction sets a firm foundation for a logically sequenced collection of rich chapter insights. A diverse range of studies from South East Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, to the US and research sites in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and regions of India and Chile demonstrate the value of an ecosystem framework. Public policy brought to the forefront with a Norwegian country case and findings from a cross-country Global Policy Project, add to making this book compelling reading for researchers and policy-makers alike.’
– Anne de Bruin, Massey University, New Zealand
Contributors: M. Akoorie, G.A. Alsos, J.E. Amorós, C.G. Brush, S. Coleman, D. Dutta, L.F. Edelman, L. Foss, P. Gabaldón, J. Gibb, D. Giménez, U. Guelich, A.T. Hailemariam, M. Haugum, C. Henry, J.G. Hussain, L. Karsten, B. Kroon, E. Ljunggren, I.M. Lugalla, C. Lutz, V. Mandakovic, T.S. Manolova, X. Neumeyer, B. Orser, J. Poncela-Casasnovas, A. Robb, N. Sandhu, S.C. Santos, J.M. Scott, C. Seierstad, P. Sinha, M. van Veldhoven, F. Welter, S.R. Xavier, R.I. Yavuz


Part I Cross-Country Comparisons
1. Entrepreneurial ecosystems and growth of women’s entrepreneurship
Tatiana S. Manolova, Candida G. Brush, Linda F. Edelman, Alicia Robb and Friederike Welter

2. Women entrepreneurship within the ASEAN economic community: Challenges and opportunities
Ulrike Guelich and Siri Roland Xavier

3. Women’s entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean: A multidimensional approach
Daniela Giménez, Patricia Gabaldón and Cathrine Seierstad

Part II Country Studies
4. Survived, but cannot prosper! Examining through a liberal feminist lens the impact of gender inequality on the success of women-owned entrepreneurial ventures
Dev K. Dutta and R. Isil Yavuz

5. Assessing the relational embeddedness of women entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial ecosystems: A social network perspective
Xaver Neumeyer, Susana C. Santos and Julia Poncela-Casasnovas

6. Socio-economic background: A key element in understanding growth aspirations of women entrepreneurs in the tourism industry in Tanzania
Irene M. Lugalla, Luchien Karsten, and Clemens Lutz

7. Understanding motivation of women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia
Atsede T. Hailemariam, Brigitte Kroon and M.J.P.M. van Veldhoven

8. Exploring entrepreneurial finance and gender in an emergent entrepreneurial ecosystem: The case of the Punjab, northern India
Navjot Sandhu, Jonathan M. Scott, Jenny Gibb, Javed Ghulam Hussain, Michèle Akoorie and Paresha Sinha

9. Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem: Understanding the gender gap in entrepreneurial activity
José Ernesto Amorós and Vesna Mandakovic

Part III Public Policy Implications
10. Gender equality in regional entrepreneurial ecosystems: The implementation of policy initiatives
Gry Agnete Alsos, Margrete Haugum and Elisabet Ljunggren

11. Women’s entrepreneurship policy: A 13-nation cross country comparison
Colette Henry, Barbara Orser, Susan Coleman, Lene Foss and Friederike Welter


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