Handbook of Regulatory Authorities


Handbook of Regulatory Authorities

9781839108983 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Martino Maggetti, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Fabrizio Di Mascio, Professor of Political Science, University of Torino and Alessandro Natalini, Full Professor of Political Science, Lumsa University of Rome, Italy
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 898 3 Extent: 528 pp
Featuring a comprehensive analytical collection of interdisciplinary research on regulatory authorities, this innovative Handbook combines contributions from leading scholars and regulatory practitioners to present the fundamental theoretical concepts, empirical achievements and challenges in the contemporary study of regulatory authorities.

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Featuring a comprehensive analytical collection of interdisciplinary research on regulatory authorities, this innovative Handbook presents the fundamental concepts, theories, practices, and empirical achievements and challenges in the contemporary study of regulatory authorities.

Opening with a comparative overview of regulators across global regions, regulatory sectors, and regulatory types, the Handbook discusses the key regulatory conceptual issues of independence, politicization, and quality. Contributions from leading scholars and regulatory practitioners provide cutting-edge research on reputation, performance, and control in regulatory authorities. Chapters combine foundational theoretical concepts with empirical research to consider the emerging advances, challenges, and questions in the field, while also giving weight to critical examinations of complex and underexplored issues in research on regulatory authorities. Forward-thinking, the Handbook concludes by expanding its focus to analyse behavioural insights, innovation, agenda-setting, and new frontiers in regulation.

With a cross-disciplinary approach, this all-encompassing Handbook will prove invaluable for students and scholars of politics, law, and economics with a regulatory governance perspective. Global in scope, it will be an essential point of reference for policy analysts, practitioners, and policymakers working in regulation and regulatory authorities.

Critical Acclaim
‘Regulatory authorities are as important as they are misunderstood. This volume is essential reading for scholars and practitioners interested in how these organizations operate and how they shape public policy.’
– Anthony Bertelli, Pennsylvania State University, US

‘It is rare to encounter a Handbook that so skillfully mixes insightful theory, vast global and historical comparisons and clear analysis with contemporary relevance. Orchestrating a volume that will be with us for many years to come, Maggetti, Di Mascio and Natalini have done students and scholars across the world a great service.’
– Daniel Carpenter, Harvard University, US

‘This innovative collection offers a most rewarding mapping, analysis and theorization of regulation as a mature field of scholarship and policy practice with focal points on the organizational life and functions of increasingly ubiquitous regulators and their relationships to important organizational actors and the wider complex environments they must manage. The book constitutes an invaluable resource and source of new insights for scholars and advanced policy practitioners and students.’
– Colin Scott, University College Dublin, Ireland
Contributors: Lorenzo Allio, Ahmed Badran, Madalina Busuioc, Christopher Carrigan, David Coen, Cary Coglianese, Antoine de Cabanes, Stéphanie De Somer, Fabrizio Di Mascio, Susan Dudley, Claire A. Dunlop, Jerry Ellig, Mark Febrizio, Xavier Fernández-i-Marín, Matthias Finger, Clément Fontan, Cristie Ford, Camilo Ignacio González Becerra, Edoardo Guaschino, Mattia Guidi, Jacint Jordana, Christel Koop, Ute Lettanie, David Levi-Faur, Martin Lodge, Martino Maggetti, Moshe Maor, Emmanuelle Mathieu, Richard Murphy, Alessandro Natalini, Sjors Overman, Andrés Pavón Mediano, Patricia Popelier, Claudio M. Radaelli, Nicoletta Rangone, Justin Rex, Dovilė Rimkutė, Thomas Schillemans, Miroslava Scholten, Philip Schütz, Jennifer L. Selin, Andrew Tarrant, Machiel van der Heijden, Kai Wegrich, Kutsal Yesilkagit

Preface xii
Acknowledgements xiii
1 Introduction to the Handbook of Regulatory Authorities 1
Martino Maggetti, Fabrizio Di Mascio and Alessandro Natalini

2 Tracing the development of U.S. independent regulators 10
Christopher Carrigan and Mark Febrizio
3 Independent regulators in Europe 27
David Coen and Andrew Tarrant
4 Independent regulatory agencies in Latin America 43
Andrés Pavón Mediano and Camilo Ignacio González
5 Independent regulators in the Middle East 60
Ahmed Badran
6 The age of regulatory agencies: tracking differences and similarities
over countries and sectors 78
Xavier Fernández-i-Marín, Jacint Jordana and David Levi-Faur

7 Central banks 95
Clément Fontan and Antoine de Cabanes
8 Competition authorities 112
Mattia Guidi
9 Data protection authorities under the EU General Data Protection
Regulation – a new global benchmark 127
Philip Schütz
10 Agencies regulating network services 145
Matthias Finger
11 Agencies regulating risks 160
Lorenzo Allio and Nicoletta Rangone
12 Anticorruption authorities 176
Fabrizio Di Mascio, Martino Maggetti and Alessandro Natalini

13 Political control of regulatory authorities 192
Jennifer L. Selin
14 Regulatory independence and the quality of regulation 210
Christel Koop and Jacint Jordana
15 Independent regulators in the post-delegation stage 226
Martino Maggetti

16 Reputation and independent regulatory agencies 240
Martin Lodge and Kai Wegrich
17 Accountability and regulatory authorities 254
Sjors Overman, Thomas Schillemans and Machiel van der Heijden
18 Taking stock: strategic communication by regulatory agencies as a form
of reputation management 272
Moshe Maor
19 Managing the performance of regulatory agencies 284
Cary Coglianese
20 Better regulation in the European Union 302
Claire A. Dunlop and Claudio M. Radaelli
21 Better regulation in the United States 313
Susan Dudley and Jerry Ellig
22 Judicial review of agency action in Europe 330
Stéphanie De Somer, Ute Lettanie and Patricia Popelier
23 Judicial review of agency action in the United States 345
Richard Murphy

24 Agency capture 361
Justin Rex
25 Regulatory agencies and agenda-setting: state of the art and new ways forward 378
Edoardo Guaschino
26 Enforcement 393
Miroslava Scholten
27 EU regulatory agencies 409
Emmanuelle Mathieu
28 European regulatory networks: foundations and foresights 424
Machiel van der Heijden and Kutsal Yesilkagit
29 Innovation and regulatory agencies 440
Cristie Ford
30 Behavioural insights and regulatory authorities 456
Kai Wegrich and Martin Lodge
31 AI algorithmic oversight: new frontiers in regulation 469
Madalina Busuioc
32 Expertise and regulatory agencies 486
Dovilė Rimkutė

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