Handbook of Niche Tourism

9781839100178 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Marina Novelli, Professor of Tourism and International Development, School of Business and Law, University of Brighton, UK, Joseph M. Cheer, Center for Tourism Research, Wakayama University, Japan, Claudia Dolezal, Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Tourism, IMC University of Applied Sciences, Austria, Adam Jones, Principal Lecturer of Strategy and Enterprise, School of Business and Law, University of Brighton, UK and Claudio Milano, Adjunct Professor, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Publication Date: September 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 017 8 Extent: c 480 pp
This Handbook provides critical analyses of the evolution of the contemporary niche tourism phenomenon. By framing discussions around sustainable development thinking, concepts and practical applications, each chapter critically reflects on niche tourism trends, successes and/or failures, and the challenges and opportunities that face destinations around the world that pursue tourism as a vehicle for sustainable development.

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Critical Acclaim
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This Handbook provides critical analyses of the evolution of the contemporary niche tourism phenomenon. By framing discussions around sustainable development thinking, concepts and practical applications, each chapter critically reflects on niche tourism trends, successes and/or failures, and the challenges and opportunities that face destinations around the world that pursue tourism as a vehicle for sustainable development.

A blend of academic and practitioner contributors provides a balance of theoretical, conceptual and empirical elaborations on the topic, with case studies from across the globe. The Handbook covers a broad range of critical thematic areas, including: nature-based tourism, rural tourism, heritage and culture based tourism, dark tourism, spiritual, religious and wellness tourism, and social and inclusive tourism. Chapters also examine the latest developments in niche tourism, including the impact of Covid-19.

This invigorating and comprehensive study of niche tourism will benefit sustainable tourism and niche tourism scholars, as well as tourism researchers more broadly. It will also be useful to policy makers and tourism practitioners seeking a better understanding of this increasingly important field.
Critical Acclaim
‘Tourism is now more dynamic than ever across markets and products globally as we move beyond disruptions. While the context has changed, the opportunities are many. This Handbook is not only a vital contribution to our understanding of tourism nuances, but a motivator for renewed creativity and innovation. Whether reading individual chapters or from cover to cover, this is not only a key contribution to our understanding of niche tourism, but also a call to action with relevant forward-focused insights.’
– Hannah Messerli, The World Bank, US

‘This Handbook provides a welcome addition to tourism scholarship. The niche tourism experiences outlined are largely owned and operated locally, which is something that those of us wanting to see more local control over tourism (especially after the “overtourism” crisis pre-pandemic) and more local benefits from tourism, are seeking. This Handbook is thus well placed to inspire other researchers engaging with ideas around the desire for more sustainable and mindful travel post-pandemic.’
– Regina Scheyvens, Massey University, New Zealand

‘The tourism “product” has, in recent decades, become remarkably diversified; destinations offer and tourists now seek an enormous variety of tourism attractions and experiences that collectively comprise an increasingly significant sector of the overall market – niche tourism. This Handbook makes a vital contribution to our knowledge and understanding of this sector. In particular, its critical perspective, necessarily exploring the problems and prospects of numerous forms of niche tourism within the contemporary context of sustainability, makes it essential reading for those with an interest in tourism development.’
– Richard Sharpley, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Contributors include: António Abreu, Cristina Abreu, Manisha Agarwal, Joanne Ailwood, Clive Allanso, Simona Azzali, Martine Bakker, Maria Pia Bernardoni, Ernest Cañada, Joseph M. Cheer, Jaeyeon Choe, Fabio Corbisiero, Claudia Dolezal, Carla Fraga, Cassie Perpetua Forsythe, Francesc Fusté-Forné, Maria Gebbels, Ulrike Gretzel, Jayni Gudka, Tracy Harkison, Stefan Hartman, Jasper Heslinga, Jesper Holm, Montserrat Iglesias, Grzegorz Iwanicki, Lee Jolliffe, Adam Jones, Zilmiyah Kamble, Balvinder Kaur Kler, Heather Kennedy-Eden, Joanna Kosmaczewska, Joanna Kowalczyk-Anioł, Viltė Kriščiūnaitė, Magdalena Kubal-Czerwińska, Josef Kunc, Lea Kužnik, Dominic Lapointe, Alison McIntosh, Claudia Milano, Salvatore Monaco, Marina Novelli, Markéta Novotná, Daniel H. Olsen, Robert Pawlusiński, Rosaria Pereira, Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam, Enrico Porfido, Yash Prabhugaonkar, Rasa Pranskūnienė, Ricardo Nicolas Progano, Helena Reis, Tanja Ostrman Renault, Áurea Rodrigues, Anthea Rossouw, Dionisia Russo Krauss, Emmanuel Salim, Partho Pratim Seal, Kathleen Smithers, Marta Soligo, Andrzej Stasiak, Fred Tardieu, Faye Taylor, K Thirumaran, Jane Widtfeldt Meged, Ben Wielenga, Paul Williams


