Handbook of Teaching and Learning at Business Schools


Handbook of Teaching and Learning at Business Schools

A Practice-Based Approach

9781035318902 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Thyra Uth Thomsen, Professor (WSR), Copenhagen Business School, Adam Lindgreen, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Extraordinary Professor, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Annemette Kjærgaard, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Eleri Rosier, Professor, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University and Aybars Tuncdogan, Associate Professor, King''s College London, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 03531 890 2 Extent: 416 pp
This timely Handbook investigates the many perspectives from which to reconsider teaching and learning within business schools, during a time in which higher education is facing challenges to the way teaching might be delivered in the future.

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This timely Handbook investigates the many perspectives from which to reconsider teaching and learning within business schools, during a time in which higher education is facing challenges to the way teaching might be delivered in the future.

Bringing together a diverse range of expert contributors, this Handbook fills gaps in current knowledge and research, whilst expanding and exploring new fields. Topics covered include the use and value of learning technologies, leadership education and continuous professional development of research-based teachers. Crucially, the Handbook considers how faculty at all levels of seniority will be forced to challenge their own modus operandi in designing and delivering teaching. This is especially important during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, where blended learning should be carefully assessed before it is adopted as part of any course design.

Offering both practical suggestions and cutting-edge research into the field, this Handbook will be a key resource for academics, practitioners and students in business and management education who wish to consolidate their teaching and learning and further understand the broader issues surrounding it.
Critical Acclaim
‘The modernization of student learning experiences has never been more pressing than post-COVID. This thought-provoking book provides a plethora of perspectives on how to achieve better and more modern learning, through teams, through technology, through cases and through the continuous professional development of educators. This volume is a useful Handbook both for educational practitioners and for researchers in educational research and development. Highly recommended!’
– Peter Møllgaard, Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, the Netherlands

‘Business education has experienced significant transformation in the 21st century, and more recently through the pressures on business schools to adapt to blended learning practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. This compilation of papers provides an excellent resource to help navigate and understand the important dimensions of successful modern business education. It includes contributions from some leading scholars and across a range of important topics, including learning environments, technologies, CPD and research-led teaching.’
– Stuart J. Barnes, King''s College London, UK

‘This book provides valuable direction to business schools during these transformational times. The chapters explore how business schools can improve the educational process, implement learning technologies, and effect pedagogical and social change.’
– C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Temple University, Philadelphia, US

‘As we grapple with intensifying calls for change, this indispensable compendium poses critical questions whilst simultaneously offering valuable insights into the transformation journey that lies ahead for business school leadership and faculty.’
– Nicola Kleyn, Erasmus University, the Netherlands

‘This is a much-needed compendium, bringing together contributions addressing a wide variety of aspects of business school teaching. It is a timely, original and interesting volume, written by educators and scholars based across the world. A must-read not only for those who are new to teaching but for everyone who wishes to keep abreast of pedagogic developments in business schools.’
– Martyna Sliwa, University of Essex, UK and Co-Editor of Management Learning

‘The book Handbook of Teaching and Learning at Business Schools: A Practice-Based Approach is a timeous and much needed book targeted at teaching faculty, administrators, and management of business schools across the globe. The book covers key issues business schools, irrespective of their geographic location, grapple with in ensuring an optimal learning experience for students. The book provides transformational perspectives of learning and gives insight into contemporary learning environments. The section on the use and value of learning technologies cannot come at a more opportune time. The book also deals with aspects related to the teaching and assessing in the business school classroom, leadership education and professional development of teaching faculty. It concludes with a section addressing the translation of research into teaching, work integrated teaching and how to harness the synergies between research, teaching, and engagement. This is a must read as it provides deep insight into so many of the pertinent issues relevant to business school teaching and learning.’
– Daniel J. Petzer, Henley Business School Africa, South Africa

‘No other group of graduates has more access to resources than those with a business-oriented degree. How can Universities prepare them for both the opportunities as well as the duties connected with such access? The authors of Handbook of Teaching and Learning at Business Schools: A Practice-Based Approach have the pertinent answers for business educators of the current and next generation.’
– Gregor Halff, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

‘Recent events have forced us to re-think how we undertake teaching and learning in business schools. This collection of essays on management education arrives at the perfect time to help us organize and enhance our thoughts about the changes underway, providing an overdue research perspective.’
– Robert D. Austin, Ivey Business School, London, Canada

