Handbook on Development and Social Change


Handbook on Development and Social Change

9781786431547 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by G. Honor Fagan, Professor of Sociology, Maynooth University and Ronaldo Munck, Head of Civic Engagement, Dublin City University, Ireland
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 154 7 Extent: 488 pp
This Handbook provides an accessible critical review of the complex issues surrounding development and social change today. With chapters from recognized experts, examining economic, political and social aspects, and covering key topics and developing regions, it goes beyond current theory and sets out the debates which will shape an approach better suited to the modern world.

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As the failings of neoliberalism become evident, the need for a new development paradigm becomes increasingly urgent. This Handbook offers a ground-breaking critical review of development and social change, and in doing so sets out the terms of the debates needed in areas where the orthodoxy has worn thin.

The Handbook on Development and Social Change tackles key global topics including sustainability, regionalism and international finance, as well as examining key developing regions from Latin America to China. With original chapters by recognized experts from across the globe with proven practical experience, this Handbook examines the economic, political and cultural aspects of development and social change. Promoting a strong interdisciplinary approach, and integrating knowledge with practice, it moves beyond current development theories which deal poorly with the non-causal and chaotic and thus provides an approach which is fit for purpose in the modern era of global complexity.

With its accessible coverage of complex issues this Handbook, will be of particular interest to students in the fields of development studies, development economics, comparative sociology and global politics.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is an excellent volume. Topics for chapters have been well chosen and chapters are written by authors well placed in the field. This valuable collection provides a rich and pertinent review of the development field.’
– Jan Nederveen Pieterse, University of California, Santa Barbara, US

‘Confident and ambitious, this Handbook pushes the debate on development as capitalism in new directions. It offers a critical, sociological – or genealogical – approach, emphasizing capitalism’s unpredictability above all. Highly recommended as much for the detail and novelty of the chapters as for the profound commitment of the contributors to global transformation and a more equal world.’
– Jean Grugel, University of York, UK
Contributors: A. Acosta, A.H. Akram-Lodhi, C. Allami, T. Bastia, M. Bateman, M.L. Bishop, P. Bond, A. Cibils, A.D. Cimadamore, G. Dale, P. De Lombaerde, R. Delgado Wise, G.H. Fagan, B. Fine, S.-m. Khoo, R. Kiely, S. Kingah, R. Lubbock, P. McMichael, C.A. McNally, R. Munck, S. Palestini, G. Pollen, F. Porter, L.L. Rodríguez, S. Schech, L. Smith, A. Tallontire, H. Veltmeyer, J. Van Alstine



1. Development and Social Change: A Genealogy for an Era of Complexity
Ronaldo Munck

Part I Economic Aspects
2. Towards An Ecology of Development
Philip McMichael

3. Development and Imperialism: Rethinking Old Concepts for a New Age
Rowan Lubbock

4. Development and the private sector: the challenge of extractives-led development in Uganda
Laura Smith, Anne Tallontire and James Van Alstine

5. Financialization and Development: Issues and Perspectives
Cecilia Allami and Alan Cibils

6. Development and Regionalism
Philippe De Lombaerde, Stephen Kingah, Liliana Lizarazo Rodríguez and Stefano Palestini

7. Small Loans, Big Problems: The Rise and Fall of Microcredit as Development Policy
Milford Bateman

8. ‘A rising tide lifts us all; don’t rock the boat!’: Economic growth and the legitimation of inequality
Gareth Dale

Part II: Political Aspects
9. Developing democracy, democratizing development: a backlash against hegemonic norms and practice?
Matthew Louis Bishop

10. Development NGOs, civil society and social change
Su-ming Khoo

11. The Developmental State Paradigm in the age of financialization
Ben Fine and Gabriel Pollen

12. Development and Social Change in Latin America
Raúl Delgado Wise and Henry Veltmeyer

13. Development in Africa as the global commodity super-cycle ends: African uprisings during and after ‘Africa Rising’
Patrick Bond

14. Tracing the Emergence of Sino-Capitalism: Social Change and Development in Contemporary China
Christopher A. McNally

15. Culture and Development: Contemporary Debates and Practices
Susanne Schech

Part III: Social Aspects
16. The Migration–Development Nexus: Current Challenges and Future Research Agenda
Tanja Bastia

17. Requiem for the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach?
A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi

18. Development and Inequality: A Critical Analysis
Ray Kiely

19. Water and a Fluid International Development Agenda
G. Honor Fagan

20. Gender equality and the discursive landscape of non-governmental action in development: the inevitable failure of international NGOs to represent the interests of women?
Fenella Porter

21. Development and Poverty in the twenty-first Century: A challenge for research and social transformation
Alberto D. Cimadamore

22. From the Ghost of Development to Buen Vivir (Living Well): Building Utopias
Alberto Acosta


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