Handbook on City and Regional Leadership


Handbook on City and Regional Leadership

9781788979672 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Markku Sotarauta, Professor of Regional Development Studies, Urban and Regional Studies Group, Tampere University, Finland and Andrew Beer, Executive Dean and Professor, UniSA Business School, University of South Australia, Australia
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78897 967 2 Extent: 384 pp
In this timely Handbook, people emerge at the centre of city and regional development debates from the perspective of leadership. It explores individuals and communities, not only as units that underpin aggregate measures or elements within systems, but as deliberative actors with ambitions, desires, strategies and objectives.

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In this timely Handbook, people emerge at the centre of city and regional development debates from the perspective of leadership. It explores individuals and communities, not only as units that underpin aggregate measures or elements within systems, but as deliberative actors with ambitions, desires, strategies and objectives.

Deepening the scholarly debate on leadership in cities and regions, the Handbook combines theoretical discussion and empirical evidence within methodological development to present a state-of-the-art view of a rapidly emerging field of study, highlighting paths for future research. Chapters explore power, politics, policy-making, social corporate responsibility and international city diplomacy through the lens of leadership, covering leadership in different countries from a broad range of theoretical perspectives.

This Handbook is a valuable resource for academics and students of regional studies, human and economic geography, and policy studies. The conceptual discussion and case studies from different parts of the world will provide valuable examples for scholars, policy-makers and practitioners seeking a better understanding of what it takes to mobilise and co-ordinate complex multi-actor constellations for improvement of their respective places.
Critical Acclaim
‘I consider this edited volume to be more than a welcome contribution and a notorious collection for all scholars, keen to understand the theoretical grounding, practices, patterns and types of leadership, as well as the manifestation of that leadership in local and regional socio-economic development and policy.’
– Eduardo Oliveira, Eurasian Geography and Economics

‘The Handbook on City and Regional Leadership is the first comprehensive overview of place leadership in urban and regional research, edited by pioneers of the concept, Markku Sotarauta and Andrew Beer. Publication of the Handbook is very timely with the significant growth of research on the importance of agency in regional development in recent years. The Handbook covers a broad range of topics ranging from theoretical issues and empirical studies to methodological questions. It contains a rich and stimulating compilation of chapters and is a must-read for researchers as well as policy makers interested in promoting place leadership.’
– Bjørn T. Asheim, University of Stavanger, Norway

‘This book on place-based leadership by world-leading scholars on the topic is an absolute must-read in what is an emerging and exciting field of research. It provides an excellent overview and a compelling future research agenda on the role of leadership in shaping urban and regional development.’
– Ron Boschma, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and University of Stavanger, Norway

‘The role of city and regional leaders in the success of regions and cities has often been underestimated. In the Handbook on City and Regional Leadership, the editors have brought together seminal scholars who study this area. The book is a must-read for academics and civic leaders alike who are interested in leadership and its impact on communities.’
– Martin Kenney, University of California, Davis, US
Contributors: H.-H. Albers, K. Ayles, A. Beer, M. Bellandi, P. Benneworth, J. Blažek, L. Budd, H. Dinmore, L. Fonseca, J. Gibney, M. Grillitsch, R. Hambleton, J. Irving, J. Karlsen, J. Kolehmainen, H. Kurikka, V. Květoň, M. Larrea, A.M. Medina-Garzón, S. Montero, A. Nicholds, L. Nieth, M. Pagani, M. Plechero, O. Potluka, M. Quinn, J.V. Rekers, M. Salomaa, A. Sancino, E. Santini, M. Sotarauta, L. Suwala

Preface xi
1 Introduction to city and regional leadership 2
Markku Sotarauta and Andrew Beer
2 Place, city, regional, rural … leadership: a review 19
Andrew Beer, Markku Sotarauta and Karen Ayles

3 Old wine in a new bottle: Revisiting organisational
conceptions of leadership to understand what place leaders
‘actually’ do to make things happen 41
Alyson Nicholds
4 Place leadership, policy-making and politics 57
Alessandro Sancino, Leslie Budd and Michela Pagani
5 Re-imagining place leadership as social purpose 71
John Gibney and Alyson Nicholds
6 Roles of formal and informal leadership: civil society
leadership interaction with political leadership in local development 91
Oto Potluka
7 Place leadership and corporate spatial responsibilities 108
Hans-Hermann Albers and Lech Suwala
8 Place-based leadership ‘beyond place’: the rise of international
city diplomacy 131
Robin Hambleton
9 Combinatorial power and place leadership 152
Markku Sotarauta

10 From coal-mining to data-mining: the role of leadership in the
emergence of a regional innovation system in an old industrial region 168
Jiří Blažek and Viktor Květoň
11 The supporting and hampering role of place leadership in
Italian industrial districts 187
Marco Bellandi, Monica Plechero and Erica Santini
12 Patterns of place leadership: institutional change and path
development in peripheral regions 203
Markku Sotarauta, Heli Kurikka, and Jari Kolehmainen
13 Universities and place leadership: a question of agency and alignment 226
Liliana Fonseca, Lisa Nieth, Maria Salomaa and Paul Benneworth
14 Establishing leadership in a ‘busy’ governance structure 248
Martin Quinn
15 Inclusive leadership and local economic development:
perspectives from Latin American peripheral regions 266
Sergio Montero and Andrés M. Medina-Garzón

16 Theory, methods and innovation in the study of place
leadership: a review of the opportunity 281
Andrew Beer and Jacob Irving
17 Investigating agency: methodological and empirical challenges 302
Markus Grillitsch, Josephine V. Rekers and Markku Sotarauta
18 Action research as a methodology for the construction of
territorial leadership 324
James Karlsen and Miren Larrea
19 Narrative and leadership: lessons for policy and place leadership 343
Helen Dinmore and Andrew Beer

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