Handbook of International Security and Development


Handbook of International Security and Development

9781784715199 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Paul Jackson, Professor of African Politics, University of Birmingham, UK and Research Fellow, Centre for African Studies, University of the Free State, South Africa
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78471 519 9 Extent: 496 pp
The Handbook of International Security and Development provides a survey of current thinking within the field of security and development. With a wide range of chapters that offer a guide to the core approaches, methods and issues, this book explores the links between the two and includes contributions from both practitioners and academics. With topics ranging from the politics of aid by remote control through to intervention and the re-establishment of security and demobilisation of combatants, this Handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the literature and approaches used in the field of security and development.

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Providing a comprehensive introduction to the literature and approaches used in the field, this illustrious Handbook explores and interrogates the link between security and development at a global level whilst offering a broad survey of current thinking.

With a mixture of approaches and methodologies, each chapter is written by an acknowledged expert and includes international contributions spanning six continents. The topics covered range from the politics of aid by remote control through to intervention and the post-conflict re-establishment of security and demobilisation of combatants.

This essential book will engage academics involved in research surrounding security and development, along with practitioners who are interested in the philosophy of their actions and their practical implications. Members of organisations such as policy institutes and NGOs will also find this to be a valuable read.
Critical Acclaim
‘Security and economics have traditionally been separate fields of study. This very impressive collection brings them together precisely when the need for this is becoming obvious to everyone.’
– Roy Licklider, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, US
Contributors: P. Albrecht, L.R. Andersen, B. Baker, D. Beswick, L. Cooley, L. Denney, T. Donais, M. Duffield, R. Freedman, H. Hudson, P. Jackson, H.M. Kyed, N. Lemay-Hébert, H. Marquette, N. Mlambo, L.W. Moe, R. Muggah, S.M. Murshed, A. Özerdem, A. Schnabel, M. Sedra, F. Stepputat, G.S. Wagle, N. Wilén, C. Wilkinson, S.A. Zyck


1. Introduction: Security and Development
Paul Jackson

2. On the Nature of Disagreements Regarding the Causes of Civil War
Syed Mansoob Murshed

3. The Securitization of Development
Cai Wilkinson

4. Untangling the Gendering of the Security-Development Nexus
Heidi Hudson

5. Human Security and Security Sector Reform: Mutually Reinforcing Approaches Towards People-centred Security Provision
Albrecht Schnabel

6. The Digital Development-Security Nexus Linking Cyber-humanitarianism and Drone Warfare
Mark Duffield

7. Statebuilding, Neocolonialism and Neotrusteeships
Nicolas Lemay-Hébert

8. Security Sector Reform as a Manifestation of the Security-Development Nexus? Towards Building SSR Theory
Albrecht Schnabel

9. Operationalizing the Security-Development Nexus: Security sector reform and its implications
Lisa Denney

10. The Rise and Fall of Security Sector Reform in Development
Peter Albrecht and Finn Stepputat

11. Transitioning from First to Second Generation Security Sector Reform in Conflict-Affected Countries
Mark Sedra

12. Security Sector Reform and Liberal State Building
Nina Wilén

13. When Security and Development Meet – Security Sector Reform in Sierra Leone
Paul Jackson and Peter Albrecht

14. The African Union Security Sector Reform and Governance: Challenges for African Peace and Development
Norman Mlambo

15. Ownership: From Policy to Practice
Timothy Donais

16. Local Actors in Security and Justice Programming
Peter Albrecht and Helene Maria Kyed

17. Community Policing in Rural Mozambique and Sierra Leone
Helene Maria Kyed and Peter Albrecht

18. Building on What Works: Local Actors and Service Delivery in Fragile Situations
Peter Albrecht

19. Policing at the Local Level
Bruce Baker

20. Stabilizing Fragile States
Robert Muggah and Steven A. Zyck

21. Hybridity and Simultaneity in the Global South
Louise Moe and Peter Albrecht

22. Corruption and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Heather Marquette and Laurence Cooley

23. Responsibility to Protect
Louise Riis Andersen

24. Hybrid Human Rights
Rosa Freedman

25. Military Forces in Contemporary Development
Danielle Beswick

26. Lessons from Peace Processes: The Case of Nepal
Geja Sharma Wagle and Paul Jackson

27. Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) of Ex-Combatants and Development with a Specific Reference to the Reintegration of the Taliban in Afghanistan
Alpaslan Özerdem


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