Primer on International Copyright and Related Rights


Primer on International Copyright and Related Rights

9781783470952 Edward Elgar Publishing
Jørgen Blomqvist, Honorary Professor of International Copyright, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Formerly Director of the Copyright Law Division, WIPO)
Publication Date: 2014 ISBN: 978 1 78347 095 2 Extent: 288 pp
The international law on copyright and related rights is comprehensive and complex, spanning over a large number of different treaties which have been compiled and amended over more than 125 years. This book gives a concise, but comprehensive introduction to the rules and their rationales. Its rights-oriented approach makes it equally valuable to the student and the practitioner who needs both an introduction to and overview over the international law in the field. The book explains all treaties relevant today, from the 1886 Berne Convention to the WIPO Marrakesh Treaty of 2013.

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This Primer offers a concise yet wide-ranging introduction to the international norms on copyright and related rights. Expertly written, it describes and analyzes the relevant conventions, treaties and agreements, from the 1886 Berne Convention through to the 2013 Marrakesh VIP Treaty.

• Unique insight from the author’s experience serving as Director of the Copyright Law Division at WIPO.
• Presents the international norms in their historical context, and explains rationales behind the rules and relations among them.
• Thematically organized discussion facilitates the reader’s understanding of the numerous and partly overlapping treaties.
• Approaches the topic from the perspective of tackling complex issues in practice.
• Balanced discussion of both copyright and related rights.
• Guides the reader to the more specialized commentaries for issues requiring further in-depth research.

A must-have introduction for scholars and students who need to develop their understanding of copyright and related rights in an international context, and for practitioners and government officials who require a starting point for researching and resolving complex issues.
Critical Acclaim
‘Ideal for students and scholars seeking to improve their understanding of copyright law in an international context, Primer on International Copyright and Related Rights discusses rights of reproduction, translation, distribution, rental, resale, public performance, and much more. A "must have" for law school libraries and serious students of international copyright regulations, as well as professionals in the field.’
– Midwest Book Review

‘This book will definitely become a vital source for courses on international intellectual property. It is not only well organised, but is excellently presented. I think the book should become a source for basic copyright courses in which academics mainly deal with local laws. This book contributes to existing literature. True, it is a primer, but a primer that does not only make international copyright law accessible to students and practitioners. I think it also shows the great success of the international intellectual property system and why we need to remain attentive to the international community and appraise its achievements.’
– Lior Zemer, European Intellectual Property Review

''International copyright and related rights take on an ever more important role. These areas are known for their complexity but in this excellent addition to legal science, Jørgen Blomqvist simplifies the essence of these areas. The book provides a complete Primer to these areas and it is written as a narrative that draws the reader into the topic. One becomes attracted to its complexities and their implications. This book is essential reading for all of hose that never thought of becoming copyright aficionados.''
– Paul Torremans, Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Nottingham, UK

‘As well as practitioners, academics and students, government officials charged with decision-making responsibilities in this area of law will find this impressively scholarly examination of international copyright a useful, indeed an essential, purchase.’
– Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, The Barrister Magazine

Contents: Preface Part I: Introduction and the General Framework 1. Introduction 2. An Historical Overview of the Instruments 3. Implementation of International Agreements in National Law 4. The Relations Among the International Instruments 5. The Points of Attachment 6. Conflicts of Laws and Choice of Law Part II The Protection Granted Under the International Instruments 7. National Treatment 8. Most Favoured Nation Clause 9. Formality Requirements 10. The Object of Protection 11. Beneficiaries of the Protection 12. The Right of Reproduction 13. Translation and Adaptation Rights 14. The Rights of Distribution, Importation, Rental and Lending 15. The Resale Right 16. Public Performance, Broadcasting, Communication to the Public and Interactive Making Available to the Public 17. Moral Rights 18. Limitations and Exceptions 19. The Term of Protection Part III Enforcement, Dispute Resolution and Final Provisions 20. Technological Protection Measures and Rights Management Information 21. Enforcement 22. Settlement of Disputes 23. Application in Time 24. Administrative Provisions Index
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