International Handbook on Ageing and Public Policy


International Handbook on Ageing and Public Policy

9781783474264 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sarah Harper, CBE, Director and Clore Professor of Gerontology and Kate Hamblin, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford, UK with Jaco Hoffman, Kenneth Howse and George Leeson
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78347 426 4 Extent: 528 pp
The International Handbook on Ageing and Public Policy explores the challenges arising from the ageing of populations across the globe for government, policy makers, the private sector and civil society. It examines various national state approaches to welfare provisions for older people, and highlights alternatives based around the voluntary and third-party sector, families and private initiatives. The Handbook is highly relevant for academics interested in this critical issue, and offers important messages for policy makers and practitioners.

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With the collective knowledge of expert contributors in the field, The International Handbook on Ageing and Public Policy explores the challenges arising from the ageing of populations across the globe.

With an expansive look at the topic, this comprehensive Handbook examines various national state approaches to welfare provisions for older people and highlights alternatives based around the voluntary and third-party sector, families and private initiatives. Each of these issues are broken down further and split into six comprehensive sections:

• Context
• Pensions
• Health
• Welfare
• Case Studies
• Policy Innovation and Civil Society

Academics interested in policy challenges for mature societies will find this Handbook a highly relevant reference tool. It also offers an important message for policy makers and practitioners in the field of public policy.
Critical Acclaim
‘International Handbook on Ageing and Public Policy gathers under one cover the collective knowledge of experts in the field who explore challenges arising from ageing populations around the world, and considers national state approaches to welfare for older people and how public and private initiatives work. College-level collections strong in public policies and aging with find this a powerful collection of in-depth articles suitable for framing inquiries and considering social structures.’
– The Midwest Book Review

‘This Handbook on ageing and public policy makes a substantial contribution in bringing together chapters spanning a
breadth of issues in the areas of policy challenges and practitioner perspectives.’
– EE Journal 1848 Social Policy & Administration
Contributors: J. Atanackovic, D.E. Bloom, I. Bode, A. Börsch-Supan, I.L. Bourgeault, R. Canning, B.A. Carnes, L. Carter-Edwards, T. Chen, E. Collom, R. Edlin, A. Elissen, M. Eloundou-Enyegue, M. Erlinghagen, J. Field, V. Galasso, R. Gauld, K. Hank, S. Harper, J. Hoffman, R. Holzmann, K. Howse, J.H. Johnson Jr., M. Kaplan, M. Kautto, H.G. Koenig, D. Lain, R. Lee, G.W. Leeson, E. Leś, Z. Li, P. Lloyd-Sherlock, B.L. Lowell, A. Lusardi, A. Mason, R. McKinnon, A.M. Parnell, P. Profeta, N. Redondo, M. Sánchez, C. Saraceno, K. Spencer-Suarez, M.Tenikue, V. Timonen, F.M. Torres-Gil, S. Vickerstaff, B. Vriehoef, J. Warburton, A. Webb, E. Westerhout

1. Introduction: Conceptualising Social Policy for the Twenty-first-century Demography
Sarah Harper

2. Introduction to Parts I-IV: Perspectives on the Challenges of Population Ageing

3. Drivers of Demographic Change in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries
George W. Leeson

4. A Biodemographic Perspective on Longevity and Ageing
Bruce A. Carnes

5. Migration and Ageing Societies
Sarah Harper

6. On the Mechanical Contributions of Ageing to Global Income Inequality
Parfait M. Eloundou-Enyegue and Michael Tenikue

7. Population Ageing and the Size of the Welfare State
Vincenzo Galasso and Paola Profeta

8. Global Pension Systems
Robert Holzmann

9. The Design and Implementation of Pension Systems in Developing Countries: Issues and Options
David E. Bloom and Roddy McKinnon

10. Understanding Pension Wealth
Zhenyu Li and Anthony Webb

11. Rational Pension Reform
Axel Börsch-Supan

12. National Transfer Accounts and Intergenerational Transfers
Ron Lee and Andy Mason

13. Assessing the Cost Effectiveness of Therapies for Older People
Richard Edlin

14. Population Ageing and Health Care Expenditure Growth
Ed Westerhout

15. Developing Appropriate and Effective Care for People with Chronic Disease
Bert Vrieheof and Arianne Elissen

16. Sustainability and Intergenerational Justice in Age-related Transfers
Kenneth Howse

17. Health and Social Protection Policies for Older People in Latin America
Peter Lloyd-Sherlock

18. Ageing Electorates and Gerontocracy: The Politics of Ageing in a Global World
Fernando M. Torres-Gil and Kimberly Spencer-Suarez

19. Working Beyond Retirement Age: Lessons for Policy
David Lain and Sarah Vickerstaff

20. Families, Older Persons and Care in Contexts of Poverty: the Case of South Africa
Jaco Hoffman

21. Policy and Practitioner Responses to the Challenges of Population Ageing: Introduction
Jaco Hoffman

22. Sustaining the Nordic Welfare Model in the Face of Population Ageing
Virpi Timonen and Mikko Kautto

23. Kinship Solidarity in Southern Europe
Chiara Saraceno

24. Ageing and Social Policy in Australia
Jeni Warburton

25. The Pension System in China: An Overview
Taichang Chen

26. How Technology is Re-shaping the Processes of Providing Health Care for Ageing Populations
Robin Gauld

27. Ageing and Care Giving in America: the Immigrant Workforce
B. Lindsay Lowell

28. Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Programme
Ivy Lynn Bourgeault and Jelena Atanackovic

29. Intergenerational Programmes and Policies in Aging Societies
Matthew Kaplan and Mariano Sánchez

30. Population Ageing and Private Sector Provision: the Case of Dependent Older Women in Latin America
Nélida Redondo

31. Demographic Change and the Role of Older People in the Voluntary Sector
Karsten Hank and Marcel Erlinghagen

32. The Third Sector as a Provider of Services for Older People
Ewa Leś

33. State-third Sector Partnership Frameworks: from Administration to Participation?
Ingo Bode

34. Microfinance, Cooperatives and Timebanks- Community Provided Welfare
Ed Collom

35. Faith-Based Organizations and the Provision of Care for Older People
Lori Carter-Edwards, James H. Johnson Jr., Allan M. Parnell and Harold G. Koenig

36. Lifelong Learning and Employers: Re-skilling Older Workers
John Field and Roy Canning

37. Retirement Planning and Financial Literacy
Annamaria Lusardi

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