Handbook of Microcredit in Europe


Handbook of Microcredit in Europe

Social Inclusion through Microenterprise Development

9781848441941 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bárbara Jayo Carboni, former Director of Research, Fundación Nantik Lum, Madrid, Spain, Maricruz Lacalle Calderón, Professor of Political Economy and Economic Development, Autonomous University of Madrid and Co-Director, Forum Nantik Lum Lum Nantik, MicroFinance Foundation, Silvia Rico Garrido, Professor, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Professor and Deputy Director-International Master in Microfinance for Entrepreneurship, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and Professor (Microcredit), Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-Icade, Spain, Karl Dayson, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Executive Director, Community Finance Solutions, University of Salford, UK and Jill Kickul, Distinguished University Professor, EGADE Business School, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
Publication Date: 2010 ISBN: 978 1 84844 194 1 Extent: 424 pp
This timely Handbook offers a unique opportunity to consider the performance and national context of microcredit initiatives within the European Union.

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This timely Handbook offers a unique opportunity to consider the performance and national context of microcredit initiatives within the European Union.

Drawing together authors from a multi-disciplinary background and including complementary perspectives and interpretative analysis, this original Handbook examines which strategies and policies may affect how a particular country initiative fights against social and financial exclusion or fosters entrepreneurial behaviour with the use of microcredit. It explores the development of an Eastern/Western Europe practical divide in institutional practices and business models, whilst analysing the state of European microcredit and how the continent is adopting and adapting this developing world model for economic development.

This book will be an influential tool helping government and policymakers to target a new set of microcredit initiatives and programmes. It will also be an invaluable read for students and academics in economics, business, development issues and political science.
Critical Acclaim
‘Microcredit in Europe has had an uncomfortable birth, often not able to emulate the successes of the developing world either in scaling-up or in attacking poverty. But things are looking up, across much of the continent; this Handbook explains how. It will be an extremely valuable asset to practitioners and researchers seeking to make microcredit into an effective instrument of social policy.’
– Paul Mosley, University of Sheffield, UK
Contributors: M.B. Alves, P. Arnaudov, M.N. Awan, D. Bialus, G. Breskovski, A. Bussard, A. Cayrol, K. Dayson, S. di Castri, M. Doiciu, I. Erlichova, J. Evers, V. Faber, G. Galusek, M. Genet, N. Goggin, T.E. Holm, B. Jayo Carboni, P. Jonsson, J. Kickul, I. Kovács, M. Lacalle Calderón, S. Lahn, S. Lämmermann, A. Limone, E. Ljunggren, M. Lobbezoo, J. Marchand, H. Maunz, S. McGeehan, A. Mendes, K. Molenaar, K. Munev, M. Ploder, A. Rajska, S. Rico Garrido, M. Smolova, L. Surotchak, R.B. Swain, T. Szekfu, A. Szostek, T. Theves, J. Tvrdonova, M. Vircik, T. Wallgren, S. Zurl-Meyer

Karl Dayson, Bárbara Jayo Carboni, Jill Kickul, Maricruz Lacalle Calderón and Silvia Rico Garrido

1. The Microcredit Sector in the United Kingdom: The Role of CDFIs
Niamh Goggin, Karl Dayson and Sarah McGeehan

2. Microcredit in France: Financial Support for Social Inclusion
Stefanie Lämmermann

3. The Microcredit Sector in Italy: Small Initiatives in a Dynamic Scenario
Simone di Castri

4. The Microcredit Sector in Bulgaria
Kostadin Munev

5. Microcredit in Denmark
Tuija Wallgren and Mohammad Naveed Awan

6. Microcredit in Portugal
Manuel Brandão Alves

7. Microcredit in Austria
Susanne Zurl-Meyer and Horst Maunz

8. Status of Microlending in Germany: An Empirical Survey of Programmes in 2006
Jan Evers and Stefanie Lahn

9. The Microlending Sector in Hungary: Microlending to SMEs
István Kovács

10. Microcredit in Slovakia
Allan Bussard and Beata Dobova

11. Microcredit in Luxembourg
Véronique Faber

12. Microcredit in Norway
Elisabet Ljunggren and Trude Emaus Holm

13. Microcredit in Sweden
Ranjula Bali Swain

14. Microcredit in Belgium
Annika Cayrol and Jean Marchand

15. Microcredit in Spain: The Role of Saving Banks
Silvia Rico Garrido, Maricruz Lacalle Calderón and Bárbara Jayo Carboni

16. Microcredit in Romania
Maria Doiciu and Diana Bialus

17. The State of Microfinance in Poland
Agata Szostek

18. Microfinance in the Netherlands
Margot Lobbezoo

Karl Dayson

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