Entrepreneurial Neighbourhoods


Entrepreneurial Neighbourhoods

Towards an Understanding of the Economies of Neighbourhoods and Communities

9781785367236 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Maarten van Ham, Professor, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and University of St Andrews, UK, Darja Reuschke, Department of Geography and Environment, University of Southampton, UK, Reinout Kleinhans, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, Colin Mason, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow and Stephen Syrett, Professor of Local Economic Development, Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research, Middlesex University, UK
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78536 723 6 Extent: 336 pp
Despite the growing evidence on the importance of the neighbourhood, entrepreneurship studies have largely neglected the role of neighbourhoods. This book addresses the nexus between entrepreneurship, neighbourhoods and communities, confirming not only the importance of ‘the local’ in entrepreneurship, but also filling huge gaps in the knowledge base regarding this tripartite relationship.

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Despite the growing evidence on the importance of the neighbourhood, entrepreneurship studies have largely neglected the role of neighbourhoods. This book addresses the nexus between entrepreneurship, neighbourhoods and communities, confirming not only the importance of ‘the local’ in entrepreneurship, but also filling huge gaps in the knowledge base regarding this tripartite relationship.

Interdisciplinary chapters explore the importance of the neighbourhood and local social networks for individual entrepreneurs, highlighting the importance of ‘the local’ in entrepreneurship across several countries. Considering entrepreneurship as a community-based, rather than individual, effort, key contributions explore how entrepreneurship can influence neighbourhoods and communities, in particular through entrepreneurial actions of residents joining forces. The book critically examines the ways in which entrepreneurship can benefit, shape and transform neighbourhoods, particularly those areas affected by social deprivation and poverty. Finally, it outlines a research agenda to further extend the scientific and policy-relevant knowledge on the relationships between entrepreneurship, neighbourhoods and communities.

As a response to the international call for an interdisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship research and neighbourhood and community studies, this book will engage scholars and researchers from entrepreneurship studies, urban geography, housing studies, political studies, sociology and urban planning.
Critical Acclaim
‘Entrepreneurial Neighbourhoods brings together various disciplines, academic discourses and research themes. It has an international perspective, includes both empirical studies as well as literature reviews, adopts various research methods and designs (from ethnographic studies to quantitative data analysis). These various perspectives make this a very interesting book, and to any reader it offers new viewpoints. This way, the book can establish bridging links between various academic discourses and provide new insights and new opportunities for future research.’
– Anne Risselada, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment

‘This book is a must-read for all those who are interested in the relations between neighbourhoods, communities and entrepreneurship. It provides a full account of the latest research on this topic, highlighting the diversity of experiences across a number of countries, particularly the US, the UK and the Netherlands, and from a variety of perspectives and disciplines, particularly sociology, geography and economics.’
– Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal

‘This is a book that I will be mining for further insights in relation to my research, but it is also a book that would be useful in a teaching context where the chapters could be taken as case studies on different disciplinary perspectives on thinking about entrepreneurship in places. It is a book that certainly initiates the reader towards an understanding of entrepreneurs in places and usefully identifies how place may interact with other dimensions of entrepreneurship (such as time, community, gender, visibility and legality) that make entrepreneurship such a rich and fluid concept.’
– The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

‘A timely and highly relevant contribution. Congratulations are due to the editors and contributing authors for producing such a valuable work.’
– Léo-Paul Dana, Princeton University, US

‘This is a comprehensive and ground-breaking volume on the complex relationships between enterprise, community and neighbourhood. The editors have succeeded in bringing together a wide variety of scholars who are at the cutting edge of research and theorising in this field. The book presents new and significant research findings and throws important new light on the contribution of entrepreneurship to community development at a local level.’
– Peter Somerville, University of Lincoln, UK

‘Recently, entrepreneurship research has turned its attention to the ‘local’: the neighbourhoods and communities where entrepreneurship happens. Thus, this volume is very timely and adds much to that discussion. I very much enjoyed reading it. Its appeal is the broad range of empirical and theoretical insights into entrepreneurial neighbourhoods. The editors have done a great job in assembling such knowledgeable contributors who outline the different facets of entrepreneurial neighbourhoods. All in all, a book to be recommended to scholars and policy-makers alike who are interested in the impact of place on entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs (can) change place.’
– Friederike Welter, Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) Bonn, and University of Siegen, Germany

‘This engaging edited collection offers new insights about entrepreneurship in the context of neighbourhoods and communities. The book brings together contributions from different disciplinary and theoretical perspectives to understand this often overlooked local context of entrepreneurial activity, and sets out the foundations for new research agendas.’
– Tim Vorley, University of Sheffield, UK

‘This collection is a timely contribution to an important area of merging discourse in the fields of entrepreneurship and neighbourhood studies. The editors have synthesised some wonderful work from an interdisciplinary perspective investigating the neglected role of community, neighbourhoods and local social networks for entrepreneurship. The concept of community is explored through a particular focus upon community-based social enterprises and their relationship with wider economic and political trends. A valuable, stimulating and exciting book.’
– Gerard McElwee, University of Huddersfield, UK
Contributors: N. Bailey, I. Capdevila, E. Casper-Futterman, J.J. Chrisman, M. de Beer, J. DeFilippis, R. Kleinhans, J. Lendrum, C. Mason, A.M. Peredo, D. Reuschke, E. Rijshouwer, V. Schutjens, E. Stam, S. Swider, S. Syrett, J. Uitermark, V. van de Vrande, M. van Ham, D. Varady, B. Volker, C. Williams, N. Williams


1. Unravelling the nexus between entrepreneurship, neighbourhoods and communities - Introduction
Reinout Kleinhans, Darja Reuschke, Maarten van Ham, Colin Mason and Stephen Syrett

Part I - Neighbourhoods as Economic Places and Enterprise Cultures
2. Entrepreneurship and deprived urban areas: Understanding activity and the hidden enterprise culture
Nick Williams and Colin Williams

3. Dynamics in local inter-firm cooperation in Dutch residential neighbourhoods
Marianne de Beer and Veronique Schutjens

4. Solopreneurs and the rise of co-working in the Netherlands
Erik Stam and Vareska van de Vrande

5. A typology of localized spaces of collaborative innovation
Ignasi Capdevila

6. Women in charge: social capital of female entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood and beyond
Beate Volker

7. Gendered networks and spatial arrangements of informal entrepreneurial activities in a Detroit neighbourhood
Jenny Lendrum and Sarah Swider

Part II Community Enterprise, Civic Economy and Neighbourhood Regeneration
8. Conceptual foundations: community-based enterprise and community development
Ana María Peredo and James J. Chrisman

9. On economic democracy in community development
Evan Casper-Futterman and James DeFilippis

10. The potential of community entrepreneurship for neighbourhood revitalization in the United Kingdom and the United States
David Varady, Reinout Kleinhans and Maarten van Ham

11. The contribution of community enterprise to British urban regeneration in a period of state retrenchment
Nick Bailey

12. Co-production or counter-production? The struggle of Dutch community enterprises with local institutions
Reinout Kleinhans

13. Citizenship as enterprise. The transformation of Amsterdam community centres into community enterprises
Emiel Rijshouwer and Justus Uitermark

Part III Conclusions
14. Understanding entrepreneurship in residential neighbourhoods and communities of place
Darja Reuschke, Reinout Kleinhans, Stephen Syrett, Maarten van Ham and Colin Mason

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