Japan, the European Union and Global Governance


Japan, the European Union and Global Governance

9781788114455 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Eiji Ogawa, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Tokyo Keizai University, Japan, Kolja Raube, Associate Professor for European Governance and EU External Action, Faculty of Social Sciences, Director of the Centre for European Studies and Senior Member, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Professor and Director, Department of East Asian and Arabic Studies, KU Leuven and Jan Wouters, Full Professor of International Law and International Organizations, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam EU and Global Governance and Director, Institute for International Law and Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium with Camille Van der Vorst, PhD Researcher, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies and the Department of Japanese Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78811 445 5 Extent: 256 pp
This timely book explores the relationship between Japan and the European Union as they work increasingly closely together in many areas of global governance. It discusses the most salient areas of such cooperation from a range of perspectives, while examining not just convergences but also differences, in light of the recent EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and Strategic Partnership Agreement.

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This timely book explores the relationship between Japan and the European Union as they work increasingly closely together in many areas of global governance. It discusses the most salient areas of such cooperation from a range of perspectives, while examining not just convergences but also differences.

Written by experts from both Europe and Japan, interdisciplinary chapters investigate both actors’ current approaches to global governance and multilateralism as well as providing a historical perspective on their bilateral relations. The book explores their cooperation in areas stretching from trade and finance to security in light of the recent EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and Strategic Partnership Agreement. Offering insights into their current relationship, it outlines challenges for the future, and draws relevant lessons from the history of global governance in Asia and Europe.

Scholars of Asian and European law with an interest in international governance and regulation, and particularly those working in EU–Japan affairs, will find this a significant and stimulating read. It will also be useful for policy-makers in the EU and Japan working in international security, trade, and economic, monetary and financial policy.
Critical Acclaim
‘For anyone interested in understanding power politics and what is happening in the world, this book is good background reading on a relationship that has become more important to global governance not only in the field of economics and trade but also when it comes to other issues such as security and international politics.’
– Journal of Japanese Studies

‘In the rapidly changing landscape of the world power constellation, this book presents the state of play of the liberal democratic world, focusing on Japan and the EU. One author concludes: “While certainly multilateralism is not thrown overboard, it is complemented with bilateral forms of cooperation. The EU-Japan partnership is a good example indeed.” It traces Japan-EU relations, in particular focusing on the Economic Partnership Agreement (entered into force in 2019), and the Strategic Partnership Agreement (at the provisional application stage).’
– Takako Ueta, Kagawa University and Sophia University, Japan, and former Ambassador, Deputy Chief of the Mission of Japan to the EU

‘Anyone who wishes to know more about the dynamics between the EU and Japan across a range of issues areas should find this book a welcome addition to the literature. Clearly documenting how the European Union enhances its economic and strategic partnerships at the bilateral and multilateral level in an increasingly contested global order, the book highlights the evolving relationship with Japan as they both seek to contain China’s quest for cross-regional influence, fill the void of American leadership, and foster strategic bilateral cooperation across key policy goals. While specific chapters focus on economic cooperation highlighting mutual agreement on data flows, climate bonds, and non-tariff trade barriers, the authors conclude that there is no guarantee whether these agreements will achieve their stated objectives. Such enhancement of broader foreign policy goals and commitments is also critical at the multilateral level where several chapters assess the prospects for EU and Japan to enhance global cooperation when faced with increased dissatisfaction with the performance and power structures of global institutions leading to the expansion of alternative modes of global governance. Drawing on research in law, politics and economics, the focus on the evolving EU-Japan partnership provides some comparative lessons to determine how their respective norms and commitments can provide an important counterweight to challenges to global governance and the liberal international order if they can operationalize their ambitious strategic partnership to shape evolving markets, rules, rights regimes.’
– Michelle Egan, American University, US

‘Japan, the European Union and Global Governance provides a timely and empirically rich assessment of the EU-Japan relationship. It presents an excellent resource for students and scholars who wish to gain a deeper insight into the dynamics of the bilateral EU and Japan relationship but also into their collective commitment to international cooperation and effective multilateralism. Leading experts from Europe and Japan offer legal, economic and security insights, and in doing so they succeed in putting this salient EU-Japan relationship in the necessary historical, political and international context. A must-read for foreign policy, area studies or international relations scholars with an interest in Europe and Asia.''
– Heidi Maurer, University of Bristol, UK
Contributors: A. Andrione-Moylan, F. Kimura, Y. Nakanishi, E. Ogawa, R. Oshiba, K. Raube, M. Reiterer, M. Sakane, C. Van der Vors, D. Vanoverbeke, I. Willemyns, J. Wouters


1. Introduction to Japan, the European Union and global governance: setting
the scene 1
Eiji Ogawa, Kolja Raube, Camille Van der Vorst, Dimitri
Vanoverbeke and Jan Wouters

2. The EU’s commitment to multilateralism in times of
contestation: reshaping EU–Japan relations? 20
Kolja Raube, Alex Andrione-Moylan and Jan Wouters
3. Multilateralism and global governance: Japan in the World
Bank, the G7 and G20 summits 44
Ryo Oshiba

4. The dynamics of the EU–Japan relationship and divergent
discourses on economic governance 65
Dimitri Vanoverbeke and Camille Van der Vorst
5. The non-tariff barriers of the EU–Japan EPA 87
Camille Van der Vorst
6. International production networks and required new global
governance: mega-FTAs and the WTO 112
Fukunari Kimura
7. EU–Japan cooperation in international trade governance:
from the QUAD to JEEPA 123
Ines Willemyns and Jan Wouters
8. Regional monetary and financial cooperation for crisis
prevention and management: East Asia vs the EU 162
Eiji Ogawa and Michiru Sakane

9. Security governance in regional and global governance –
Japan and the EU 178
Michael Reiterer
10. Multilevel protection of fundamental rights in Europe and
its impact on Asia 201
Yumiko Nakanishi

Index 224
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