Handbook of Sustainable Energy


Handbook of Sustainable Energy

9780857937636 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ibon Galarraga, Research Professor and Mikel González-Eguino, Research Associate, BC3 Basque Centre for Climate Change, Spain and Anil Markandya, Basque Centre for Climate Change, Spain and Honorary Professor, University of Bath, UK
Publication Date: 2013 ISBN: 978 0 85793 763 6 Extent: 624 pp
Major contemporary issues and debates relating to the sustainable use of energy are addressed in this far-reaching Handbook. The contributing authors discuss the ongoing debates about sustainability and energy use, energy economics, renewable energy, efficiency and climate policy.

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Major contemporary issues and debates relating to the sustainable use of energy are addressed in this far-reaching Handbook. The contributing authors discuss the ongoing debates about sustainability and energy use, energy economics, renewable energy, efficiency and climate policy.

New and original chapters from leading academics cover the full spectrum of relevant research including: definitions of sustainability in energy use; consumer behaviour and energy markets; the impacts of innovation and new technologies; energy economics and climate modelling; low carbon economies and renewable energies. The authors critically engage with perspectives from developed and developing countries from both global and regional standpoints.

This Handbook will make a timely and important contribution to the study of energy, climate change and climate economics, and will prove essential reading for international researchers in the fields of natural resources, climate change and energy. Students in environmental science faculties, economics departments, business schools and engineering schools will also find this important and enriching compendium insightful. Similarly, policy-makers in energy and environment ministries and international organizations will find much topical debate to engage them.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . was impressed by the scope of the contributions and their clarity. All appear to have been written specifically for this “Handbook” and all are readily comprehensible without a large amount of assumed previous knowledge. . . a very useful source document and many of the chapters represent a good starting point for student research projects.’
– Tony Owen, Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy

‘In today’s modern world where energy resources are increasingly scarce, climate change is a hot-button issue, and population growth continues to push the need to promote sustainable living, Handbook of Sustainable Energy is highly recommended as an absolutely invaluable contribution to graduate school libraries and the pool of literature available to professionals in the field.’
– The Midwest Book Review
Contributors: L.M. Abadie, S. Abdullah, A. Ansuategi, E.J. Anthony, R. Bailis, A. Bigano, M. Bonacina, K. Button, H. Cabal, J.M. Chamorro, J. Chevallier, A. Creti, S. Dorigoni, M. Escapa, M. Evans, P.S. Fennell, R. Fouquet, T.J. Foxon, I. Galarraga, M.C. Gallastegui, T. Gómez, A.G. Gómez-Plana, M. González-Eguino, K. Halsnæs, G.P. Hammond, M.J.W. Harmsen-van Hout, P.B.R. Hazell, D.R. Heres, J.I. Hormaeche, C.I. Jones, K. Karlsson, X. Labandeira, M. Labriet, A. Lanza, Y. Lechón, C.-Y.C. Lin, P. Linares, R. Madlener, A. Markandya, E. Menichetti, L. Olmos, R.A. Ortiz, I. Pérez-Arriaga, R. Pierfederici, K. Pittel, T. Reisz, M. Rivier, R. Rodrigues, D. Rübbelke, J.L. Sáenz de Ormijana, A. Stirling, E. Strumse, T. Suzuki, E. Verdolini, H. Westskog, T. Winther, G. Yoshizawa

Ibon Galarraga and Mikel González-Eguino

1. The Sustainability of ‘Sustainable’ Energy Use: Historical Evidence on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Renewable Energy
Roger Fouquet

2. Sustainability Criteria for Energy Resources and Technologies
Geoffrey P. Hammond and Craig I. Jones

3. Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Climate Policy
M. Carmen Gallastegui, Alberto Ansuategi, Marta Escapa and Sabah Abdullah

4. The Linkages between Energy Efficiency and Security of Energy Supply in Europe
Andrea Bigano, Ramon Arigoni Ortiz, Anil Markandya, Emanuela Menichetti and Roberta Pierfederici

5. Governing a Low Carbon Energy Transition: Lessons from UK and Dutch Approaches
Timothy J. Foxon

6. How Energy Works: Gas and Electricity Markets in Europe
Monica Bonacina, Anna Creti and Susanna Dorigoni

7. Transmission and Distribution Networks for a Sustainable Electricity Supply
Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga, Tomás Gómez, Luis Olmos and Michel Rivier

8. Energy–Economic–Environmental Models: A Survey
Renato Rodrigues, Antonio G. Gómez-Plana and Mikel González-Eguino

9. Energy Supply and the Sustainability of Endogenous Growth
Karen Pittel and Dirk Rübbelke

10. Consumer Behavior and the Use of Sustainable Energy
Reinhard Madlener and Marjolein J.W. Harmsen-van Hout

11. Multicriteria Diversity Analysis: Theory, Method and an Illustrative Application
Go Yoshizawa, Andy Stirling and Tatsujiro Suzuki

12. Review of the World and European Renewable Energy Resource Potentials
Helena Cabal, Maryse Labriet and Yolanda Lechón

13. The Cost of Renewable Energy: Past and Future
Kirsten Halsnæs and Kenneth Karlsson

14. Valuing Efficiency Gains in EU Coal-based Power Generation
Luis María Abadie and José Manuel Chamorro

15. Energy Use in the Transport Sector: Ways to Improve Efficiency
Kenneth Button

16. Nuclear Power in the Twenty-first Century
Geoffrey P. Hammond

17. Carbon Capture Technology: Status and Future Prospects
Edward John Anthony and Paul S. Fennell

18. Environmental, Economic and Policy Aspects of Biofuels
Peter B.R. Hazell and Martin Evans

19. The European Carbon Market (2005–07): Banking, Pricing and Risk-hedging Strategies
Julien Chevallier

20. The Clean Development Mechanism: A Stepping Stone Towards World Carbon Markets?
Julien Chevallier

21. Second-best Instruments for Energy and Climate Policy
Xavier Labandeira and Pedro Linares

22. Addressing Fields of Rationality: A Policy for Reducing Household Energy Consumption?
Hege Westskog, Tanja Winther and Einar Strumse

23. The Role of R&D+i in the Energy Sector
Alessandro Lanza and Elena Verdolini

24. Energy and Poverty: The Perspective of Poor Countries
Rob Bailis

25. The Role of Regions in the Energy Sector: Past and Future
Thomas Reisz

26. California’s Energy-related Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policies
David R. Heres and C.-Y. Cynthia Lin

27. Regional Experiences: The Past, Present and Future of the Energy Policy in the Basque Region
Jose Ignacio Hormaeche, Ibon Galarraga and Jose Luis Sáenz de Ormijana

Anil Markandya

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