Field Guide to Leadership Development


Field Guide to Leadership Development

9781788977753 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Steve Kempster, Professor of Leadership Learning and Development, Lancaster University Management School, Arthur F. Turner, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England and Visiting Fellow, University of South Wales and Gareth Edwards, Associate Professor of Leadership Development, University of the West of England, UK
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78897 775 3 Extent: 288 pp
This Field Guide offers a rich variety of academic approaches to facilitate leadership development in adults. It is an invaluable resource, giving insightful worked examples linked to theory and reflective commentary. The extensive experiences of world leading exponents of leadership development are distilled into practical application for immediate use. 

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This Field Guide offers a rich variety of academic approaches to facilitate leadership development in adults. It is an invaluable resource, giving insightful worked examples linked to theory and reflective commentary. The extensive experiences of world leading exponents of leadership development are distilled into practical application for immediate use. 

The Editors have selected a diverse range of approaches to leadership development which demonstrate the broad platform of techniques and methods that enable leadership in individuals and organisations to flourish. This Field Guide is embedded in theoretical and academic ideas but still provides accessible and comprehensive knowledge to development teams. Key points at the end of each chapter help the reader to adopt or translate the approaches for their own organisation and industrial context.

This Field Guide will be an invaluable resource for human resource specialists, learning facilitators and trainers, and faculty heads. It will also appeal to leadership academics and postgraduate students, such as Masters students in business and psychology, and those focusing on careers in human resources and education.

Critical Acclaim
‘This practical, creative and engaging guide brings experiential leadership development firmly into the 21st Century. The exercises involving planks, barrels and ropes that characterised a generation of outdoor (and indoor) leadership education have been replaced by a conceptually rigorous and effective range of approaches founded on principles of reflection, theory, and practice. With chapters by leading authorities in the field, this book provides an invaluable resource for both new and experienced leadership and management educators that will enrich and enhance any intervention.’
– Richard Bolden, University of the West of England, UK

‘The book addresses a problematic gap in the leadership portfolio: on one side is the academy developing new theories of leadership for the changing organisational context; on the other side, is leadership development practice producing a proliferation of activities grounded in “what works”. This book creates an important bridge linking the two. Authors who are academics, but who are also leadership development practitioners, give the reader exciting new ideas about the nature of leadership, and then translate these directly into practical leadership development approaches.’
– Kim Turnbull James, Cranfield University, UK

‘This has a powerful list of authors, with new-comers complementing big and established names. It is good to see that this book is about developing leadership and not about developing ‘leaders’. It is also good to see ethics featuring prominently. Too many ‘leadership’ books concentrate on making money for the C-Suite, almost irrespective of ethics and social responsibility. This book takes this crucial issue seriously. The dramatic and discursive tone to the book is potent. So, if you are at the top, you now have fewer excuses.’
– Ken Parry, Deakin Business School, Australia

Contributors: S.J. Allen, A. Armitage, S. Bainbridge, S. Barnes, R. Bathurst, J. Billsberry, P. Chapman, K. DeCay, G. Edwards, C.P.Egri, S. Endres, J.L. Goolsby, J. Gosling, E. Guthey, B. Hawkins, C. Jarvis, D.M. Jenkins, S. Kempster, F. Kennedy, D. Ladkin, J. MacInnes, N. Modha, J.C. Quick, D. Schedlitzki, A.J. Schwartz, W.I. Serhane, S. Smith, A.F. Turner, M. Uhl-Bien, E. Watton, J. Weibler, S. Western


1. Beyond the ‘spider’s web’: an introduction to The Field Guide to Leadership Development
Steve Kempster, Arthur F. Turner and Gareth Edwards

Part I Relational based approaches
2. A Practice-Based Approach to Developing Ethically Responsible Leaders
Donna Ladkin

3. Collegiate Leadership Competition: An Opportunity for Deliberate Practice on the Road to Expertise
Scott J. Allen, Arthur J. Schwartz and Daniel M. Jenkins

4. Going for GOLD: Leadership development through a quasi-non-executive board in the SME context
Stewart Barnes, Sue Smith and Steve Kempster:

Part II Narrative-based approaches
5. Learning to Lead: Biographical Inquiry through Goolsby Interviews
James Campbell Quick, Keri DeCay, Navadha Modha, and John L. Goolsby:

6. Leadership development using the poetic voice of care ethics
Andrew Armitage

7. Using Greek Mythology in Leadership Development – the role of archetypes for self-reflection
Doris Schedlitzki, Carol Jarvis and Janice MacInnes

8. Tents’: Constructing a narrative of leadership learning
Steve Kempster

Part III Artefact based approaches
9. Leadership artefacts: a process of storytelling within newly formed groups.
Emma Watton and Phillipa Chapman

10. Leadership Development through Videography
Jon Billsberry and Carolyn P. Egri

11. Use of multi-ethnic, contemporary and historical finger puppets
Arthur F. Turner

12. Seeing beyond the usual - The Social Photo Matrix as an Experiential Method of Leadership Development
Wadii Serhane, Sigrid Endres and Jürgen Weibler

Part IV Place-based approaches
13. Developing the practice of framing…softly, softly catchee monkey
Fiona Kennedy and Ralph Bathurst

Part V Reflections on practice
14. Facing the Monsters: Embracing Liminality in Leadership Development
Beverley Hawkins and Gareth Edwards

15. Leadership Exchange: contextualised learning about how leadership is accomplished and personalised leadership development
Jonathan Gosling and Simon Western

16. Walking with Wordsworth: Exploring leadership as purpose through The Prelude
Steve Kempster and Simon Bainbridge

17. ‘Collaboratory’ as leadership development
Steve Kempster, Eric Guthey and Mary Uhl-Bien


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