European Citizenship in Perspective


European Citizenship in Perspective

History, Politics and Law

9781786435798 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jan van der Harst, Gerhard Hoogers and Gerrit Voerman, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 579 8 Extent: 208 pp
Civil, economic, political and social rights are at the centre of the concept of European citizenship. In this volume, the focus is on the political-constitutional dimension of European citizen­ship, which is discussed from the perspective of several disciplines – history, constitutional law and political science. It provides a multi-faceted account of the evolution of European citizenship and its institutionalization, explaining why certain rights came into existence at a certain time and focussing on several key actors involved, such as the European Court of Justice.

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Since 1992 the EU has incorporated a concept previously exclusive to states: citizenship. In embracing supranational citizenship the EU entered terra incognita, creating a concept resembling, but essentially different to traditional citizenship. This book provides an in-depth historical, political and constitutional analysis of the first 25 years of EU citizenship.

Bringing together scholars from the fields of law, political science and history, this book takes a multidisciplinary approach to EU citizenship. It examines the history and development of EU citizenship, the roles of institutional and political actors, and the dynamics which it created in the post-Maastricht accession process, providing readers with a unique multifaceted examination of the topic. Exploring new insights into the nature and importance of EU citizenship, this book shows that after a quarter of a century EU citizenship has lost none of its game-changing potential, and remains one of the most important features of EU law.

Students of European law and politics and international relations will find this concise book an invaluable tool, with interesting and original insights into the present status of a key aspect of EU law. Its multidisciplinary approach will also help professionals working in fields relating to the subject.
Contributors: A.G. Harryvan, G. Hoogers, J. Langer, S. Neuman Stanivukovic, T. Nowak, R. Procee, J. van der Harst, J.W. van Rossem, G. Voerman, N. Zeegers


1. European Citizenship in Perspective: History, Politics and Law An Introduction
Gerhard Hoogers

2. Political Citizenship in the European Union: What it means, how it came about and what challenges lie ahead
Jan Willem van Rossem

3. From Free Cross-border Movement to Backing Legitimacy: European citizenship in a political-historical perspective, 1970-2000
Anjo G. Harryvan and Jan van der Harst

4. The Rights of EU Citizens: A legal-historical analysis
Tobias Nowak

5. EU Citizenship from the Cross-border Link to the Genuine Enjoyment Test: Understanding the ‘stone-by-stone’ approach of the Court of Justice
Jurian Langer

6. Political Participation of European Citizens and the Development of a European Polity: Input of European and Dutch parties in European Parliament election programmes, 1979-2014
Richard Procee and Gerrit Voerman

7. The European Citizens’ Initiative: How to establish the influence it gives citizens over the European Union’s agenda?
Nicolle Zeegers

8. Europeanisation of Citizenship in the Context of EU Accession
Senka Neuman Stanivukovic

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