Handbook of Research on Franchising


Handbook of Research on Franchising

9781785364174 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Frank Hoy, Paul R. Beswick Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US, Rozenn Perrigot, Professor of Management, Graduate School of Management, University of Rennes 1, France and Andrew Terry, Professor of Business Regulation, University of Sydney Business School and Emeritus Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78536 417 4 Extent: 640 pp
Franchising is one of the major engines of business expansion and job creation globally. The Handbook of Research on Franchising offers new insights into entrepreneurial behavior, organizational forms, regulation, internationalization, and other contemporary issues relating to this dynamic business strategy. The Handbook challenges both practitioners and scholars to give attention to the conclusions of scholarly research on this business model. Practitioners can benefit from the results of high quality scientific research, and scholars can find exciting opportunities for contributing to the body of knowledge of a subject that has not received sufficient attention in educational institutions.

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Franchising is one of the major engines of business expansion and job creation globally. The Handbook of Research on Franchising contains original work by leading franchise scholars from around the world who offer new insights into entrepreneurial behavior, organizational forms, regulation, internationalization and other contemporary issues relating to this dynamic business strategy.

The book will provide readers with a base of knowledge about the entrepreneurial opportunities and behaviors of franchisors and franchisees as well as explore the forms that franchise organizations may take, the regulation of franchise companies, how franchisors and franchisees relate to one another, the development of the franchise model, franchising in emerging markets, social franchising and more. It introduces theory and sets the agenda for future research and adds to education and practice.

Practitioners will benefit from the high quality scientific research, and scholars will find exciting opportunities for contributing to the body of knowledge on a subject that has not received sufficient attention. The research contained in this book will also be of value to franchisors, franchisees, service providers and government regulators.
Critical Acclaim
‘In this Handbook the reader will find something for experienced and novice researchers. There are thoughtful reviews and analyses of traditional franchising questions, such as the relationship of royalty rates to franchise fees. There are chapters suggesting new directions, such as the role of family firms within franchising and the new forms of social franchising. And there is thoughtful coverage of franchising on the ground in different regions of the world. Researchers in franchising as well as broader organizational, marketing, and economic fields will certainly find something of interest to assist them in their research.’
– Steven C. Michael, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US

‘I will not hesitate to recommend Handbook of Research on Franchising to all national franchise associations, tertiary institutions (especially those offering courses on entrepreneurship), executives involved with franchising/licensing, and the public at large because of the vast amount of precious insights shared by the various highly-regarded contributors.’
– Albert Kong, Asiawide Franchise Consultants, Singapore

Contributors: E.H. Aliouche, I. Alon, P. Amadieu, G. Basset, G.J. Castrogiovanni, M. Chaudey, G. Cliquet, E. Croonen, L. Dada, M. de los Dolores Santarriaga Pineda, C. Di Lernia, A. Du Toit, T. Ehrmann, R.W. Emerson, M. Fadairo, L. Frazer, N. Gorovaia, A. Grace, M. Grünhagen, F. Hoy, M. Jell-Ojobor, M. Kacker, P.J. Kaufmann, F. Lafontaine, C. Lanchimba, B. Lawrence, M. Madanoglu, B. Meiseberg, A. Paswan, R. Perrigot, K. Picot-Coupey, C. Pietrafesa, F. Sadeh, F.C. Soto Ramirez, R. Stassen, O. Streed, A. Terry, J.-L. Viviani, A. Watson, D.H.B. Welsh, J. Windsperger, F.A. Zafeiropoulou


In Memoriam by Patrick Kaufmann
Foreward by Francine Lafontaine

1. Research contributions to understanding franchising
Frank Hoy, Rozenn Perrigot and Andrew Terry

2. Managing entrepreneurial tensions in franchise systems
Anna Watson and Lola Dada

3. Implications of family firms in franchising
Dianne H.B. Welsh and Frank Hoy

4. Autonomy in franchising
Odile Streed and Gérard Cliquet

5. A multi-national investigation of dual distribution structures in franchising
Brinja Meiseberg and Thomas Ehrmann

6. Exploring the growth of multi-unit franchising
Benjamin Lawrence, Cyril Pietrafesa and Patrick J. Kaufmann

7. The relationship between initial and ongoing fees in franchising: A meta-analysis
Farhad Sadeh and Manish Kacker

8. Franchising hard law and soft law
Robert W. Emerson

9. The obligation of good faith and its role in franchise regulation
Andrew Terry, Cary Di Lernia and Rozenn Perrigot

10. Understanding antecedents of franchisee trust
Evelien Croonen

11. Franchisor-franchisee relationships
Lorelle Frazer and Anthony Grace

12. Knowledge transfer in franchising
Nina Gorovaia

13. Resale price maintenance in franchising: market coverage, company-owned stores, and retailer dependence
Robert Stassen

14. E-commerce opportunities and challenges for franchise chains
Rozenn Perrigot, Guy Basset and Gérard Cliquet

15. International franchising: Optimal Market Selection
E. Hachemi Aliouche

16. Internationalization of franchise networks
Maria Jell-Ojobor and Josef Windsperger

17. Determinants of master international franchising
Maria Jell-Ojobor and Ilan Alon

18. International franchising: Influences of environmental uncertainty and munificence on market entry timing
Melih Madanoglu and Gary J. Castrogiovanni

19. Performance in franchising networks
Magali Chaudey and Muriel Fadairo

20. Retail network organizational design and financial performance
Karine Picot-Coupey, Jean-Laurent Viviani and Paul Amadieu

21. Franchising in Southeast Asia: Prerequisites, progress and prospects
Andrew Terry and Marko Grünhagen

22. Franchising in Latin America
Muriel Fadairo and Cintya Lanchimba

23. An exploration of franchising in Africa
Rozenn Perrigot

24. The entrepreneur-franchisor in an emerging economy
Audhesh Paswan, María de los Dolores Santarriaga Pineda and Francisco Carlos Soto Ramirez

25. An introduction to social franchising
Anita Du Toit

26. The social franchise model: A systems approach of the dynamics of institutions and embeddedness in social franchise formation
Fiori A. Zafeiropoulou

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