Handbook on the Politics of Public Administration


Handbook on the Politics of Public Administration

9781839109430 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Andreas Ladner, formerly IDHEAP, University of Lausanne and Fritz Sager, Professor of Political Science, KPM Center for Public Management, University of Bern, Switzerland
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 943 0 Extent: 444 pp
This innovative Handbook puts the politics of public administration at the forefront, providing comprehensive insights and comparative perspectives of the different aspects of the field.

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This innovative Handbook puts the politics of public administration at the forefront, providing comprehensive insights and comparative perspectives of the different aspects of the field.

Revealing the power configurations in different institutional settings, this Handbook considers the general influence of administration on political decisions and the subsequent consequences of its involvement. An impressive array of contributors discuss how public administrations can differ between countries and to what extent their characteristics are influenced by political values and preferences. More specifically, chapters address the structure and political function of the administration and its performance in countries including the USA, France, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Addressing the plethora of normative, empirical, and analytical questions surrounding the politics of public administration, this Handbook will be an invaluable read for scholars of public administration and political science. It will also be an essential reference point for all students and practitioners of political theory and management.

Critical Acclaim
‘This commendable collection is notable for a comprehensive exploration of most significant dimensions of politics and public administration. The dual focus of public administration in politics and the politics of public administration provides an effective structure for the book. The book will be an essential source for debates in this field and stimulate further research.’
– John Halligan, University of Canberra, Australia

‘This impressive volume brings together a constellation of international public administration experts. They address the notion that public servants are participants in a political/administrative process through an analysis of country and cross-cutting themed chapters. Written from an avowedly political perspective, the book’s stance is that in countries of different political and ideological contexts legitimation of public administration and its bearing on political power, occurs through the role that state officials play as part of a complex system of checks and balances.’
– Andrew Massey, King''s College London, UK
Contributors: John R. Bartle, Alexander Bastianen, Tomas Bergström, Peter Bieri, Jörg Bogumil, Geert Bouckaert, Paul Cairney, Tom Christensen, Nissim Cohen, Anita Dhillon, Gerrit S.A. Dijkstra, Falk Ebinger, Jörn Ege, Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans, Markus Hinterleitner, Thurid Hustedt, Tobin Im, Karin Ingold, Tim Jäkel, Masao Kikuchi, Sabine Kuhlmann, Andreas Ladner, Per Lægreid, G. Zhiyong Lan, Kwang-Hoon Lee, Andreas Lienhard, Anna Malandrino, Céline Mavrot, Kenneth J. Meier, Tobias Mettler, Oliver Meza, Donald Moynihan, Joshua Newman, Valérie Pattyn, John Polga-Hecimovich, Jos C.N. Raadschelders, Dovilė Rimkutė, Adrian Ritz, Christian Rosser, Fritz Sager, Daniela Schädeli, Thomas Schillemans, Caroline Schlaufer, Eva Sørensen, Jeroen van der Heijden, Frits van der Meer, Wouter van Dooren, J.J. Woo, Srinivas Yerramsetti

1 The politics of public administration 2
Andreas Ladner, Fritz Sager and Alexander Bastianen

2 The evolution of bureaucracy as political actor: from instrument for
power, via iron cage, to container and guardian of democracy 13
Jos C. N. Raadschelders
3 The politics of the politics-administration dichotomy 24
Fritz Sager and Christian Rosser
4 Taking stock: New Public Management (NPM) and post-NPM reforms
– trends and challenges 38
Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid
5 The politics of new public governance 50
Eva Sørensen
6 The politics of decentralization 59
Andreas Ladner
7 International public administration and politics 70
Jörn Ege
8 Politics, public administration and evidence-based policy 82
Joshua Newman
9 Ministerial advisory systems and politics 93
Thurid Hustedt
10 The politics of policy implementation: a reassessment in more conflictual times 102
Fritz Sager and Markus Hinterleitner
11 The politics of administrative burden 114
Donald Moynihan
12 The politics of administrative reforms 125
Jörg Bogumil and Sabine Kuhlmann
13 Public management and politics: oxymoron or new political paradigm
for the state sector? 138
Geert Bouckaert

14 The politics of bureaucratic organizations 150
Adrian Ritz and Daniela Schädeli
15 The politics of regulation: mapping half a century of debates (1970–2020) 161
Jeroen van der Heijden
16 The role of constitutional and administrative law in the politics of
public administration 173
Andreas Lienhard, Peter Bieri and Anna Malandrino
17 The politics of public finance 187
John R. Bartle
18 The politics of staffing 199
Frits M. van der Meer and Gerrit S. A. Dijkstra
19 The politics of public administration in policy-making 210
Karin Ingold and Paul Cairney
20 The politics of performance management 220
Wouter van Dooren
21 The politics of accountability 230
Thomas Schillemans
22 The politics of evaluation 243
Céline Mavrot and Valérie Pattyn
23 Reputation and bureaucratic politics 255
Dovilė Rimkutė
24 The politics of digital government 266
Tobias Mettler

25 The politics of public administration in the USA: the role of structural
fragmentation, professionalization and path dependence 276
Kenneth J. Meier and Anita Dhillon
26 France: under the rule of a contested politico-administrative elite whose
legitimacy erodes 288
Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans
27 Germany: still a politicized, but meritocratic bureaucracy? 302
Falk Ebinger
28 The relationship between politics and public administration in Sweden:
an archetypical welfare state 312
Tomas Bergström
29 Switzerland: the politics of PA in a multi-party semi-direct consensus
Democracy 320
Andreas Ladner and Fritz Sager
30 The politics of public administration in the Russian Federation 330
Caroline Schlaufer and Tim Jäkel
31 Public administration in China: a politics-administration relation perspective 341
G. Zhiyong Lan
32 Singapore: administrative city-state 350
J. J. Woo
33 Non-governability and lack of reform: politics and public
administration in Israel 360
Nissim Cohen
34 Mexico: a public administration under fire 369
Oliver Meza
35 Divergent paths of (de-)politicization: the Colombian and Venezuelan
public administrations 380
John Polga-Hecimovich
36 The dynamic relationship between public administration and politics in
Korea: actor and institutional perspectives 393
Tobin Im and Kwang-Hoon Lee
37 The politics of public administration in Japan 401
Masao Kikuchi
38 The politics of public administration in twenty-first century India 409
Srinivas Yerramsetti

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