Handbook of Transdisciplinarity: Global Perspectives


Handbook of Transdisciplinarity: Global Perspectives

9781802207828 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Roderick J. Lawrence, Honorary Professor, Geneva School of Social Sciences and Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 782 8 Extent: 696 pp
This expansive Handbook guides readers through a multi-layered landscape of the interpretations and uses of transdisciplinary thinking and practices worldwide. It advances understanding of the strengths and limits of transdisciplinary research in the context of societal power relations, institutional structures and social inequalities.

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Critical Acclaim
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This expansive Handbook guides readers through a multi-layered landscape of the interpretations and uses of transdisciplinary thinking and practices worldwide. It advances understanding of the strengths and limits of transdisciplinary research in the context of societal power relations, institutional structures and social inequalities.

Original chapters from 116 scholars and experts in 27 countries create a multi-cultural constellation of conceptual and methodological approaches to transdisciplinary research, teaching, training and community projects, showcasing the diversity and plurality of transdisciplinary contributions. Framed through the core themes of thinking, doing and being, this Handbook thoroughly reviews key topics including philosophies and theories, research and practice, education and training and financial and institutional resources with examples from innovative transdisciplinary global projects.

Inclusive in its approach, this Handbook will be an ideal resource for public and private domain professionals wishing to explore collaborative working practices. Scholars looking for a better understanding of transdisciplinarity and how it differs from interdisciplinarity will find the case studies illustrative and informative.

Critical Acclaim
‘An indispensable Handbook on transdisciplinarity that unifies conceptual, pedagogic and practical contributions from over 100 authors across five continents. Transdisciplinarity is a global approach to complexity that progresses “between”, “through” and “beyond” individual disciplines. It is an obligatory yet challenging process, helping us to understand the (unstable) current world and to generate novel transformative propositions.’
– Philippe Moreillon, University of Lausanne, Switzerland and President of SCNAT

‘This pragmatic, accessible and comprehensive reflection on global applications of a transdisciplinary approach is a welcome contribution to the debate and demonstrates that transdisciplinarity has become an intellectual field of its own. The various contributors discuss the epistemological, philosophical and theories that underpin transdisciplinarity and demonstrate the way in which the diversity, coexistence and plurality in different geographical and cultural contexts use transdisciplinarity in creative and meaningful ways. This Handbook is a valuable resource for all researchers and institutions in their efforts to link knowledge with practice and bring about transformation through dynamic acts of transgression.’
– Heide Hackmann, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Contributors: Rahma Abtidon, David Adams, Alexandra Albert, Seid Mohammed Ali, Pia Andersson, Corina Angheloiu, Gabriele Bammer, Richard Beecroft, Monica Berger Gonzalez, Bob Block, David Block, Bassirou Bonfoh, Trygve Brautaset, Valerie A. Brown, Marina Chang, Yun-Tsui Chang, Kuan-Chieh Chen, Lisa Crump, Petra Dannecker, Frédéric Darbellay, Danielle Davelaar, Mike Davies, Marc-Williams Debono, Claude Demers, Mathieu Denis, Carole Després, Qile Dong, Atila Ertas, Stephen M. Fiore, Jukka T. Forsman, Karen Fortuin, Caroline Gagnon, Robbe Geysmans, Lana Ghvinjilia, Ananta Kumar Giri, Muki Haklay, John A. Harris, Aniek Hebinck, Susanne Hecker, Juha Hiedanpää, Wieland Heim, Kathrin Heitz-Tokpa, Jaime Hernández-Garcia, Maria Bårdsen Hesjedal, Liling Huang, Mikko Jokinen, Andrea Kaiser-Grolimund, Machiel Keestra, Joke Kenens, Tigran Keryan, Erica Key, Su-ming Khoo, Julie Thompson Klein, Yasuhisa Kondo, Toni Laaksonen, Ria Lambino, Roderick J. Lawrence, Hein Mallee, Pierre Larochelle, Roderick J. Lawrence, Rik Leemans, Frederick Lépinay, Ariel B. Lindner, Hanne Lohilahti, Kate Maguire, Michael F. Mascolo, Stephanie Mauti, Gaston Meskens, Nina Mikander, Tamara Mitrofanenko, Alfonso Montuori, Zoe Moody, Gemma Moore, Sarah Moore, Fabien Moustard, Yuko Onishi, David Osrin, Basirat Oyalowo, Henrietta Palmer,  Katsia Paulavets, Theres Paulsen, Kristina Pelikan, Jani Pellikka, Laura Pereira, Tanja Perko, Tannya Pico Parra, Antti Piironen, Helen Pineo, Mika Pirinen, Irene Pluchinotta, Christian Pohl, André Potvin, Chris Riedy, Matti Salo, Giuseppe Salvia, Hsieh Shang-Hsien, Nina Shatberashvili, Giorgia Silvestri, Marika Silvikko de Villafranca, Ron Store, Roger Strand, Sibylle Studer, Makoto Taniguchi, Ichiro Tayasu, Mike Tennant, Rea Tschopp, Catrinel Turcanu, Bastian Greshake Tzovaras, Ulli Vilsmaier, Timo von Wirth, Shuchi Vora, Sarahlou Wagner-Lapierre, Amentahru Wahlrab, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Raymond T. Yeh, Nici Zimmermann, Jakob Zinsstag

Foreword xxix
Alfonso Montuori
Acknowledgements xxxix
Roderick J. Lawrence
Introduction 1
Roderick J. Lawrence

