Handbook on Trade and Development


Handbook on Trade and Development

9781781005309 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Oliver Morrissey, Professor in Development Economics, School of Economics, University of Nottingham, UK, Ricardo A. López, Assistant Professor of Economics, International Business School, Brandeis University, US and Kishor Sharma, Professor, School of Business, Charles Darwin University, Australia
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78100 530 9 Extent: 480 pp
This Handbook comprehensively explores the complex relationships between trade and economic performance in developing countries. Insightful chapters cover issues such as trade, growth and poverty reduction; trade costs, facilitation and preferences; sub-Saharan Africa’s reliance on trade in primary commodities, informal cross-border trade, agglomeration and firm exporting; imported technology, exchange rates and the impact of firm exporting; the increasing importance of China in world trade and links between FDI and trade. This Handbook provides an essential overview of trade issues facing developing countries.

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This timely Handbook comprehensively explores the complex relationships between trade and economic performance in developing countries, illustrating that it is not trade per se that is important but the context, at the firm, country and regional level, in which trade occurs.

The Handbook on Trade and Development provides a review of the current understanding of major trade issues facing developing countries through considering specific region or country case studies. Broad topics are covered including trade costs and facilitation; trade preferences; trade and firm performance; and child labour. Chapters on sub-Saharan Africa cover primary commodities, informal cross-border trade, agglomeration and regional integration. Chapters on Latin America include the role of imported technology; exchange rates; export diversification; FDI; and firm exporting. Chapters on East Asia cover the increasing importance of China in world trade and links between trade and environment, labour markets and FDI.

This discerning work will be an indispensable reference point for academics, researchers and students of development economics. The broad range of topics covered will provide a useful insight for practitioners and policy makers into the nuances of the complex relationship between trade and the economy in developing regions.
Critical Acclaim
‘This innovative volume, with contributions from well-established and newer authors in the field, offers important contemporary insights on various issues in trade and development. It comprises both updated reviews on classic issues in the field; important contributions on newer areas including informal cross border trade, agglomeration and trade facilitation; and insights from firm studies. One important theme explored here is the greater difficulty Sub-Saharan Africa has had in benefiting from trade compared to East Asia and Latin America.’
– Andy McKay, University of Sussex, UK

‘The Handbook, a product of many expert contributions, will serve as a valuable guide for academics, researchers and students of development economics.’
– Journal of Southeast Asian Economies
Contributors: C. Ackah, M.R. Agosin, P-.C. Athukorala, L.D.C. Chancí Arango, X. Cirera, E. Cooke, A.M. Fernandes, E. Ferro, R. Garcia, S. Golub, G. Herath, I.T. Kandilov, A. Leblebicioğlu, G. Leeves, V. Leyaro, R.A. López, P. McConaghy, J. Menon, A. Mold, O. Morrissey, M. Persson, A. Prizzon, K. Sharma, E. Siba, M. Söderbom, T.T.H. Tambunan, F.E. Turkson, A. Voy, A. Waldkirch, W. Wei, J.S. Wilson, J. Zhang, X. Zhang


1. Introduction
Oliver Morrissey, Ricardo A. López and Kishor Sharma

2. Trade, Tariffs, Growth and Poverty
Charles Ackah, Vincent Leyaro and Oliver Morrissey

3. Trade Costs
Festus Ebo Turkson

4. Building the Infrastructure for Trade: Developments in Trade Facilitation and Aid-for-Trade
Esteban Ferro, John S. Wilson and Peter McConaghy

5. Trade Preferences: Schemes and Effects
Xavier Cirera and Edgar Cooke

6. Trade Preferences from a Policy Perspective
Maria Persson

7. Trade and Firm Performance
Ricardo A. López

8. Trade and Child Labour
Annie Voy

9. Enterprise Agglomeration and Firm Performance in sub-Saharan Africa
Eyerusalem Siba and Måns Söderbom

10. Informal Cross Border Trade and Smuggling in Africa
Stephen Golub

11. Integration and Regional Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa
Festus Ebo Turkson

12. Commodity Prices and Export Performance in Sub-Saharan African Countries
Andrew Mold and Annalisa Prizzon

13. Trade Structure and Trade Costs: What makes Sub-Saharan Africa different?
Vincent Leyaro

14. The Rise of Brazil in Global Trade
Raffi Garcia and Ricardo A. López

15. Export Diversification Dynamics in Latin America
Manuel R. Agosin and Luis David Chancí Arango

16. Exchange Rate Volatility and Exports: The Case of Colombia
Ivan T. Kandilov and Asli Leblebicioğlu

17. Imported Technology and Firm Exporting: The Case of Chile
Ana M. Fernandes and Ricardo A. López

18. Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico
Andreas Waldkirch

19. Global Production Sharing, Trade Patterns, and Determinants of Trade Flows: The Role of East Asia
Prema-chandra Athukorala and Jayant Menon

20. Exports and FDI in China
Jing Zhang and Xufei Zhang

21. Trade, Growth and External Shocks in Indonesia
Tulus T.H. Tambunan

22. Trade, Environment and the Labour Market in Malaysia
Gamini Herath and Gareth Leeves

23. Vertical Specialization in Chinese Foreign Trade?
Kishor Sharma and Wang Wei


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