Handbook on Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development


Handbook on Teaching and Learning for Sustainable Development

9781035309061 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Walter Leal Filho, Professor and Head of the Research and Transfer Centre “Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management”, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany and Professor of Environment and Technology, Department of Natural Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Amanda Lange Salvia, Research Associate, Graduate Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Passo Fundo, Brazil and Fernanda Frankenberger, Professor of the Business School, Pontifical Catholic University PUCPR and Universidade Positivo – UP, Brazil
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 03530 906 1 Extent: 512 pp
Exploring the important role of education in both pursuing and implementing sustainable development, this timely Handbook highlights how teaching methods at schools and universities can impact the future. It looks at ways not only to inform students about matters related to sustainable development, but also to empower them to adopt behaviours and actions that lead to more sustainable lifestyles.

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Exploring the important role of education in both pursuing and implementing sustainable development, this timely Handbook highlights how teaching methods at schools and universities can impact the future. It looks at ways not only to inform students about matters related to sustainable development, but also to empower them to adopt behaviours and actions that lead to more sustainable lifestyles.
Chapters from an international team of contributors present and analyse experiences of different learning processes and methods, showcasing the impact of curriculum-related issues and teacher training. Using different pedagogical approaches, case studies and interdisciplinary initiatives, the Handbook explores a broad range of technological approaches and tools to foster better teaching and learning for sustainable development. It provides key insights into the implementation of teaching initiatives in helping to promote sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
This Handbook will be crucial reading for those investigating curriculum policies and issues, and looking to enhance students’ understanding of sustainability in schools and universities.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is a Handbook that focuses on two key aspects of our daily lives: sustainability and education. They are presented in a way which develops a sense of internalisation and ownership as the ever-increasing links between the two aspects are fleshed out. The Handbook is well organised and utilises a diverse array of case studies from different regions and continents and a tapestry of different methodologies. This adds to the richness of the work, as it manages to engage the reader with a pragmatic approach to re-orient existing educational practices towards sustainability. The Handbook is a welcome addition to the growing literature on sustainability and education, and offers more than just a glimmer of hope that sustainability can be achieved through education – it offers an actual path.’
– Mark Mifsud, University of Malta

‘Walter Leal Filho and his team have been tireless advocates for the power of education to advance the UN sustainable development goals. Now, at a time when the world needs fresh ideas for sustainability as it never has before, this book provides a resource that should be used across the globe.’
– Eric Pallant, Allegheny College, US
Contributors: Jessica K. Abbonizio, María Fernanda Acosta Altamirano, Cahyono Agus, Francesca Allievi, María Alló, Bruno Neves Amado, Erika Gabriela Araujo Pérez, Katherine Cilae Benedict, María Olga Bernaldo, Joannette J. (Annette) Bos, Gert-Olof Boström, Diane Boyd, Sharon Bramwell-Lalor,Pita Asih Bekti Cahyanti, Bento Cavadas, Sharon Coen, Loraine D. Cook, Marina Alves Novaes e Cruz, Everton Cummings, Ann Dale, Monica Dantas, Javiera Eskuche, Therese Ferguson, Ana Fernández, Gonzalo Fernández-Sánchez, Sergio Luiz Braga França, Fernanda Frankenberger, Anke Franz, Leonardo Esteves de Freitas, Carmen Gago-Cortés, Edmundo Gallo, Esther García-González, Genilson Geraldo, Sherif Goubran, Paula Guarda-Saavedra, Nur Aini Iswati Hasanah, Susie S.Y. Ho, Ian Hocking, João Luiz de Moraes Hoeffel, Carol Hordatt Gentles, Jean Hugé, R. Bruce Hull, Dzintra Iliško, Usha Iyer-Raniga, Aqmal Nur Jihad, Rocío Jiménez-Fontana, Karishma Kashyap, Hock Lye Koh, Walter Leal Filho, Hilary Leighton, Gilson Brito Alves Lima, Elisabete Linhares, Ángeles Longarela-Ares, Nicholas Van-Erven Ludolf, Claudia Mac-lean, Cecilia Maria Marafelli, Ana Claudia Campuzano Martinez, Sonia Massari, Naomi McLeod, Marcelo Jasmim Meiriño, Michael Mortimer, Estefanía Mourelle, Antonio Navarrete, Dennis Nigbur, Michael-Anne Noble, Isabella Arlochi de Oliveira, Daniel Otto, Stathi Paxinos, Marli Dias de Souza Pinto, Sinikka Pöllänen, Rudi W. Pretorius, Osvaldo Luiz Gonçalves Quelhas, Francesca Recanati, David P. Robertson, Carmel Roofe, Maria Inês Rocha de Sá, Amanda Lange Salvia, Luan Santos, Sonia Regina da Cal Seixas,
Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, Victória Fernandes da Silva, Wendy Stubbs, Muhammad Sulaiman, Suratman, Aldrin E. Sweeney, Verónica Gabriela Tacuri Albarracín, Su Yean Teh, Canute Thompson, Niina Väänänen, Rodrigo Vargas-Gaete, Madhavi Venkatesan, Isabella Villanueva, Nadra Wagdy, Diana Watts, Katarina Winka, Katarzyna Wolanik Boström, Luís Perez Zotes

Preface xii
Introduction to the Handbook on Teaching and Learning for
Sustainable Development 1
Walter Leal Filho and Amanda Lange Salvia