1 The promise of scaffolding: a metaphor and living practice for
transdisciplinary inquiry 28
Pia Andersson and Henrietta Palmer
2 Transdisciplinarity as it emerges: a living-systems perspective 44
Danielle Davelaar
3 The public epistemic role of higher education for all 62
Su-ming Khoo
4 The pertinence of transdisciplinarity for global studies: the case of
globalization 79
Amentahru Wahlrab
5 Addressing power relations in the global field of science 95
Petra Dannecker
6 Cross-pollination in art and science: plasticity of the mind and birth of
transcultures 111
Marc-Williams Debono
7 New pragmatics and hermeneutics of self, knowledge, and society:
transdisciplinarity, trans-civilizational dialogues, and planetary conversations 128
Ananta Kumar Giri

8 Transdisciplinary practice: being, doing, knowing 145
David Adams and Kate Maguire
9 Emergence of transdisciplinarity in global environmental change
research: moving from system understanding to systemic sustainability
solutions 159
Rik Leemans and Karen Fortuin
10 Navigating knowledge systems to address resilience challenges:
contributions of communities of practice 177
Corina Angheloiu, Shuchi Vora and Mike Tennant
11 The transdisciplinary potential of citizen science 197
Alexandra Albert, Muki Haklay, Fabien Moustard, Susanne Hecker,
Bastian Greshake Tzovaras, Marina Chang and Ariel B. Lindner
12 Real-world Labs as transdisciplinary learning environments 214
Richard Beecroft
13 Transdisciplinary teams as discourse coalitions: building transformative
narratives for transdisciplinary inquiry 230
Chris Riedy
14 Formative developmental evaluation: a transdisciplinary urban
regeneration project in London, UK 247
Gemma Moore, Irene Pluchinotta, Helen Pineo, David Osrin, Nici
Zimmermann, Giuseppe Salvia and Michael Davies

15 Collaborating for good: what would a transdisciplinary university look like? 267
Michael F. Mascolo
16 Advancing transdisciplinary research in the Global South 286
Katsia Paulavets, Sarah Moore and Mathieu Denis
17 Transdisciplinarity in higher education: the potential of digitalization 306
Theres Paulsen, Jakob Zinsstag and Lisa Crump
18 Transdisciplinary education and ATLAS activities: past, present, and
future perspectives 319
Atila Ertas, Raymond T. Yeh, Bob Block and David Block

19 Value-added transdisciplinary One Health research and problem solving 333
Jakob Zinsstag, Kristina Pelikan, Monica Berger Gonzalez, Andrea
Kaiser-Grolimund, Lisa Crump, Stephanie Mauti, Kathrin Heitz-Tokpa,
Bassirou Bonfoh, Seid Mohammed Ali, Rahma Abtidon and Rea Tschopp
20 Engaging in transformative spaces: a design perspective 351
Aniek Hebinck, Timo von Wirth, Giorgia Silvestri and Laura Pereira
21 Amidst the flyway: co-designing accommodation fields for the barnacle
goose in south-eastern Finland 367
Juha Hiedanpää, Matti Salo, Mikko Jokinen, Jani Pellikka, Ron Store, Toni
Laaksonen, Mika Pirinen, Wieland Heim, Antti Piironen, Nina Mikander,
Hanne Lohilahti and Jukka T. Forsman
22 Schola’s action program: modernizing and sustaining public schools in
Quebec 384
Carole Després, Claude Demers, Caroline Gagnon, Pierre Larochelle,
Frédérick Lépinay, André Potvin and Sarahlou Wagner-Lapierre
23 Children as research actors: theories, methods, and experimentation 403
Frédéric Darbellay and Zoe Moody
24 Transdisciplinarity at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,
Kyoto, Japan 419
Tetsuzo Yasunari, Yasuhisa Kondo, Ria Lambino, Hein Mallee, Yuko Onishi,
Makoto Taniguchi and Ichiro Tayasu
25 Implementing sustainability in Taipei with transdisciplinarity 436
Liling Huang, Shang-Hsien Hsieh, Yun-Tsui Chang, Kuan-Chieh Chen and
Qile Dong
26 Co-producing urban and peri-urban agriculture in Andean countries 455
Jaime Hernández-García and Tannya Pico Parra
27 Reconceptualizing stakeholders and decentering collaborations:
reflections from the Lagos housing sector 474
Basirat Oyalowo
28 Implementing transdisciplinarity in the Caucasus region: societal
conditions, institutional transitions, and perspectives 492
Tamara Mitrofanenko, Tigran Keryan, Nina Shatberashvili, Lana Ghvinjilia
and Ulli Vilsmaier

29 Resourcing transdisciplinary programs and projects 513
Erica Key
30 Global alliance for inter- and transdisciplinarity: connecting
organizations to advance collaborative research and education 525
Stephen M. Fiore, Julie Thompson Klein, Ulli Vilsmaier, Machiel Keestra and
Theres Paulsen
31 Toolkits for transdisciplinary research: state of the art, challenges, and
potentials for further developments 536
Sibylle Studer and Christian Pohl
32 Does transdisciplinarity need an underpinning discipline? The case for
Integration and Implementation Sciences (i2S) 547
Gabriele Bammer

33 Prospects for transdisciplinarity and beyond: collectively keeping the
future in mind 560
Valerie A. Brown and John A. Harris
34 Digital Life Norway – should biotechnology be transdisciplinary? 575
Maria Bårdsen Hesjedal, Trygve Brautaset and Roger Strand
35 What futures for transdisciplinarity in nuclear R&D? 592
Catrinel Turcanu, Gaston Meskens, Robbe Geysmans, Joke Kenens, Marika
Silvikko de Villafranca and Tanja Perko
Epilogue: globalizing transdisciplinarity 609
Julie Thompson Klein

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