Handbook of Regulatory Impact Assessment


Handbook of Regulatory Impact Assessment

9781782549550 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Claire A. Dunlop University of Exeter, UK and Claudio M. Radaelli, Professor of Comparative Public Policy, School of Transnational Governance (EUI), Italy and Professor of Public Policy, University College London, UK
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78254 955 0 Extent: 512 pp
This comparative Handbook provides a pioneering and comprehensive account of regulatory impact assessment – the main instrument used by governments and regulators to appraise the likely effects of their policy proposals. Renowned international scholars and practitioners describe the substance of impact assessment, situating it in its proper theoretical traditions and scrutinizing its usage across countries, policy sectors, and policy instruments. The Handbook of Regulatory Impact Assessment will undoubtedly be of great value to practitioners and also scholars with its wealth of detail and lessons to be learned.

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Regulatory impact assessment (RIA) is the main instrument used by governments and regulators to appraise the likely effects of their policy proposals. This pioneering Handbook provides a comparative and comprehensive account of this tool, situating it in the relevant theoretical traditions and scrutinizing its use across countries, policy sectors and policy instruments.

Comprising six parts, university researchers, international consultants and practitioners working in international organizations examine regulatory impact assessment from many perspectives, which include:

• research traditions in the social sciences
• implementation, regulatory indicators and effects
• tools and dimensions such as courts and gender
• sectoral case studies including environment, enterprise and international development
• international diffusion in the European Union (EU), Americas, Asia and developing countries
• appraisal, training and education.

With its wealth of detail and lessons to be learned, the Handbook of Regulatory Impact Assessment will undoubtedly be of great value to practitioners and scholars working in governance, political science and socio-legal studies.
Critical Acclaim
‘Another excellent testimony to the steady increase in the political and academic appreciation of Regulatory impact assessment (RIA). Dunlop and Radaelli appropriately position RIA inside the broader field of good governance and comparative public policy: RIA is a matter of good policy-making and not (only) about reducing regulatory burdens. This publication is framed around valid assumptions about RIA as a highly contextualized phenomenon with stakeholders extracting very different kinds of purpose from the use of RIA. It is an important contribution to the growing regulatory governance agenda. The skilful consolidation of existing research and experiences, combined with new insights and innovations from leading experts and practitioners make this an interesting read for both scholars, policy-makers and specialists in (regulatory) governance.’
– Peter Ladegaard, Regulatory Reform in China and the EU, The World Bank

‘This impressive Handbook, with high standard contributions from thirty-eight authors in political science, economics, law, business and geography, could not be more timely. Comprehensive, well grounded in theory, well-written and thought-through, this book brings a balanced account of (regulatory) impact assessment as being not only a rational-expert instrument, but also a process affected and interwoven with political decision-making. A must-read for all those academics and practitioners across the globe interested in policy-making.’
– Koen Verhoest, University of Antwerp, Co-chair ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance, Belgium
Contributors: C. Adelle, A. Alemanno, L. Allio, C. Arndt, F. Blanc, A. Bond, G. Bounds, P.G.H. Carroll, P. Coletti, F. De Francesco, C.A. Dunlop, M. Fazekas, O. Fritsch, F. Gains, J. Howell, S. Jacobs, A. Jordan, J.C. Kamkhaji, M. Karliuk, S.-J. Kim, T.-Y. Kim, C. Kirkpatrick, I. Lianos, D. Macrae, A.C.M. Meuwese, G. Ottimofiore, J.R. Palmer, D. Parker, A. Peci, C.M. Radaelli, A. Renda, D. Russel, L. Schrefler, J.A. Schwartz, W.R. Sheate, J. Torriti, J. Turnpenny, S. van Voorst, E. Vecchione, W.F. West



1. The Politics and Economics of Regulatory Impact Assessment
Claire A. Dunlop and Claudio M. Radaelli

2. Regulatory Impact Assessment in Legal Studies
Anne C.M. Meuwese and Stijn van Voorst

3. The Economics of Cost-Benefit Analysis
Jason A. Schwartz

4. Interpretive Analysis and Regulatory Impact Assessment
James R. Palmer

5. Compliance and Delivery Analysis
Donald Macrae

6. Towards a Simpler and Practical Approach
Scott Jacobs

7. Standard Cost Model
Paola Coletti

8. Social Impact Assessment
Lorna Schrefler

9. Courts and Regulatory Impact Assessment
Alberto Alemanno

10. Gender and Regulatory Impact Assessment
Francesca Gains

11. Consultation
Florentin Blanc and Giuseppa Ottimofiore

12. Risk Analysis
Elisa Vecchione

13. Environment
John Turnpenny, Duncan Russel, Andrew Jordan, Alan Bond and William R. Sheate

14. Energy
Jacopo Torriti

15. Agriculture
Duncan Russel

16. Enterprise and Competition
David Parker

17. International Development
Camilla Adelle

18. Diffusion across OECD Countries
Fabrizio De Francesco

19. Cross-National Diffusion in Europe
Ioannis Lianos, Mihály Fazekas and Maksim Karliuk

20. European Union
Andrea Renda

21. United States of America
William F. West

22. Latin America
Alketa Peci

23. Australia and New Zealand
Peter G.H. Carroll

24. South Korea
Tae-Yun Kim and SongJune Kim

25. Developing Countries
Colin Kirkpatrick

26. Implementing in the Laboratory: Scorecards for Appraising Regulatory Impact Assessment
Oliver Fritsch and Jonathan C. Kamkhaji

27. Designing Performance Frameworks: the Case of the OECD
Christiane Arndt and Gregory Bounds

28. Implementing in the Classroom: Teaching Regulatory Impact Assessment
Lorenzo Allio

29. Implementing Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Real World: Practitioner Stories from the Field
John Howell

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