‘A timely and refreshing text!! Targeted at those who are eagerly seeking new ways of teaching and engaging students in challenging contexts. This book emphasises co-production of education, the importance of involving key stakeholders in the learning experience while ensuring leadership and professionalism remain core. This is a “must-read” for Business School faculty.’
– Julian Gould-Williams, Cardiff University, UK

‘Business schools are in a unique position to both affect and effect change – socially, pedagocially, and developmentally. The perspectives on transformation, which highlight the many advantages and challenges which lie ahead, are rich with theoretical and practical examples. Consistently offering a student-centric approach, while recognising the demands placed on educators, is a delicate balancing act, but one which is clearly readily achieved here.’
– Juliette Overland, University of Sydney Business School, Australia
Contributors: Kasper Merling Arendt, Michael Beverland, Roderick J. Brodie, Peter Bryant, Leela Cejnar, Bo Christensen, Ad de Jong, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Wim Gijselaers, Linda Greve, Rachael Hains-Wesson, Elaine Huber, Alan Irwin, Marian Iszatt-White, Kaiying Ji, David Kember, Rushana Khusainova, Annemette Kjærgaard, Bernadett Koles, Carolin Kreber, Barbara Larson, Sabine Lauer, Catherine Leviten-Reid, Adam Lindgreen, Maria Luksich, Stephanie MacPherson, Lilia Mantai, Stefan Meisiek, René Moolenaar, Peter Naudé, Alyson Nicholds, Loïc Plé, Nicola Reimann, Torsten Ringberg, Eleri Rosier, Ian Sadler, Yasin Sahhar, Kay Sambell, Sandra Seno-Alday, Maryam Shahbazi, Michael Sweet, Stina Teilmann-Lock, Thyra Uth Thomsen, Aybars Tuncdogan, Piet Van den Bossche, Florence Villesèche, Sylvia von Wallpach, Leslie Wardley, Uwe Wilkesmann, Stephanie Wilson, Sonja Zaar

Introduction to the Handbook of Teaching and Learning at Business Schools

1 Community-engaged learning in business schools to effect social
change: a capabilities perspective 2
Carolin Kreber, Leslie Wardley, Catherine Leviten-Reid and
Stephanie MacPherson
2 Using co-design processes to support strategic pedagogical change in
business education 20
Stephanie Wilson, Elaine Huber and Peter Bryant
3 Benefits and challenges of Assurance of Learning: making the
intangible tangible 36
Lilia Mantai

4 The promise of the business studio: teaching for design and
entrepreneurship at business schools 52
Kasper Merling Arendt and Bo T. Christensen
5 A framework for motivating business students through teaching,
learning and curriculum design 68
David Kember
6 The challenge of reflexive pedagogy in executive education: a personal
case study 82
Marian Iszatt-White
7 Team-based learning in the business school classroom: adaptation
versus fidelity 95
Barbara Larson and Michael Sweet

8 Transformations towards blended learning: key issues to address 115
Annemette Kjærgaard, Thyra Uth Thomsen and Sylvia von Wallpach
9 The influence of technology on business schools’ curricula: a triple
crown perspective 123
Loïc Plé and Bernadett Koles
10 Gamification in education: the case of gamified learning in teams 138
Rushana Khusainova, Yasin Sahhar and Ad de Jong

11 Lecturing 160
Linda Greve
12 The case for cases: using historical and live cases to enhance student learning 178
René W.J. Moolenaar and Michael B. Beverland
13 Using live business projects to develop graduate employability skills 195
Eleri Rosier
14 Addressing the challenges of assessment and feedback in business
schools: developing assessment practices which support learning 207
Nicola Reimann, Kay Sambell, Ian Sadler and Carolin Kreber
15 Business studios of practice 226
Stefan Meisiek

16 Building a new identity for business schools: learning how to act with
authenticity through the critical teaching of leadership 238
Alyson Nicholds
17 New avenues for leadership education and development: shaping leader
identity through meaning-making from experiences 249
Sonja Zaar, Piet Van den Bossche and Wim Gijselaers
18 Equipping students with the attributes needed by business leaders in an
era of social and technological change 264
David Kember

19 How to motivate professors to teach 277
Uwe Wilkesmann and Sabine Lauer
20 Teaching and learning with our colleagues: the Associate Professor
Development Programme at Copenhagen Business School 291
Alan Irwin

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