International Handbook of Energy Security


International Handbook of Energy Security

9781781007891 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Hugh Dyer, University of Leeds, UK and Maria Julia Trombetta, School of International Studies, University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Publication Date: 2013 ISBN: 978 1 78100 789 1 Extent: 576 pp
This Handbook brings together energy security experts to explore the implications of framing the energy debate in security terms, both in respect of the governance of energy systems and the practices associated with energy security.

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This Handbook brings together energy security experts to explore the implications of framing the energy debate in security terms, both in respect of the governance of energy systems and the practices associated with energy security.

The contributors expertly review and analyse the key aspects and research issues in the emerging field of energy security, test the current state of knowledge, and provide suggestions for reflection and further analysis. This involves providing an account of the multiplicity of discourses and meanings of energy security, and contextualizing them. They also suggest a rewriting of energy security discourses and their representation in purely economic terms.

This volume examines energy security and its conceptual and practical challenges from the perspectives of security of supply, security of demand, environmental change and human security. It will prove essential for students in the fields of global, international and national politics of energy, economics, and society as well as engineering. It will also appeal to policy practitioners and anybody interested in keeping the lights on, avoiding climate change, and providing a secure future for humanity.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook should be consulted by anybody interested in the issue of energy security. It convincingly demonstrates why the provision of energy is such a contentious issue, addressing the complex interaction of economic, social, environmental, technical and political aspects involved. The book is particularly valuable in investigating and highlighting processes in which (inter)national actors apply this variety of aspects in (re)constructing their notion of “energy security”, its particular meaning and the implications thereof. Such understanding of energy security is helpful!’
– Aad F. Correljé, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

‘Energy security has for long been treated as an issue of pure geopolitics. Hugh Dyer and Maria Julia Trombetta aim at broadening energy security debates and extend them to new agendas. Their excellent Handbook offers a fresh perspective on four crucial dimensions: supply, demand, environment and human security. A diverse group of international energy scholars provides for an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of key contemporary energy problems, ranging from an oil producers’ perspectives on energy security to ethical dimensions of renewable energy and climate governance.’
– Andreas Goldthau, Central European University, Hungary
Contributors: J.O. Alabi, G. Bahgat, A.V. Belyi, S.C. Bhattacharyya, A. Boey, C. Brancucci Martínez-Anido, N. Caldes, G. Campbell, A. Cherp, H. Dyer, S. Gaylord, K.J. Hancock, K. Hemmes, J. Jewell, N. Jollands, S.I. Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen, S. La Branche, Y. Lechón, P. Linares, R.D. Lipschutz, D. Mulvaney, C. Okereke, C. Paskal, I.L.G. Pearson, S. Peters, T. Romanova, J. Scheffran, S. Schott, H.R. Stephan, E. Thomson, M.J. Trombetta, J. Vogler, K. Westphal, S. Wood, T. Yusuf, P. Zeniewski

1. The Concept of Energy Security: Broadening, Deepening, Transforming
Hugh Dyer and Maria Julia Trombetta

2. Energy Security and Liberal Democracy: Ideals, Imperatives and Balancing Acts
Steve Wood

3. Framing New Threats: The Internal Security of Gas and Electricity Networks in the European Union
Peter Zeniewski, Carlo Brancucci Martínez-Anido and Ivan L.G. Pearson

4. Resource Conflicts: Energy Worth Fighting For?
Joshua Olaniyi Alabi

5. Global Energy Supply: Scale, Perception and the Return to Geopolitics
Susanne Peters and Kirsten Westphal

6. Securing Energy Supply: Strategic Reserves
Elspeth Thomson and Augustin Boey

7. Securing Energy Supply II: Diversification of Energy Sources and Carriers
Kas Hemmes

8. Energy Security Assessment Framework and Three Case Studies
Aleh Cherp and Jessica Jewell

9. National Energy Strategies of Major Industrialized Countries
Stephan Schott and Graham Campbell

10. Developing World: National Energy Strategies
Sylvia Gaylord and Kathleen J. Hancock

11. Energy Demand: Security for Suppliers?
Tatiana Romanova

12. Oil Producers’ Perspectives on Energy Security
Gawdat Bahgat

13. Energy Security Governance in Light of the Energy Charter Process
Andrei V. Belyi

14. Governance Dimensions of Climate and Energy Security
John Vogler and Hannes R. Stephan

15. Energy, Climate Change and Conflict: Securitization of Migration, Mitigation and Geoengineering
Jürgen Scheffran

16. Environmental Implications of Energy Production
Yolanda Lechón, Natalia Caldés and Pedro Linares

17. Washing Away Energy Security: The Vulnerability of Energy Infrastructure to Environmental Change
Cleo Paskal

18. Paradoxes and Harmony in the Energy-Climate Governance Nexus
Stéphane La Branche

19. Energy Poverty: Access, Health and Welfare
Subhes C. Bhattacharyya

20. Ethical Dimensions of Renewable Energy
Hugh Dyer

21. Low Carbon Development and Energy Security in Africa
Chukwumerije Okereke and Tariya Yusuf

22. The Road not Taken, Round II: Centralized vs. Distributed Energy Strategies and Human Security
Ronnie D. Lipschutz and Dustin Mulvaney

23. Human Security and Energy Security: A Sustainable Energy System as a Public Good
Sylvia I. Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen and Nigel Jollands

24. The Political Economy of Energy Security
Hugh Dyer and Maria Julia Trombetta

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