Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Marketing


Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Marketing

9781785364587 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ian Fillis, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University and Nicholas Telford, Lecturer in Business and Enterprise, School of Business and Creative Industries, University of the West of Scotland, UK
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 78536 458 7 Extent: 480 pp
This timely and incisive Handbook provides critical contemporary insights into the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and marketing in the twenty-first century. Bringing together rich and varied contributions from prominent international researchers, it offers a reflective synthesis of scholarship at the interface between marketing and entrepreneurship.

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This timely and incisive Handbook provides critical contemporary insights into the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and marketing in the twenty-first century. Bringing together rich and varied contributions from prominent international researchers, it offers a reflective synthesis of scholarship at the interface between marketing and entrepreneurship.

Emphasising the need for contextual analysis of marketing and entrepreneurial practices, this Handbook explores the effectiveness of a variety of behaviours, supporting its insights with relevant theory. Chapters cover areas such as innovation, strategy and networking for SMEs, social media and crowdfunding, and entrepreneurial marketing in the arts, including a focus on the growing phenomenon of cultural entrepreneurship.

Scholars and postgraduate students in entrepreneurship and marketing, and particularly those working on the intersections between them, will find this Handbook an invaluable read. Its examination of the efficacy of various practices will also be of great interest to marketing professionals and entrepreneurs themselves.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Marketing is a welcome addition to the growing interest in the theory and practice of marketing by executives of small and medium enterprises. This volume is a timely resource for academics as it contributes to the literature while advancing our knowledge of the expanding field of entrepreneurial marketing.’
– Claude Cellich, Journal of Euromarketing

‘Fillis and Telford have compiled interesting entrepreneurial marketing content from a wide variety of scholars. The chapters on networking, crowdfunding, social media, storytelling, and software are on-target in today’s entrepreneurial world, as is the intermingling of social entrepreneurship through discussions of mindful thinking. Add to that the focused chapters on arts and culture, and I was quickly immersed in exploring how entrepreneurship and marketing intertwine in today’s fast-paced world of pivoting quickly.’
– Victoria Crittenden, Babson College, US

‘This book gives you everything you need to know about entrepreneurial marketing. It is unique in that it describes the latest trends in entrepreneurial marketing, such as crowdfunding, social entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship in the arts and cultural industries, while also prescribing the latest techniques for us to go out there and explore entrepreneurial marketing for ourselves, such as narratives, storytelling, and the 4S model. This synthesis is a catalyst for any researcher or practitioner in the field.’
– Paul Harrigan, The University of Western Australia
Contributors: C. Ball, A. Bayraktar, S. Brown, D. Cummins, J.H. Deacon, N. Dennis, E. Erdogan, I. Fillis, J.B. Ford, I.S. Fraser, P.J. Fraser, L. Frondigoun, E. Gallagher, A. Gilmore, V. Gustafsson, B. Hynes, B. Jones, R. Jones, M. Kelly, F. Kerrigan, A. Kincaid, T.A. Kirchner, O.F. Lee, K. Lehman, E. Lloyd-Parkes, S. Loane, M. Macaulay, S. Mawson, M.P. Miles, S. Mirvahedi, S.C. Morrish, T. Morrow, S. Mottner, E.L. Ngan, K. Nightingale, R. Noorda, A. Patterson, C. Preece, E. Ramsey, R. Rentschler, E. Ritch, V.L. Rodner, J.E. Schroeder, Z. Sethna, R. Shannon, A.M.J. Smith, R. Smith, M. Suoranta, N. Telford, P. Tjabbes, C. Uslay


Part I Introduction and Setting the Scene
1. Introduction to the Edward Elgar Research Handbook of Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM)
Ian Fillis and Nicholas Telford

2. Dante Leave Homer Without It: On Epics, Umbras and Authorpreneurs.
Stephen Brown and Anthony Patterson.

Part II SME Strategy and Networking
3. SME Marketing Networking
Audrey Gilmore

4. Entrepreneurial Marketing and Networks - the Interactional Dynamics of Entrepreneur and Network Management
Briga Hynes and Maria Kelly

5. Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy, Orientations and Networks
Rosalind Jones and Mari Suoranta

6. Strategy in Small Firms
Darryl Cummins.

Part III Contemporary Developments in Entrepreneurial Marketing practice
7. The Use of Crowdfunding by Environmental Entrepreneurs: Is it All About Cash?
Suzanne Mawson and Christopher Ball

8. The Wicked Problem of Social Media and Entrepreneurial Marketing
Brian Jones

9. Capturing the Spirit of Social Entrepreneurship: From a Mother to Another
Elaine Ritch and Anne M.J. Smith

10. Far from a Madding Crowd: Crowdfunding Possibilities and Pitfalls
Elaine Ramsey, Emer Gallagher, Andrew Kincaid and Sharon Loane

11. Operating at the Margins of Illegal Entrepreneurial Markets: Situating ‘Rogue Shopkeepers’ at the SME and Criminal Interface
Robert Smith and Liz Frondigoun

12. Rapidly Internationalising Small Firms: Are Human Resources the Missing Part of the Puzzle? Towards an understanding of the implications for International Entrepreneurship (IE) Research and Practice
Sharon Loane and Trevor Morrow

Part IV Innovative Approaches to Understanding Entrepreneurial Marketing
13. The Use of a Narrative Methodology in Small Firm Research
Jonathan H. Deacon and Elizabeth Lloyd-Parkes

14. Aesthetic Leadership in the Small Firm
Ian Fillis and Jonathan E. Schroeder

15. Serendipity, Effectuation, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Fast Growth Entrepreneurial Firms
Saeed Mirvahedi and Sussie C. Morrish

16. Entrepreneurial Marketing and The 4S Model: Strategy, Serendipity, Storytelling, Software
Kaye Nightingale and Zubin Sethna

17. Mindful Entrepreneurial Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises
Ahmet Bayraktar, Emine Erdogan, Can Uslay and Olivia F. Lee

18. ‘I just hate selling myself’: The Challenges of Selling for the Owner Manager (OM) and Soloist
Peter J. Fraser and Iain S. Fraser

19. Entrepreneurship, Marketing and the Multicultural: The Case of a European Union Erasmus+ Project
Nicholas Telford and Veronika Gustafsson

Part V Entrepreneurial marketing and the arts and cultural industries
20. Entrepreneurship and marketing in the film industry.
Finola Kerrigan, Ngan (Emily) Luong and Roger Shannon.

21. Institutionalizing Entrepreneurs – The Case of Brazil’s Forum for Cultural Rights
Victoria L. Rodner and Pieter Tjabbes

22. Dark magi: tales of improvisation, transposition and intellectual cross-pollinations
Noel Dennis and Michael Macauley

23. The role of effectuation and entrepreneurial marketing in the creation of a new art venture
Kim Lehman, Ian Fillis and Morgan P. Miles

24. Blockbusters and entrepreneurial marketing: Critics’ perspectives on meaning making
Ruth Rentschler
25. International Entrepreneurial Marketing in the Publishing Industry
Rachel Noorda

26. Entrepreneurial marketing in the context of strategic management/marketing of arts organizations
Theresa A. Kirchner, John B. Ford and Sandra Mottner

27. Lucky Breaks: Unpicking the intersectionalities at play in artistic careers
Chloe Preece and Nicholas Telford

Part VI Concluding Thoughts
28. Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Marketing: Concluding Discussion and Future Directions
Nicholas Telford and Ian Fillis.
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