Handbook on the Sustainable Supply Chain


Handbook on the Sustainable Supply Chain

9781786434265 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Joseph Sarkis, Foisie Business School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, US
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 426 5 Extent: 616 pp
Supply chain management has long been a feature of industry and commerce but, with increasing demands from consumers, producers are spending more time and money investing in ways to make supply chains more sustainable. This exemplary Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive overview of current research on sustainable supply chain management.

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Supply chain management has long been a feature of industry and commerce but, with increasing demands from consumers, producers are spending more time and money investing in ways to make supply chains more sustainable. This exemplary Handbook provides readers with a comprehensive overview of current research on sustainable supply chain management.

Multi-disciplinary in scope, the Handbook includes contributions from over 70 expert authors from a variety of areas including management, engineering, accounting, policy studies, innovation, and marketing. Chapters analyze the three core areas of sustainable supply chain management: environmental, economic, and social. The Handbook explores broad themes such as globalization and general organization strategies as well as examining more specific topics including particular industries, social and regulatory dimensions, and technological advances.

Scholars and advanced business and management students will greatly benefit from the depth of analysis in this Handbook as well as the suggestions for directions for future research and practice. Written in an accessible style, it is also ideal for practitioners and government agencies seeking solutions to practical issues regarding sustainable supply chain management.
Critical Acclaim
‘Wide-ranging in scope, this book enables key experts from around the world to update many established areas and explore exciting new directions. In many chapters, multiple theories are integrated to better structure our field’s current thinking: for example, on such topics as the diffusion of sustainable supply chain practices and the measurement of sustainable performance. Just as important, leading researchers explore the intersection of supply chain management with such fast-evolving topics as strategic ambidexterity, social networks, base-of-the-pyramid, and social enterprises. Overall, an excellent resource for both scholars and advanced students!’
– Robert D. Klassen, Western University, Canada
Contributors: A.Y. Alqahtani, M.A. Ateş, S.G. Azevedo, C. Bai, P. Beske-Janssen, C. Brix-Asala, L.M.S. Campos, V. Carbone, L. Carmagnac, H. Carvalho, H.K. Chan, H.S.Y. Chen, T.C.E. Cheng, S.K. Cho, J. Dai, N. Darnall, L. Ellram, B. Fahimnia, Y. Feng, S. Goodarzi, D.B. Grant, J.H. Grimm, C. Groening, S.M. Gupta, A. Gurtu, I. Haavisto, Á. Halldórsson, J.S. Hofstetter, J. Hou, J. Hu, S. Hudson, S.E. Ibrahim, C.J.C. Jabbour, M.Y. Jaber, A.D. Joshi, A. Jug, R.U. Khalid, G. Kovács, K.-h. Lai, S. Liedke, J.J. Lim, M.K. Lim, J. Liu, A.B. Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, E. Marsillac, L. Meade, S.A. Melnyk, V. Moatti, A. Presley, J. Rezaei, Y. Sadaat, J. Sarkis, S. Schaltegger, D.G. Schniederjans, C. Searcy, S. Seuring, S. Shaw, R. Sroufe, C. Sundgren, K.H. Tan, W. Tate, M.-L. Tseng, M. Varsei, D.A. Vazquez-Brust, A. Vilmar, J. Wehner, E.W. Welch, M.G. Yalcin, A.Z. Zeng, F. Zeng, Q. Zhu, Q. Zhu

1. The Handbook on Sustainable Supply Chains: An Introduction
Joseph Sarkis

2. Sustainability in the Globalization Era
Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim

3. The Circular Economy and Green Supply Chain Management
Junjun Liu, Qinghua Zhu and Yunting Feng

4. Diffusion of SSCM: where are we now and where are we going?
Liliane Carmagnac, Valentina Carbone and Valérie Moatti

5. The Link Between Operations Strategy and Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Melek Akın Ateş

6. Collaboration and Coordination in Sustainable Supply Chains
Amy Z. Zeng and Jing Hou

7. Fundamentals of human resource management for environmentally-sustainable supply chains
Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour

8. Building the business case for sustainable supply chains
Laura Meade and Adrien Presley

9. Sustainable supplier selection: A process view
Jafar Rezaei

10. The Interplay of Green Marketing and Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Jing Dai, Hing Kai Chan, Jia Jia Lim, Fangli Zeng

11. Consumers’ Role in the Green Supply Chain
Christopher Groening and Qingyun Zhu

12. Sustainable Service Supply Chains
Helen S. Y. Chen, Kee-hung Lai and T. C. E. Cheng

13. Ambidexterity and Sustainable Supply Chains
Dara G. Schniederjans and Mehmet G. Yalcin

14. Reverse Supply Chains and Product Design
Ammar Y. Alqahtani, Aditi D. Joshi and Surendra M. Gupta

15. Sustainable Supply Chain Design
Mohsen Varsei

16. Lean and Green Supply Chains
Susana G. Azevedo and Helena Carvalho

17. Mapping Lean Manufacturing Practices and Green Manufacturing Practices in Supply Chains
Diego A. Vazquez-Brust and Lucila M. S. Campos

18. The Critical Relationship: Sustainability and Performance Measurement Management
Robert Sroufe and Steven A. Melnyk

19. Performance Measurement in Sustainable Supply Chain Management – Linking Research and Practice
Philip Beske-Janssen, Stefan Schaltegger and Sonja Liedke

20. Environmental or Sustainable Supply Chain Performance Measurement Standards and Certifications
David B. Grant and Sarah Shaw

21. Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Carbon Emissions
Shadi Goodarzi, Behnam Fahimnia and Joseph Sarkis

22. Sustainability in Logistics
Erika Marsillac and Sarah Hudson

23. Transportation and Sustainable Supply Chains
Amulya Gurtu, Cory Searcy and Mohammed Y. Jaber

24. Big Data Application in Sustainable Supply Chains: A Transportation Industry Case
Jiayao Hu, Ming K Lim, Kim Hua Tan and Ming-Lang Tseng

25. Sustainable Supply Chains and Energy: Where “planet” meets “profit”
Árni Halldórsson, Caroline Sundgren and Jessica Wehner

26. Sustainable Supply Chains and Social Networks: An Overview
Wendy L. Tate and Lisa M. Ellram

27. A Framework for Managing Social Issues in Supply Chains
Sadaat Ali Yawar and Stefan Seuring

28. Sustainable Supplier Management in a Base of the Pyramid Environment
Carolin Brix-Asala, Arne Vilmar, Raja Usman Khalid and Stefan Seuring

29. Sustainability in humanitarian supply chains
Ira Haavisto and Gyöngyi Kovács

30. Sustainable Supply Chains and Regulatory Policy
Nicole Darnall, Eric W. Welch and Seong K. Cho

31. Multi-Tier Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Joerg S. Hofstetter and Jörg H. Grimm

32. Green Supplier Development: A Review and Analysis
Chunguang Bai and Joseph Sarkis

33. The Role of Social Enterprises in Sustainable Supply Chains
Ales Jug


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