Handbook of Digital Politics


Handbook of Digital Politics

9781786435637 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Stephen Coleman, Professor of Political Communication, School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds, UK and Deen Freelon, Associate Professor, UNC School of Media and Journalism, US
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78643 563 7 Extent: 512 pp
It would be difficult to imagine how a development as world-changing as the emergence of the Internet could have taken place without having some impact upon the ways in which politics is expressed, conducted, depicted and reflected upon. The Handbook of Digital Politics explores this impact in a series of chapters written by some of the world''s leading Internet researchers. This volume is a must-read for students, researchers and practitioners interested in the changing landscape of political communication.

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Politics continues to evolve in the digital era, spurred in part by the accelerating pace of technological development. This cutting-edge Handbook includes the very latest research on the relationship between digital information, communication technologies and politics.

Written by leading scholars in the field, the chapters explore in seven parts: theories of digital politics, government and policy, collective action and civic engagement, political talk, journalism, internet governance and new frontiers in digital politics research. The contributors focus on the politics behind the implementation of digital technologies in society today.

All students in the fields of politics, media and communication studies, journalism, science and sociology will find this book to be a useful resource in their studies. Political practitioners seeking digital strategies, as well as web and other digital practitioners wanting to know more about political applications for their work will also find this book to be of interest.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook of Digital Politics edited by Stephen Coleman and Deen Freelon is an incredibly rich and outstanding collection of essays on the ideologies, theories and methodologies that currently inspire the field of political science and communication. The editors brilliantly succeed in guiding us through this fascinating world – avoiding any rhetoric, or either a dystopian or utopian perspective on the subject. The articles collected here represent the golden section of the contemporary debate on digital politics.’
– Leopoldina Fortunati, Head of the Ph.D program in Multimedia Communication, University of Udine, Italy

‘Coleman and Freelon have deftly edited a series of essays that help us transition to the next big thing in political communication—an internet connecting many people over many kinds of devices, making large volumes of data. Digital politics is no longer so much about what happens in your browser, but about what happens when your devices talk to each other on their own. This collection helps us to get ready to understand the new infrastructure of political life.’
– Philip N. Howard, University of Washington, US
Contributors: E. Amnå, N. Anstead, N. Benn, W.L. Bennett, C. Birchall, L. Bode, A. Bruns, S. Coleman, N. Couldry, K.B. Culver, P. Dahlgren, E. Dubois, W.H. Dutton, S. Edgerly, D. Freelon, C. Fuchs, S. González-Bailon, T. Graham, T. Hall, A. Hanna, T. Highfield, F. Hirzalla, Y. Kim, D. Kreiss, T. Mcafee, G. Moss, B. O’Loughlin, K. Parry, R. Petchler, J. Schradie, A. Segerberg, D.V. Shah, K. Thorson, N. Thurman, L. van Zoonen, E. Vraga, C. Wells, S. Wright, M.A. Xenos, J. Yang


1. Introduction: Conceptualising Digital Politics
Stephen Coleman and Deen Freelon

2. The Internet as a Civic Space
Peter Dahlgren

3. The Social Foundations of Future Digital Politics
Nick Couldry

4. The Fifth Estate: A Rising Force of Pluralistic Accountability
William H. Dutton and Elizabeth Dubois

5. Silicon Valley Ideology and Class Inequality: A Virtual Poll Tax on Digital Politics
Jen Schradie

6. Online Voting Advice Applications: Foci, Findings and Future of an Emerging Research Field
Fadi Hirzalla and Liesbet van Zoonen

7. Internet Voting: The State of the Debate
Thad Hall

8. Digital Campaigning
Daniel Kreiss

9. e-Petitions
Scott Wright

10. Argumentation Tools for Digital Politics: Addressing the Challenge of Deliberation in Democracies
Neil Benn

11. The Logic of Connective Action: Digital Media and The Personalization of Contentious Politics
W. Lance Bennett and Alexandra Segerberg

12. Youth Civic Engagement
Chris Wells, Emily Vraga, Kjerstin Thorson, Stephanie Edgerly and Leticia Bode

13. Internet Use and Political Engagement in Youth
Yunhwan Kim and Erik Amnå

14. Everyday Political Talk in the Internet-Based Public Sphere
Todd Graham

15. Creating Spaces for Online Deliberation
Christopher Birchall and Stephen Coleman

16. Computational Approaches to Online Political Expression: Rediscovering a “Science of the Social”
Dhavan V. Shah, Kathleen Bartzen Culver, Alex Hanna, Timothy Mcafee, and JungHwan Yang

17. Two-screen Politics: Evidence, Theory and Challenges
Nick Anstead and Ben O’Loughlin

18. From News Blogs to News on Twitter: Gatewatching and Collaborative News Curation
Axel Bruns and Tim Highfield

19. Research on the Political Implications of Political Entertainment
Michael A. Xenos

20. Journalism, Gatekeeping and Interactivity
Neil Thurman

21. Internet Governance, Rights and Democratic Legitimacy
Giles Moss

22. Social Media Surveillance
Christian Fuchs

23. Visibility and Visualities: ‘Ways of Seeing’ Politics in the Digital Media Environment
Katy Parry

24. Automated Content Analysis of Online Political Communication
Ross Petchler and Sandra González-Bailon

25. On the Cutting Edge of Big Data: Digital Politics Research in the Social Computing Literature
Deen Freelon


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