1 International service-learning
as a driver for sustainability competencies
development 10
María Olga Bernaldo and Gonzalo Fernández-Sánchez
2 Information science and informational sustainability: a discipline in construction 29
Marli Dias de Souza Pinto and Genilson Geraldo
3 Insights into early childhood students’ interconnected learning in relation
to education for sustainability through creative approaches and hermeneutics
in higher education 41
Diane Boyd and Naomi McLeod
4 ‘Bad Plastics – Oceans Free of Plastic’: the role of education 62
Elisabete Linhares and Bento Cavadas
5 Sustainable higher education institutions: promoting a holistic approach 75
Usha Iyer-Raniga
and Karishma Kashyap
6 Student-led
sustainability actions at Latin American universities: a case study
from Chile 93
Claudia Mac-lean,
Isabella Villanueva and Jean Hug.
7 Understanding recycling behavior in the university: a case study from
Southern Chile 109
Rodrigo Vargas-Gaete,
Paula Guarda-Saavedra
and Javiera Eskuche
8 Sustainability in Finnish craft education: United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda as a frame for an overview 121
Niina Väänänen and Sinikka Pöllönen
9 Infusing education for sustainable development (ESD) into curricula:
teacher educators’ experiences within the School of Education at
The University of the West Indies, Jamaica 133
Carmel Roofe, Therese Ferguson, Carol Hordatt Gentles,
Sharon Bramwell-Lalor,
Loraine D. Cook, Aldrin E. Sweeney,
Canute Thompson and Everton Cummings
10 Teaching leadership skills to sustainability professionals 152
R. Bruce Hull, David P. Robertson, and Michael Mortimer
11 Sustainability goals, mental health and violence: convergent dialogues in
research and higher education 163
Sonia Regina da Cal Seixas and João Luiz de Moraes Hoeffel
12 The Sustainable Development Goals in the context of university
extension projects: the Brazilian case of the Federal University of
Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) 179
Luan Santos, Victória Fernandes da Silva, Isabella Arlochi de Oliveira and
Bruno Neves Amado
13 Teachers’ training as a way of increasing sustainable traditional livelihoods
in the coastal region of Paraty, Brazil 196
Marina Alves Novaes e Cruz, Ana Claudia Campuzano Martinez,
Cecilia Maria Marafelli, Katherine Cilae Benedict, Maria Inês Rocha de S.,
Leonardo Esteves de Freitas and Edmundo Gallo
14 Field notes: teaching sustainable business to environmental scientists 208
Diana Watts

15 Innovations in curriculum and pedagogy in education for
sustainable development 219
Hock Lye Koh and Su Yean Teh
16 Digital storytelling as OER-enabled
pedagogy: sustainable teaching in a
digital world 238
Daniel Otto
17 Addressing the SDGs through an integrated model of
collaborative education 252
Wendy Stubbs, Susie S.Y. Ho, Jessica K. Abbonizio, Stathi Paxinos and
Joannette J. (Annette) Bos
18 Measuring transformative learning for sustainability in higher education:
application of an augmented Learning Activities Survey 272
Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
19 The need to build the concept of environment within the framework of
the Sustainable Development Goals 290
Rocío Jiménez-Fontana,
Esther García-González
and Antonio Navarrete
20 Interdisciplinary training for the transformation of teaching in the context
of sustainability 306
Osvaldo Luiz Gonçalves Quelhas, Sergio Luiz Braga França,
Marcelo Jasmim Meiriño, Gilson Brito Alves Lima, Luís Perez Zotes and
Nicholas Van-Erven
21 Extra-curricular
activities as a way of teaching sustainability 323
Boström, Katarina Winka and Katarzyna Wolanik Boström
22 Fostering empathy towards effective sustainability teaching: from the Food
Sustainability Index educational toolkit to a new pedagogical model 335
Sonia Massari, Francesca Allievi and Francesca Recanati
23 Making economics relevant: incorporating sustainability 350
Madhavi Venkatesan
24 Towards sustainability as a frame of mind in higher education: thinking
about sustainability rhizomatically 366
Dzintra Iliško
25 Implementing a green co-learning
center to support sustainable
campus development 376
Cahyono Agus, Nur Aini Iswati Hasanah, Aqmal Nur Jihad,
Pita Asih Bekti Cahyanti, Muhammad Sulaiman, and Suratman
26 An exploration of interdisciplinary settings as intellectual spaces for
sustainability in higher education 389
Rudi W. Pretorius
27 Stepping toward a sense of place: a choreography of natural and
social science 406
Noble, Hilary Leighton and Ann Dale
28 Preserving sustainability: activating the ecological university through
collective food practice 418
Monica Dantas, Sherif Goubran and Nadra Wagdy
29 Taday’s agrofestive calendar – Ecuador: a methodology for creating a
sustainability experience with a dialogue of knowledge approach 435
María Fernanda Acosta Altamirano, Verónica Gabriela Tacuri Albarracín
and Erika Gabriela Araujo P.rez
30 Free online spaces for learning and awareness in the sustainability field:
the Universidade da Coruña (Spain) project 445
María Alló, Carmen Gago-Cortés,
Ángeles Longarela-Ares
Estefanía Mourelle
31 Sustainability in the workplace and the theory of planned behaviour:
norms and identity predict environmentally friendly intentions 462
Dennis Nigbur, Ana Fernández, Sharon Coen, Anke Franz and Ian Hocking
32 Challenges in sustainability teaching 473
Walter Leal Filho

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