A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition

3rd edition

9781788118330 Edward Elgar Publishing
C. Gopinath, Associate Professor Emeritus, Strategy and International Business Department, Suffolk University, Boston, US
Publication Date: December 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78811 833 0 Extent: 288 pp
Globalization evokes mixed responses. It is praised for facilitating business, greater trade between nations and reducing poverty, and is also accused of causing job losses and homogenizing culture. While some nations cheer its benefits, others think of barriers to protect themselves. Yet, everyone agrees that it is a multidimensional and complex process that continuously reshapes our environment. Rather than wonder whether globalization is good or bad, it is important to understand how it impacts nations, organizations and individuals and be prepared to operate in that context.

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Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System provides an invaluable introduction to the complex phenomenon of globalization. Evoking praise from some for facilitating trade and reducing poverty, yet blamed by others for causing job losses and cultural homogenization, it is important to understand the impacts of globalization for both individuals and organizations to be prepared and able to operate in its context.

With updated chapters, this new edition of Globalization:

• Tells the story of globalization, knitting perspectives together, and presenting current debates in the context of a ‘thinking manager’, considering the impacts for the individual and the organization

• Provides a framework using systems analysis to aid understanding of globalization as comprised of five interlinking domains; economic, social, political, physical, and business

• Includes up-to-date discussions of major events with global implications; from Britain’s departure from the EU to the increasing role of China as a key international decision maker

• Embellishes the text with important definitions and concepts in each chapter, as well as an explanation of the systems perspective on the subjects covered.

With its up-to-date coverage of the topic, and its accessible style, Globalization is an excellent resource for business and management students, as well as for practitioners seeking a concise overview of globalization from a theoretical perspective.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book is well-written and easy to read.’
– Rajesh Aggarwal, Journal of Teaching in International Business

‘This much-awaited third edition offers an expanded treatment of the greatest topic of our time using examples from different parts of the world.’
– Mauro F. Guillén, author of Rude Awakening: Threats to the Global Liberal Order

‘Gopinath brings a great sense of history to our understanding of globalization, framing it as an evolving process stemming from interactions across peoples. The book goes further to provide a pragmatic framework, rooted in systems thinking, to guide us in analyzing its implications. His rich examples from all over the world and his lively writing style make this a thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking read, with much to offer to both scholar and curious practitioner of international management.’
– Sri Zaheer, Dean, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, US

‘How timely! C. Gopinath’s Globalization is destined to be widely read and debated in this great age of globalization (or de-globalization – depending on your point of view).’
– Mike Peng, Jindal Chair of Global Strategy, University of Texas at Dallas, US and author, Global Business and Global Strategy
Contents: Preface 1. Introduction 2. What’s new about globalization 3. Taking a systems view 4. Preserving cultural diversity 5. Collaborations and disaffections 6. Economic development and poverty 7. Global business influences 8. Management philosophies and practices 9. It is one planet 10. Moving to a multi-polar world 11. Looking ahead Appendix: Global garments supply chain: Case of Bangladesh Bibliography Index
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