Handbook of Critical International Relations


Handbook of Critical International Relations

9781788112888 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Steven C. Roach, Professor of International Relations, the School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, University of South Florida, US
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78811 288 8 Extent: 384 pp
Comprising a plurality of perspectives, this timely Handbook is an essential resource for understanding past and current challenges to democracy, justice, social and gender equality, identity and freedom. It shows how critical international relations (IR) theory functions as a broad-based and diverse critique of society.

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Critical Acclaim
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Comprising a plurality of perspectives, this timely Handbook is an essential resource for understanding past and current challenges to democracy, justice, social and gender equality, identity and freedom. It shows how critical international relations (IR) theory functions as a broad-based and diverse critique of society. The chapters explore key new areas of research, including critical emotion and critical animal studies and draws on Marxist, poststructuralist, feminist, realist and post-colonial backgrounds to frame this research.

Structured in four thematic parts, the Handbook of Critical International Relations moves from discussing approaches and emancipation, concepts and configuration, and political economy and domination, to global trajectories and challenges. Its emphasis on non-Western IR viewpoints, offers cutting-edge insights into the notion of otherness, the dialectics of authoritarian neoliberalism, and agonistic recognition.

Graduate and undergraduate IR scholars will benefit from the solid, working understanding of critical IR offered in the detailed chapters on the varied approaches, concepts and new areas of research in the field. Critical IR research institutions and policy-makers will also appreciate the discussion of, and advice offered on, key issues and challenges facing democracy and justice.
Critical Acclaim
‘As a broad disciplinary descriptor, critical international relations says both too much and too little. That said, Roach and his collaborators have performed a great service. This is a strong collection of synoptic chapters, treating key developments in the field with seriousness and erudition. Readers seeking entry into a complex, contested literature, or seeking to broaden or update their intellectual horizons, will find it invaluable.’
– Daniel J. Levine, The University of Alabama, US

'Critical theory is under siege from challenges to its alleged Eurocentrism and from national-populist movements to any notion of global emancipation. How should critical theory deal with those assaults and what form should future versions take? This volume reconsiders critical, emancipatory thought in the context of radical political change and concerns about the future of international cooperation. All students of critical theory will profit from engaging with its wide-ranging and scholarly reflections on a leading perspective in international relations over the last four decades.'
– Andrew Linklater, Aberystwyth University, UK

‘This important volume provides an array of theoretical interventions, critical perspectives, thought-provoking analyses, and innovative assessments on contemporary aspects of international relations. Showcasing the work of cutting-edge and diverse scholars in international relations, the Handbook of Critical International Relations brings the reader in contact with key theoretical arguments, necessary methodological debates, and everyday practices in international politics. For scholars and students eager to understand what critical international relations is and does, this Handbook is a must read.’
– François Debrix, Virginia Tech, US
Contributors: A.D. Barder, P. Bilgin, S. Brincat, S. Chakrabarti, P. Cunliffe, R. Dayerizadeh, S. de Groot Heupner, M. Delori, M. Fluck, S. Gill, S. Koschut, B. Luongo, J. Nunes, C. Peoples, S.C. Roach, R. Roccu, K. Schick, S.C. Tauber, B. Thirkell-White


1 Introduction to the Handbook of Critical International Relations 1
Steven C. Roach

2 Opening up international relations, or: how I learned to stop
worrying and love ‘non-Western IR’ 12
Pinar Bilgin
3 Habermas and international relations: testing the critical limits
of modernity 29
Ben Thirkell-White
4 Emancipation, power, insecurity: Critical Theory and immanent
critique of human security 55
Columba Peoples
5 A critical perspective on emotions in international relations 72
Simon Koschut
6 Critical realism in international relations 90
Ben Luongo

7 Dialectics in critical international relations theory 122
Shannon Brincat and Susan de Groot Heupner
8 Recognition reframed: reconfiguring recognition in global politics 144
Kate Schick
9 Empires at home: critical international relations theory and our
postcolonial moments 162
Alexander D. Barder
10 Instrumental reason 179
Matthew Fluck

11 Critical international relations and the global organic crisis 202
Stephen Gill
12 Neoliberal authoritarianism in Egypt before and after the
uprisings: a critical international political economy perspective 221
Roberto Roccu
13 Emancipation in critical security studies: political economy,
domination and the everyday 242
João Nunes
14 Slow violence, precarity and the overheating of neoliberal consensus 259
Shomik Chakrabarti

15 Critical animal studies, critical international relations theory,
and anthropocentrism 277
Steven C. Tauber
16 The politics of emotions in contemporary wars 305
Mathias Delori
17 Critical international relations feminism: the case of American
Shia women 324
Raheleh Dayerizadeh
18 The responsibility to protect: the rise of liberal authoritarianism 337
Philip Cunliffe
19 Afterword 348
Steven C. Roach

Index 354
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