Innovative Capabilities and the Globalization of Chinese Firms


Innovative Capabilities and the Globalization of Chinese Firms

Becoming Leaders in Knowledge-intensive Innovation Ecosystems

9781786434470 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Maureen McKelvey, Professor, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and Jun Jin, Associate Professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University, China
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78643 447 0 Extent: 256 pp
This book explains how Chinese firms are increasingly developing innovative capabilities and engaging in globalization. It focuses on knowledge-intensive and innovative entrepreneurial firms and multinationals, which already are – or are striving to become – world-leaders in their technologies and markets, and which do so by their use of advanced knowledge for innovation as well as their ability to act globally. The book advances related debates in entrepreneurship, innovation management, economic geography and international business.

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Focusing on knowledge-intensive and innovative entrepreneurial firms and multinationals, this book explains how Chinese firms are increasingly developing innovative capabilities and engaging in globalization. As Chinese firms become world-leaders in their markets and household names internationally, this timely book examines innovation ecosystems and their affect on Chinese firms to act on innovative opportunities.

Cutting-edge chapters advance debates in entrepreneurship, innovation management, economic geography and international business, analysing the co-evolution between the innovation ecosystem and innovation capabilities of Chinese firms. Drawing attention to the interdependencies of globalization, mergers and acquisitions and innovation, leading scholars in Chinese economics and entrepreneurship unpack the role of market capabilities in the development process of innovation and globalization to mark the trajectories of global Chinese firms.

Addressing key themes in Chinese entrepreneurship, this book is crucial reading for scholars and researchers of business and economics, particularly those focusing on innovative capabilities. Its practical insights and empirical findings will also be beneficial to practitioners and policymakers.
Critical Acclaim
‘Maureen McKelvey has succeeded in producing yet another stunning volume, in this instance exploring how Chinese firms are developing capabilities for innovation and globalization. This book, which reflects the perspective of knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems, lifts readers with a critical conceptual leap that makes the transformation of industry understandable.’
– Naubahar Sharif, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

‘Understanding China’s capabilities and ambitions in innovation matters geo-politically as well as economically. China’s innovation systems and the globalization and innovation strategies of its firms are emergent and highly varied. Professors McKelvey and Jin have assembled an insightful collection of chapters, informed by Schumpeterian and evolutionary economics, which help throw light on phenomena that are shaping contemporary global economics and politics.’
– Mark Dodgson, University of Queensland, Australia

‘Given the stunning rise of Chinese firms in global market, people are wondering about how they have been able to learn and build up their innovation and marketing capabilities within a short period of time. This book provides an in-depth answer to this question by conducting a rare firm- and sector-level studies of exemplar Chinese firms from a Schumpeterian perspective involving the concept of industrial dynamics and innovation system. This book is very useful and informative, and provides insightful understanding of the sources of competitiveness of Chinese firms.’
– Keun Lee, Winner of the 2014 Schumpeter Prize, Seoul National University, South Korea

Contributors: V. Amendolagine, C.G. Alvstam, X. Chen, E. Giuliani, M. Guo, A. Heidemann Lassen, V.M. Hunstock, I. Ivarsson, J. Jin, X. Liang, J. Liu, Z. Liu, A. Martinelli, M. McKelvey, R. Rabellotti, X. Shi, Y. Shi, P.V. Søberg, X. Sun, J. Wang, L. Wang, W. Yu, Z. Zhang


1. Introduction to Innovative Capabilities and the Globalization of Chinese Firms
Maureen McKelvey and Jun Jin

2. Becoming Leaders: How the Chinese knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystem affects the firms’ search for innovation
Jun Jin and Maureen McKelvey

3. Evaluation of Science Parks in China through an Innovation Ecosystem Perspective
Xiangdong Chen, Zhichun Liu, Valerie Marleen Hunstock

4. The Influence of Patent Cooperation Network on Growth of Technology-based SMEs: An Example of the Pharmaceutical Industry in China
Liying Wang, Jiamin Wang, and Weijia Yu

5. What enables technological self-reliance? Theoretical Discussion and Comparative Case Study
Xi Sun

6. Chinese Multi-national Enterprises Bridging Technologies Across Home and Host Regions
Vito Amendolagine, Elisa Giuliani, Arianna Martinelli, and Roberta Rabellotti

7. Internationalisation for Technological Capability Building: From Production to Innovation in a Case Study of Goldwind Technology
Ju Liu

8. Technology transfer and the internationalization process of the emerging market firm: A case study of the acquisition of Volvo Car Corporation by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
Claes G. Alvstam and Inge Ivarsson

9. Ideal Types of Reverse Innovation for Firms without Overseas R&D Centers: Case Studies of Chinese Firms
Jun Jin, Min Guo, Maureen McKelvey, Zhengyi Zhang

10. Indigenous Chinese innovation and the influence of global markets
Astrid Heidenmann Lassen

11. A Case Study of the Link between Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Creation in an Emerging Technology in China
Peder Veng Søberg

12. CEVT of Geely: CEVT is a Broker between Geely and Volvo Cars and a Global Facilitator
Jun Jin, Maureen McKelvey, Zhengyi Zhang

13. Fit into Innovation Ecosystems: Case Studies of Huawei and Xiaomi
Xingkun Liang, Xianwei Shi, Yongjiang Shi

14. Conclusions
Maureen McKelvey and Jun Jin


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