Introduction to niche tourism – contemporary trends and development xxiii
Marina Novelli, Joseph M. Cheer, Claudia Dolezal, Adam Jones, Claudio Milano

1 Astro-tourism in the Czech–Polish Izera Dark Sky Park 2
Grzegorz Iwanicki
2 Glacier tourism and climate change in Switzerland 14
Emmanuel Salim
3 Architourism in nature areas: a ‘Bilbao effect’ in the bush? 25
Ben Wielenga, Stefan Hartman and Jasper Hessel Heslinga
4 Conservation tourism in Pangatalan Island, Palawan UNESCO
Biosphere Reserve 38
Cristina Abreu, Frédéric Tardieu and António D. Abreu
5 In focus 1 – geocaching tourism in Poland 49
Joanna Kosmaczewska

6 Experiential tea tourism in Asia 53
Lee Jolliffe
7 Agritourism and the prosecco route of Italy 68
Marta Soligo
8 Culinary tourism: artichoke from land to table in Spain 83
Francesc Fusté-Forné
9 Astro-tourism in Portugal’s rural areas 95
Áurea Rodrigues and Helena Reis
10 Rural festival and event tourism in Albania 107
Enrico Porfido
11 In focus 2 – Koh Phi Phi Thailand: an icon of backpacker culture,
victim of film tourism and devastated by crisis 123
Faye Taylor

12 Personal heritage tourism 126
Heather Kennedy-Eden and Ulrike Gretzel
13 Communist heritage tourism in Poland 140
Robert Pawlusiński, Joanna Kowalczyk-Anioł and Magdalena Kubal-Czerwińska
14 Railways and niches tourism developments in Brazil 154
Carla Fraga
15 Industrial tourism and ceramics-led tourism in Stoke-on-Trent, UK 168
Paul Williams
16 ‘Escape rooms’ and cultural tourism in Poland 182
Andrzej Stasiak
17 Language tourism 200
Montserrat Iglesias
18 In focus 3 – contemporary arts tourism in West Africa 214
Marina Novelli, Maria Pia Bernardoni and Clive Allanso

19 Battlefield tourism: the legacy of Sandakan in Malaysian Borneo 218
Balvinder Kaur Kler and Cassie Perpetua Forsythe
20 Cold War Museum in Lithuania 232
Rasa Pranskūnienė and Viltė Kriščiūnaitė
21 Cemetery tourism in Slovenia 244
Lea Kužnik and Tanja Ostrman Renault
22 In focus 4 – fine dining in a prison: the Clink restaurants in the UK 260
Alison McIntosh, Maria Gebbels and Tracy Harkison

23 Faith, new age spirituality and religious tourism 264
Daniel H. Olsen
24 Babymoon travel in India 282
Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam and Partho Pratim Seal
25 Pilgrimage tourism and the Shugendō programs in Japan 298
Ricardo Nicolas Progano
26 In focus 5 – religious tourism in the urban setting of Varanasi in India 310
K Thirumaran, Simona Azzali, Zilmiyah Kamble, Yash Prabhugaonkar,
Manisha Agarwal

27 Social tourism in Brazil 314
Ernest Cañada
28 Urban ecotourism and regime altering in Denmark 327
Jane Widtfeldt Meged and Jesper Holm
29 Developmentourism and school tours in Zimbabwe 343
Kathleen Smithers and Joanne Ailwood
30 Gay tourism and sustainable rainbow tourist destinations 355
Fabio Corbisiero and Salvatore Monaco
31 The ‘albergo diffuso’ and tourism revitalization in Southern Italy 369
Dionisia Russo Krauss
32 In focus 6 – the ‘Wasteland – Graced Land’ story of Melkhoutfontein,
South Africa 381
Anthea Rossouw

33 South Korean ‘one-month stay’ travellers 386
Jaeyeon Choe
34 Unseen Tours’ virtual ‘Not-in-a-Pub’ quizzes: social inclusion and
empowerment in times of COVID-19 399
Claudia Dolezal, Jayni Gudka and Dominic Lapointe
35 In focus 7 – hot air ballooning in the Czech Republic 420
Markéta Novotná and Josef Kunc
36 In focus 8 – flights to nowhere 423
Martine Bakker

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