Job Insecurity, Precarious Employment and Burnout


Job Insecurity, Precarious Employment and Burnout

Facts and Fables in Work Psychology Research

9781035315871 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Nele De Cuyper, Professor in Personnel Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium, Eva Selenko, Professor of Work Psychology, Loughborough Business School, Loughborough University, UK, Martin Euwema, Professor of Organizational Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium and Wilmar Schaufeli, Professor Emeritus of Work and Organizational Psychology, Utrecht University, the Netherlands and KU Leuven, Belgium
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 03531 587 1 Extent: 300 pp

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Critical Acclaim
Critical Acclaim
‘This volume makes an excellent contribution to the study of human and societal core issues such as job insecurity, precarious employment and burnout. All of them are lasting phenomena and currently represent critical challenges for scientists, professionals and policy makers.’
– José M. Peiró, University of Valencia, Spain

‘Nele De Cuyper, Eva Selenko, Martin Euwema, and Wilmar Schaufeli have given us a remarkable book in which some of the leading scholars on job insecurity, precarious employment, and burnout look back at extant literature but also look ahead and reflect on what the future of employment will look like. The chapters in this timely and much needed book, while honoring the work and scholarship of Hans De Witte, one of the leading authors of our times in organizational psychology, will nudge you into asking bigger questions and equip you with ideas and tools to understand (and hopefully improve!) the lives of workers in the 21st century.’
– Andrea Bazzoli, Baruch College, City University of New York, US
Contributors include: Dirk Antonissen, Elfi Baillien, Jaak Billiet, Paula Brough, Andreea Corbeanu, Nele De Cuyper, Audrey Eertmans, Martin Euwema, Isabelle Ferré Hernandez, Gabriel Fischmann, Lode Godderis, David Guest, Jari Hakanen, Johnny Hellgren, Dragoș Iliescu, Kerstin Isaksson, Darja Maslić Seršić, Bart Meuleman, Katharina Näswall, Karina Nielsen, Guy Notelaers, Tahira Probst, Lara C. Roll, Wilmar Schaufeli, Eva Selenko, Akihito Shimazu, Mindy Shoss, Roxana Spinu, Coralia Sulea, Magnus Sverke, Anna S. Tanimoto, Jasmina Tomas, Inge Van den Brande, Anja Van den Broeck, Lore Van den Broeck, Anahí Van Hootegem, Sofie Vandenbroeck, Tinne Vander Elst, Maarten Vansteenkiste

Introduction: Facts and fables in work psychology: a critical
interrogation and future proofing of job insecurity, precarious
employment and burnout 1
Nele De Cuyper, Eva Selenko, Martin Euwema, & Wilmar Schaufeli

1 Job insecurity, job security, job future ambiguity? Oh
my… A new step towards conceptual clarity 12
Gabriel Fischmann, Andreea Corbeanu, Roxana Spinu,
Coralia Sulea, & Dragoș Iliescu
2 Job insecurity and job performance: Why do job-insecure
employees not perform better? 30
Jasmina Tomas & Darja Maslić Seršić
3 Borrowing trouble? A debate on how social exchange
theory is used and can be used in job insecurity research 48
Nele De Cuyper, Anahí Van Hootegem, & Lara C. Roll

4 Is job insecurity still relevant? Unpacking the meaning of
“job” and “insecurity” in today’s economy 68
Tahira M. Probst, Eva Selenko, & Mindy Shoss
5 Is there a future for research on job insecurity and the
psychological contract in a changing world of work? 87
David Guest & Kerstin Isaksson
6 Can unions represent the interests of insecure workers? 105
Magnus Sverke, Isabelle Ferré Hernandez, Anna S.
Tanimoto, Johnny Hellgren, & Katharina Näswall

7 Burning questions in burnout research 127
Wilmar Schaufeli, Jari Hakanen, & Akihito Shimazu
8 Contextual factors moderating the relationship between
qualitative job insecurity and burnout: A plea for
a multilevel approach 149
Tinne Vander Elst, Sofie Vandenbroeck, & Lode Godderis
9 Age differences in levels and risk factors of burnout
in three European countries: A contribution from
consultancy practice 177
Pulso Group: Dirk Antonissen, Audrey Eertmans, Inge
Van den Brande, & Lore Van den Broeck

10 Organizational interventions within occupational health
psychology 195
Karina Nielsen & Paula Brough
11 Motivating the unemployed: How motivational
interviewing may help to tailor interventions to different
unemployment profiles 216
Anja Van den Broeck & Maarten Vansteenkiste

12 Methodological challenges for studying trends in
perceived immigrant threat 236
Jaak Billiet & Bart Meuleman
13 What’s in a name! The thin line between being bullied and
lacking social support: Are both ‘just’ the same? 256
Elfi Baillien & Guy Notelaers

Index 272
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