Handbook on Trade Policy and Climate Change


Handbook on Trade Policy and Climate Change

9781839103230 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Michael Jakob, Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) and Ecologic Institute, Berlin, Germany
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 323 0 Extent: 360 pp
This insightful Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments in the academic debate on the numerous and complex linkages between international trade and climate change.

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This insightful Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments in the academic debate on the numerous and complex linkages between international trade and climate change.
Adopting a broad interdisciplinary approach, it brings together perspectives from scholars in economics, political science and legal studies to confront the critical environmental challenges posed by globalization. Initial chapters provide an overview of the key debates related to international trade and climate policy, engaging with empirical data from the US and China to assess the impact of new trade initiatives and policy on greenhouse gas emissions, carbon leakage and the increase of trade in carbon-intensive products. Contributors propose policy options that align international trade with climate change mitigation and address crucial legal and practical implications, including the implementation of Border Carbon Adjustments and international trade disputes.
Offering critical and empirically-based perspectives on the future of international trade policy, this timely Handbook is crucial reading for scholars, researchers and graduate students in political science, public policy and climate research. Policymakers will also benefit from its unique and insightful policy recommendations.
Critical Acclaim
‘In the run up to 2030, all trade policy analysts must become fluent in trade and climate issues. This timely and authoritative book is an excellent place to start digging into climate-linked trade issues ranging from carbon leakage and border tax adjustments to production and consumption-based carbon accounting. Written by leading scholars, the chapters are rigorous and comprehensive while remaining accessible.’
– Richard Baldwin, Graduate Institute, Geneva
Contributors: Stavros Afionis, Max Åhman, Angelo Antoci, Marlene Arens, Fernando Ascensão, Nicolai Baumert, Simone Borghesi, Claire Brunel, Justin Caron, Aaron Cosbey, Jaime de Melo, Susanne Droege, Alecia Evans, Gianluca Iannucci, Michael Jakob, Magnus Jiborn, Astrid Kander, Viktoras Kulionis, Arik Levinson, Aik Hoe Lim, Tom Moerenhout, Alessandro Monti, Maria Panezi, Sanjay Patnaik, Philippe Quirion, Lutz Sager, Marco Sakai, Juan Sesmero, Mauro Sodini, Jean-Marc Solleder, Harro van Asselt, Cleo Verkuijl, Valentin Vogl, Leonie Wenz, Sven Willner

Foreword xiii
Aik Hoe Lim
Preface xiv
1 Introduction to the Handbook on Trade Policy and Climate Change 1
Michael Jakob

2 Trade and climate change: working through the conflicts and synergies 12
Aaron Cosbey
3 Globalization and greenhouse gas emissions: is the United States
a pollution haven? 22
Claire Brunel and Arik Levinson
4 Energy crossroads under China’s Belt and Road Initiative 43
Fernando Ascensão
5 Empirical evidence and projections of carbon leakage: some, but not
too much, probably 58
Justin Caron

6 Free allocation of emission permits to reduce carbon leakage: an
evolutionary approach 76
Angelo Antoci, Simone Borghesi, Gianluca Iannucci and Mauro Sodini
7 Output-based allocation and output-based rebates: a survey 93
Philippe Quirion
8 International cooperation for decarbonizing energy intensive industries:
the case for a Green Materials Club 107
Max Åhman, Marlene Arens and Valentin Vogl
9 The potential of trade sanctions to overcome the small coalition
paradox: a review of the literature 124
Juan Sesmero and Alecia Evans
10 The political economy of emissions trading 144
Sanjay Patnaik

11 How to design border carbon adjustments 162
Susanne Droege and Maria Panezi
12 Using the trade regime to phase out fossil fuel subsidies 179
Harro van Asselt, Tom Moerenhout and Cleo Verkuijl
13 Towards an Environmental Goods Agreement Style (EGAST) agenda
to improve the regime complex for climate change 202
Jaime de Melo and Jean-Marc Solleder
14 International trade disputes on renewable energy 222
Alessandro Monti

15 Production- and consumption-based accounting: an overview of the debate 242
Stavros Afionis and Marco Sakai
16 Technology-adjusted carbon accounting 259
Nicolai Baumert, Magnus Jiborn, Astrid Kander and Viktoras Kulionis
17 Distributional effects of environmental trade measures 275
Lutz Sager
18 Climate impacts and global supply chains: an overview 293
Leonie Wenz and Sven N. Willner
19 Epilogue 320
Michael Jakob

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