Handbook of Cultural Security


Handbook of Cultural Security

9781786437730 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Yasushi Watanabe, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, Japan
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 773 0 Extent: 512 pp
This Handbook aims to heighten our awareness of the unique and delicate interplay between ‘Culture’ and ‘Society’ in the age of globalization. With particular emphasis on the role of culture in the field of “non-traditional” security, and seeking to define what ‘being secure’ means in different contexts, this Handbook explores the emerging concept of cultural security, providing a platform for future debates in both academic and policy fields.

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How are cultural identities, values and traditions challenged, appropriated and negotiated? What does ‘being secure’ mean? Is ‘soft power’ merely a continuation of imperialism? The Handbook of Cultural Security heightens our awareness of the interplay between ‘culture’ and ‘society’ in the age of globalization, and explores the emerging concept of cultural security.

With chapters from leading experts providing case studies from across the world this timely and unique Handbook examines the relationship between society, culture, and security in a globalizing world. Providing a diverse examination of the topic, the contributors emphasize the role of ‘non traditional’ security and seek to define what ‘being secure’ means across a broad number of contexts. Chapters cover topics ranging from the politics of radical Islam, the global spread of gated communities, and cultures of security and surveillance to discussions of the concept of soft power; the forms it takes, and the impacts of ‘exporting’ culture.

This Handbook provides a platform for future debate in both academic and policy fields, and as such will be of interest for both students of public and social policy, international relations, and politics, as well as those engaged in shaping policy in these areas.
Critical Acclaim
‘With a refreshingly original theoretical framework of “cultural security,” Professor Watanabe offers a collection of 24 chapters by eminent scholars from all over the world. Taking up urgent contemporary issues, each article deliberates upon the question of cultural security in the global era as “super modern” with competing soft powers or the global era as “postmodern” when culture serves as the “safety net” of one’s identity. It is a splendid contribution to academia as well as to the general public.’
– Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, University of Wisconsin, US
Contributors: A. Åkerlund, A.H. Anderson, A. Anisman, A. Azra, B.K. Blitz, E. Brogi, C. Ceniza Choy, A. Clarke, M.E. Eken, P. Gielen, J.L. Graves Jr., J. Guetzkow, F. Hartig, C.B. Huat, F. Izadi, J.C. Lai, G. Lee, A. Manguvo, O. McIvor, T. Monahan, M. Nyanungo, J. Pamment, A. Pande, S. Pandey, P.L. Parcu, A. Richter, J. Ruan, H. Saghaye-Biria, E. Sevin, S.J. Son, G. Sun, Y. Watanabe, C. Webster, M. Wieviorka, A. Wojciuk

Yasushi Watanabe

1. Cultural insecurity in a world of violence, fear and risk
Michel Wieviorka

2. Islam’s moderation and radicalism: a special context to Southeast Asian Islam
Azyumardi Azra

3. Neo-racism in the age of genomics
Joseph L. Graves Jr

4. Intellectual property and indigenous culture
Jessica C. Lai

5. Keeping our languages alive: strategies for Indigenous language revitalization and maintenance
Onowa McIvor and Adar Anisman

6. Indigenous culture, HIV/AIDS and globalization in Southern Africa: towards an integrated sexuality education pedagogy
Angellar Manguvo and Martha Nyanungo

7. Cultural security and Pentecostalism in the Global South
Seung Jin Son and Allan H. Anderson

8. International adoption and cultural insecurity
Catherine Ceniza Choy

9. Statelessness and cultural security
Brad K. Blitz

10. Private gains and social costs of China’s gated communities
Chris Webster, Jingjing Ruan and Guibo Sun

11. The image of the smart city: surveillance protocols and social inequality
Torin Monahan

12. Arts, community empowerment and cultural security: a critical assessment of arts impact research
Josh Guetzkow

13. Soft power after Nye: the neoliberal international order and soft power learning
Geun Lee

14. Americanizing soft power discourses and its discontents
Foad Izadi and Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria

15. The role of the state in cultural diplomacy
James Pamment and Andreas Åkerlund

16. Indian diaspora as an instrument of India’s soft power
Amba Pande and Sanjay Kumar Pandey

17. Global indices and nation branding
Efe Sevin and M. Evren Eken

18. Higher education as a soft power in international relations
Anna Wojciuk

19. Cultural exchange, language competition, and China’s Confucius Institutes
Falk Hartig

20. Pop culture and soft power competition in East Asia
Chua Beng Huat

21. Safeguarding creativity: an artistic biotope and its institutional insecurities in a global market orientated Europe
Pascal Gielen

22. Heritage diplomacy
Amy Clarke

23. Pluralism and freedom of the media: a European perspective
Elda Brogi and Pier Luigi Parcu

24. Cultural security of Ukraine in times of conflict: legal aspects
Andrei Richter

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