Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy and Natural Resources


Handbook of the International Political Economy of Energy and Natural Resources

9781783475629 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Andreas Goldthau, University of Erfurt, Germany, Michael F. Keating, Richmond, the American International University in London and Caroline Kuzemko, The University of Warwick, UK
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78347 562 9 Extent: 416 pp
This Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the latest research from leading scholars on the international political economy of energy and resources. Highlighting the important conceptual and empirical themes, the chapters study all levels of governance, from global to local, and explore the wide range of issues emerging in a changing political and economic environment.

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This Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the latest research from leading scholars on the international political economy of energy and resources. Highlighting the important conceptual and empirical themes, the chapters study all levels of governance, from global to local, and explore the wide range of issues emerging in a changing political and economic environment.

The original contributions analyse energy as a highly complex, interconnected policy area, including how energy markets and regimes are constituted and the governance institutions that are being designed to challenge existing establishments. A number of contributors focus on intersections between energy and other policy fields or sectors, or nexes. These include the climate change, energy and low carbon transitions nexus; the food, water and forestry nexus; the energy, resources and development nexus; and the global–national–local nexus in energy. Significantly, this Handbook ties the contributions together by exploring opportunities for sustainable transitions and avoiding resource scarcity whilst taking other social needs, such as development, into account.

This Handbook will be an essential resource for scholars and students of international political economy, governance and development studies as it covers: the environment, development, human rights, global production, energy transitions and energy security.
Critical Acclaim
‘The volume succeeds in defining the IPE of energy as a field and shows us where it has been and where it is going. It should be very useful to economists, political scientists, and sociologists interested in the political economy of energy, both at the international and domestic levels. This Handbook also shows the significant benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration around a topic of global significance.’
– Ilia Murtazashvili, The Energy Journal

‘Edward Elgar’s research handbook collections have mastered the art of collating works of high-impact academic literature edited by some of the world’s leading scholars. This text continues in the same repute with contributions from some of the finest and most well renowned authors in the field, each drawing upon established scholarship and producing their own results that add to a variety of fields in economics, resource management, law, policy, international relations and politics.

I applaud the success of this intellectually stimulating and comprehensive collection which is both profound and relevant in today’s complex political economy, covering topical issues in context and serving as a useful reference. Students and particularly graduates in such fields will find this book of much help, as would practitioners, policy- makers and industry professionals.’
– Energy Research and Social Sciences

‘In the age of the Sustainable Development Goals, we can no longer afford to view energy in isolation from other resource ecologies, politics and economies. Covering a wide range of regions and sectors over 26 chapters, this Handbook provides a comprehensive and invaluable review of energy as a complex and contested terrain that intersects and overlaps with all areas of global politics in ways that can and should inform our understanding of international political economy. I highly recommend it.’
– Peter Newell, University of Sussex, UK

‘Edward Elgar’s Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy series has been providing an ambitious resource to scholars and teachers of IPE for over two decades now, and this volume maintains this fine tradition. This is a wide-ranging and timely summation of where and how energy and natural resources affect our common global political economy. Get your library to order it so you too can use it now!’
– Randall Germain, Carleton University, Canada

‘This Handbook is a highly valuable addition to recent scholarly advancement into the political economy of energy. It stands out because of its innovative perspective of combining the theoretical approaches of international political economy and global public policy for the purpose of identifying “nexus thinking” – the analysis of the intersection between energy and other policy sectors. From this, the book provides a myriad of empirical studies over 26 chapters which really brings home the message of how manifold and multi-faceted the present political economy of energy has become.’
– Dag Harald Claes, University of Oslo, Norway
Contributors: L. Baker, T. Boersma, J. Britton, E. Brutschin, J. Burton, A.A. Camba, R. Falkner, T. Foxon, C. Fraune, A. Goldthau, D. Gritsenko, A. Hira, R. Hiteva, L. Hughes, J. Jewell, M.F. Keating, C. Kuzemko, A. Lawrence, F. Lira, A. Losz, K. Lovell, H.E.S. Nesadurai, M. Nilsson, S. Onder, R. Quitzow, S. Raszewski, W.B. Renfro, J.D. Sharples, N. Sitter, M. Skalamera, B.K. Sovacool, C. Strambo, J.D. Wilson


1. Nexus-thinking in International Political Economy: What energy and natural resource scholarship can offer international political economy
Caroline Kuzemko, Michael F. Keating and Andreas Goldthau

Part I Overviews, Theories and Concepts
2. Conceptualizing the Energy Nexus of Global Public Policy and International Political Economy
Andreas Goldthau and Nick Sitter

3. Advancing the International Political Economy of Climate Change Adaptation: Political Ecology, Political Economy and Social Justice
Benjamin K. Sovacool

4. The Resource Nationalist Challenge to Global Energy Governance
Jeffrey D. Wilson

5. A Gendered Perspective on Energy Transformation Processes
Cornelia Fraune

6. Climate Change, International Political Economy and Global Energy Policy
Robert Falkner

Part II Climate Change, Energy and Low-Carbon Transitions
7. The Politics of Procurement and the Low-Carbon Transition in South Africa
Lucy Baker and Jesse Burton

8. The Energy Union: A coherent policy package?
Claudia Strambo and Måns Nilsson

9. The Political Economy of Low Carbon Infrastructure in the UK
Ralitsa Hiteva, Tim Foxon and Katherine Lovell

10. The New International Political Economy of Natural Gas
Tim Boersma and Akos Losz

11. Europe’s Largest Natural Gas Producer in an Era of Climate Change: Gazprom
Jack D. Sharples

12. Energy Development in the Arctic: Resource Colonialism Revisited
Daria Gritsenko

Part III Energy, Resources and Development
13. Transnational Private Regulation and the Global Governance of Palm Oil Sustainability: From Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Certification to the Palm Oil Innovation Group/No-Deforestation Standard
Helen E. S. Nesadurai

14. International Political Economy and the Global Governance of Hydroelectric Dams
Michael F. Keating

15. Managing the Use of Natural Resources: How Ecosystem Accounts Helped in the Philippines
Stefanie Onder

16. How Can Climate Justice and Energy Justice Be Reconciled?
Andrew Lawrence

17. The Politics of Resistance in the Neoliberal Mining Regime
Alvin A. Camba

18. Food for Fuels? Examining the Issue of Trade-Offs between Energy and Food
Anil Hira

19. Emerging Economies and Energy: The Case of Turkey
Slawomir Raszewski

Part IV Scale: Transnational, National, Local
20. Low-Carbon Technologies, National Innovation Systems, and Global Production Networks: The State of Play
Llewelyn Hughes and Rainer Quitzow

21. An International Political Economy of Climate Change Benchmarking: Energy Standard Setting, Responses and Challenges
Caroline Kuzemko

22. Energy Trends, Political Economy, and International Order: The United States and the People’s Republic
Wesley B. Renfro

23. International Political Economy of Nuclear Energy
Elina Brutschin and Jessica Jewell

24. The Domestic Factor in the International Political Economy of Eurasian Gas Trade
Morena Skalamera

25. Between Global Aspirations and Domestic Imperatives: The Case of Brazil
Flavio Lira

26. Localising Energy: Heat Networks and Municipal Governance
Jessica Britton

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