Handbook of Labour Market Policy in Advanced Democracies


Handbook of Labour Market Policy in Advanced Democracies

9781800880870 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Daniel Clegg, Professor of Comparative Social Policy and Niccolo Durazzi, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy of Social Policy, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 087 0 Extent: 566 pp
Bringing together contributions from leading labour market policy scholars from across the globe, this state-of-the-art Handbook offers extensive and compelling analyses of labour market policy in advanced democracies.

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Bringing together contributions from leading labour market policy scholars from across the globe, this state-of-the-art Handbook offers extensive and compelling analyses of labour market policy in advanced democracies.

Drawing on the lively debates on labour market policy that have characterised comparative social policy and comparative political economy scholarship in recent years, the Handbook provides theoretical insights into the core concepts, changing contexts and main actors that shape contemporary labour market policy. Using macro-regional case studies spanning Asia, Australasia, Europe and North America, it offers detailed empirical illustrations of how major labour market policies and institutions have evolved over time and across countries. Chapters further examine the diversity of policy options and their various political implications, assessing the relationship between labour market policy and major socio-economic outcomes, such as inequality, well being and political participation.

Integrating cutting-edge theory with rich empirical insights, this incisive Handbook will be an invaluable reference for students and scholars of comparative social policy and comparative political economy. Its comprehensive coverage will also allow policy-makers and practitioners to reflect critically on the role of labour market policy in today’s complex societies.
Critical Acclaim
‘This new Handbook is an impressive volume that brings together leading scholars in labour market policy research. It not only provides a fresh view on long-debated topics in labour market policy design and implementation, but it also widens the perspective to include new topics, updated comparative evidence and political economy issues. Everyone interested in learning about contemporary labour market policies from different angles should have a look at this book.’
– Werner Eichhorst, Institute of Labour Economics, Germany

‘Deindustrialisation, globalisation and automation all contribute to the tremendous complexity of labour markets in the 21st century, even as countries struggle to provide jobs for all or most citizens. This superb and comprehensive collection of essays sheds light on the many ways that capitalist democracies struggle to sustain growth and solidarity in our age of underemployment.’
– Cathie Jo Martin, Boston University, US

‘This is an extraordinary collection. The editors and their collaborators have managed to produce not just a survey of labour market policy, but a comparative political economic study of developed nations that is empirically rich, thematically exhaustive and theoretically sophisticated. The value of this volume cannot be overstated.’
– Martin Rhodes, University of Denver, US
Contributors: Joan Abbas, Alessandro Arrigoni, Sonja Avlijaš, Sonja Bekker, Daniel Béland, Alessio Bertolini, Thomas Biegert, Giuliano Bonoli, Fabio Bulfone, Jochen Clasen, Daniel Clegg, Matt Cole, Sabrina Colombo, Axel Cronert, Donato Di Carlo, Shannon Dinan, Niccolo Durazzi, Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Roland Erne, Emmanuele Ferragina, Federico Danilo Filetti, Angie Gago, Jérôme Gautié, Darragh Golden, Joshua Gordon, Bob Hancké, Elke Heins, Rod Hick, Ijin Hong, John Körtner, Kun Lee, Janine Leschke, Vincenzo Maccarrone, Ive Marx, Paul Marx, Clara Mascarò, Jaewook Nahm, David Natali, Larissa Nenning, Dennie Oude Nijhuis, Emmanuele Pavolini, Agnieszka Piasna, Georg Picot, Michał Polakowski, Ewan Robertson, Leire Rincon, Gemma Scalise, Hanna Schwander, Vicente Silva, Shelly Steward, Arianna Tassinari, Rik van Berkel, Toon Van Overbeke, Tim Vlandas, Linda Voigt, Alex Waddan, Timo Weishaupt, David Weisstanner, Shaun Wilson, Chung-Yang Yeh, Reimut Zohlnhöfer

1 Introduction: labour market policy as a field of government action and an object of research 1
Daniel Clegg and Niccolo Durazzi

2 The rise and demise of unemployment 14
Jérôme Gautié
3 Insider-outsider divides in rich democracies: labour market policies, new inequalities and attitudes 27
Hanna Schwander
4 Activation: a research topic in its own right? 44
Jochen Clasen and Clara Mascarò
5 The academic and policy roots of flexicurity and its pathways 54
Sonja Bekker and Janine Leschke
6 Assessing labour market policy change 68
Emanuele Ferragina, Federico Danilo Filetti and Alessandro Arrigoni

7 Macroeconomic regimes and labour market policies 88
Bob Hancké and Toon Van Overbeke
8 Women, work, and labour market policy 103
Sonja Avlijaš
9 Labour market policy in the era of mass migration: perspectives on Europe 116
Gemma Scalise
10 Technological change and labour market policy preferences 132
David Weisstanner
11 Putting the platform economy in its place: contested regulatory terrains 148
Alessio Bertolini, Matt Cole and Shelly Steward

12 Political parties and labour market policies 161
Reimut Zohlnhöfer and Linda Voigt
13 Trade unions and the evolution of labour market policy 177
Joshua Gordon and Dennie Oude Nijhuis
14 Employers and labour market policy 193
Sabrina Colombo, David Natali and Emmanuele Pavolini
15 International organisations: policy agendas and transfer mechanisms in global labour governance 206
Vicente Silva
16 The European Union: a significant player in labour policymaking 219
Vincenzo Maccarrone, Roland Erne and Darragh Golden

17 Minimum wages: by collective bargaining and by law 235
Georg Picot
18 Employment protection legislation: towards more inclusive or segmented labour markets? 249
Agnieszka Piasna
19 The parabola of unemployment insurance in advanced democracies 264
Daniel Clegg and Larissa Nenning
20 The rise of in-work benefits: policy, politics and evaluation 280
Joan Abbas and Ewan Robertson
21 From early retirement to later exit from work: shifting towards active ageing 295
Bernhard Ebbinghaus and Kun Lee
22 Universal basic income: the new political economy of an old idea 309
Leire Rincon and Tim Vlandas

23 Skill formation: part of and complement to the labour market policy mix? 327
Donato Di Carlo and Niccolo Durazzi
24 Effects and explanations of active labour market policy: theoretical and empirical challenges for cross-national research 343
Axel Cronert
25 Public employment services: mapping reform trends in advanced democracies 360
Timo Weishaupt
26 The changing role of frontline employment advisors 374
Rik van Berkel
27 Predictive algorithms in the delivery of public employment services 387
John Körtner and Giuliano Bonoli

28 Liberal labour markets at the crossroads: the cases of Australia and New Zealand 400
Shaun Wilson
29 Labour market policy reform in East Asia: from economic crises to welfare politics 417
Ijin Hong, Chung-Yang Yeh and Jaewook Nahm
30 Canada and the United States: labour market policies and varieties of federalism in two liberal welfare states 435
Daniel Béland, Shannon Dinan, and Alex Waddan
31 Labour market policy in the Visegrad countries 449
Michał Polakowski
32 Labour market policy reforms in Southern Europe: too much of the wrong medicine? 463
Arianna Tassinari, Fabio Bulfone and Angie Gago

33 Labour market policies and social inequality in labour market outcomes 479
Thomas Biegert
34 Poor workers in advanced democracies: on the nature of in-work poverty and its relationship to labour market policies 495
Rod Hick and Ive Marx
35 Labour market policies as a social determinant of wellbeing 508
Elke Heins
36 Labour market problems and political integration 523
Paul Marx

Index 536
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