Handbook on Tourism, Public Health and Wellbeing


Handbook on Tourism, Public Health and Wellbeing

9781800378292 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Robin Nunkoo, Professor of Sustainable Tourism and Research Methods, Department of Management, University of Mauritius, Mauritius, Jun Wen, Lecturer of Tourism, School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University, Australia and Metin Kozak, Professor of Tourism, School of Communication, Kadir Has University, Turkey
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 829 2 Extent: 312 pp
In a time of rapid change for travel-related health interventions, this timely Handbook offers critical insights into the interrelationship between tourism, public health, and the wellbeing of local communities and tourists. Written with a global audience in mind, it features cutting-edge interdisciplinary research conducted by leading academics in tourism, public health, wellbeing, and social welfare.

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In a time of rapid change for travel-related health interventions, this timely Handbook offers critical insights into the interrelationship between tourism, public health, and the wellbeing of local communities and tourists. Written with a global audience in mind, it features cutting-edge interdisciplinary research conducted by leading academics in tourism, public health, wellbeing, and social welfare.

Investigating the nexus between tourism and public health in an era of globalisation, tourism growth and COVID-19, this incisive Handbook rethinks the role of tourism in contemporary society. Chapters explore issues from medical tourism, spiritual health, and sustainability to wellness, social development, and disease outbreaks, providing key insights that will assist diverse stakeholders to better navigate this uniquely challenging time in travel and health promotion. The Handbook addresses the growing risks of international travel and considers how the tourism industry might evolve in the wake of COVID-19 and other crises afflicting modern society.

Cross-disciplinary in scope, this dynamic Handbook makes a crucial contribution to the literature on the consequences of tourism for public health. Its novel analyses of topics related to tourism, public health, wellbeing, and social welfare will be of significant benefit to tourism stakeholders, healthcare practitioners and policymakers.
Critical Acclaim
‘The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked crises in public health and international travel. As the pandemic continues, it is refreshing to see cross-disciplinary work from experts in tourism and public health. This book assumes a tourism-oriented perspective to ponder the travel industry’s role in general wellbeing. The chapters rectify several knowledge gaps between tourism and medical science to encourage stakeholders to explore how travel engagement can shape health promotion and disease prevention.’
– Haifeng Hou, Shandong First Medical University and Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences, China

‘This book addresses the nexus between tourism and public health/wellbeing to reframe tourism’s role in modern society. The 17 chapters constitute a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners. This volume exemplifies the promise of integrating tourism and public health to enhance individuals’ wellbeing. This book should prove especially useful for readers seeking to better understand and engage with these industries. The chapters especially underline the need for additional interdisciplinary studies in consumer behaviour, tourism marketing, health care marketing. I highly recommend this book!’
– Haizhong Wang, Sun Yat-sen University, China

‘This thought-provoking book provides an up-to-date synthesis of key thinking on the field of tourism, health and wellbeing. Applying multidisciplinary perspectives, the authors systematically discuss the challenges and opportunities that tourism may bring to health and wellbeing after the pandemic. This is a must-read book for researchers, students and practitioners interested in tourism, destination management, public health, and wellbeing.’
– Danni Zheng, Fudan University, China

‘This book is a timely contribution to tourism recovery and advances the body of knowledge by cleverly highlighting the inter-relationships between tourism, health and wellbeing. In a pandemic era where COVID-19 does not discriminate its spread, tourism and hospitality will see tourists moving towards a trajectory of pursuing more health-related services in their hedonistic consumption. This thought-provoking book is the first to examine the role of health and wellbeing in tourism in a pandemic-induced environment and lays a pioneering foundation for future research promoting tourism wellbeing and health for future generations of researchers and tourists.’
– Edmund Goh, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Contributors: Tamara Saura Acosta, Zeki Akinci, Orhan Akova, Wiesław Alejziak, Barbara Antonucci, Reena Bhattu Babajee, Anna Bialk-Wolf, Carmen Bizzarri, Ana Maria Caldeira, Fabio Carbone, Bushra Choudhary, Triantafyllos Falaras, Mahdieh Shahrabi Farahani, Sheereen Fauzel, Pedro Fernandes da Anunciação, Alan Fyall, Konstantinos Giannopoulos, Maksim Godovykh, Mahendra Gooroochurn, M-Annick Lamy-Giner, Hiu Yan Lee, Kevin Yin Kiu Leung, Jeevita Matadeen, Charalampos Papoutsakis, Georgia Paraskevopoulou, Mafalda Patuleia, Antonio Juan Briones Peñalver, Andreia Pereira, Abraham Pizam, Abdul Qadir, Christina Sofia Rachanioti, Narvada Gopy Ramdhany, Cláudia Seabra, Boopen Seetanah, Maria João Silveira, Donatella Strangio, Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur, Zehra Saltik, Paris A. Tsartas, Gülseren Yurcu


Foreword xiv
1 Rethinking the role of tourism in modern society through the
lenses of the public and general wellbeing 1
Jun Wen, Robin Nunkoo and Metin Kozak
2 The relationship between public health and medical tourism 15
Anna Białk-Wolf
3 Mobility tourism as a guarantee for health, wellbeing and
sustainability 36
António Juan Briones-Peñalver, Pedro Fernandes da Anunciação
and Tamara Saura Acosta
4 An assessment of health as a soft infrastructure for tourism:
a case study of Mauritius 56
Boopen Seetanah, Narvada Gopy-Ramdhany and Reena Bhattu Babajee
5 Engineering resilience, circularity and healthfulness in the
tourism industry 66
Mahendra Gooroochurn
6 Social thermalism and relaunch projects in the name of
wellness tourism 82
Carmen Bizzarri and Donatella Strangio
7 Tourism and spirituality: building the tourism of the future 96
Fabio Carbone, Barbara Antonucci, Maria João Silveira, Mahdieh
Shahrabi and Mafalda Patuleia
8 Recovering from public health crises: lessons from Hong
Kong’s tourism and hospitality industry 106
Hiu Yan Lee and Kevin Yin Kiu Leung
9 Positive health impacts of tourism 123
Maksim Godovykh, Alan Fyall and Abraham Pizam
10 Respoguide: integrating sustainability and wellbeing in
tourism through an innovative platform 138
Paris Tsartas, Triantafyllos Falaras, Konstantinos Giannopoulos,
Charalampos Papoutsakis, Georgia Paraskevopoulou and Christina
Sofia Rachanioti
11 Tourism and social development: the case of Africa 149
Sheereen Fauzel, Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur and Jeevita Matadeen
12 Public health and wellbeing in tourism policy: myths and reality 170
Wieslaw Alejziak
13 Tourism as a promoter of social welfare 204
Zehra Saltık and Orhan Akova
14 Tourist behaviour during disease outbreaks 221
Bushra Choudhary and Abdul Qadir
15 Tourist behavior during disease outbreaks and wellbeing 234
Gülseren Yurcu and Zeki Akıncı
16 Past health crises and resilience in tourism: looking to
a post-COVID-19 future 252
Andreia Pereira, Cláudia Seabra and Ana Caldeira
17 COVID-19 and tourism development: an Indian Ocean island
perspective 267
Verena Tandrayen-Ragoobur, Marie-Annick Lamy-Giner and
Sheereen Fauzel

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