How Do I Develop an Agent-Based Model?


How Do I Develop an Agent-Based Model?

9781839105210 Edward Elgar Publishing
Davide Secchi, Associate Professor, Research Centre for Computational and Organizational Cognition, Department of Language and Communication, University of Southern Denmark
Publication Date: April 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 521 0 Extent: c 176 pp

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This clear and coherent book introduces agent-based modelling (ABM) to those who are not familiar with nor have been previously exposed to computational simulation. Featuring examples, cases and models, the book illustrates how ABM can, and should, be considered as a useful approach and technique for the study of management and organisational systems.

Davide Secchi begins by explaining what ABM has to offer as opposed to other techniques, emphasising its suitability to the study of complex social systems. While dissecting the core components of the approach, he introduces key elements and mechanisms with a practice oriented approach rather than insisting solely on logic and theory. With an emphasis on applications and using examples from NetLogo — one of the most widely used agent-based software platforms — the book guides the reader through a step-by-step process on how to develop a computational simulation.

Featuring a hands-on applied approach that makes a difficult topic easy for non-modellers, How Do I Develop an Agent-Based Model? will be a key resource for business and management Masters-level students embarking on a dissertation project. It will also be a useful reference for PhD students in the field, as well as a starting point for academics who would like to begin using ABM in their research.
Critical Acclaim
‘With How Do I Develop an Agent-Based Model? there is finally a suitable textbook that I can recommend to students and prospective researchers in business administration and management who want to apply agent-based modeling.’
– Matthias Meyer, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

‘This book provides a practical introduction to agent-based modeling without ignoring conceptual challenges for the art of management, as well as the equally creative art of modeling at large. Being based on NetLogo, the most user-friendly of all platforms, it does not require pre-existing abilities at writing computer code. Depending on the selection of chapters it can be used in focused courses at either undergraduate, graduate or PhD level.’
– Guido Fioretti, University of Bologna, Italy

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