Public Administration in the Context of Global Governance


Public Administration in the Context of Global Governance

9781783477791 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Soonhee Kim, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Republic of Korea, Shena Ashley and W. Henry Lambright, Maxwell School of Syracuse University, US
Publication Date: 2014 ISBN: 978 1 78347 779 1 Extent: 256 pp
This collection explores the frontiers of knowledge at the intersection of public administration and international relations scholarship. The culturally, generationally and academically diverse team of editors stake a meaningful claim in this burgeoning field by bringing together an international group of top and emerging scholars who think and research at this intersection. The acceleration of global governance arrangements presents a new sphere of public administration beyond the nation-state, and a new set of challenges for national and local governments that have gone unexplored. Public administration scholarship has essentially ignored the thousands of international and transboundary organizations that have become critical to the creation and implementation of global policy. This book highlights a broad range of research topics and approaches to help illustrate the expansive contours of relevant inquiry and to advance research in the field. There is no other collection that considers the broad context of globalizing public administration and the many institutional and governance forms entailed.

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The recent acceleration of global governance arrangements has created a new sphere of public administration beyond the nation-state, along with a new set of challenges for national and local governments. This innovative book explores the frontiers of knowledge at the intersection of public administration and international relations scholarship.

Expert contributors from around the world provide an interdisciplinary perspective on a range of administrative issues related to international and transboundary organizations. The chapters combine conceptual approaches and empirical research to address questions of autonomy, legitimacy and influence, with a focus on significant global policy issues in health, the environment, science and technology, poverty and trade. This comprehensive approach illustrates the expansive contours of this burgeoning field and outlines vital implications for public administration theory, practice and teaching.

This fascinating and timely book will be of great interest to scholars and students of public administration, global governance and international relations.
Critical Acclaim
‘As a scholar, academic manager, and consultant in public administration, I am familiar with its international and transnational challenges, which permanently confront my organization, the Fundaçāo Getulio Vargas (FGV). I have found in this book clues for my own work, both within my organization and in its mutual contributions with multilateral and international strategic partners. A crucial theoretical gap, with serious practical global, regional and national consequences, is finally on its way to be filled.’
– Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti, International Director of FGV, Brazil

''For decades, the only available analytical framework to understand public administration was the national one. By taking a perspective that goes beyond the national boundaries, the authors provide us with helpful tools to better comprehend the role of networks, collaboration and different forms of partnerships involving and impacting public administrations in the context of global governance. This informative and innovative book will not only give food for thought to public administration theorists and researchers, but also to all public administration practitioners.''
– Nathalie Loiseau, Director, École Nationale d''Administration (ENA), France

''Public Administration in the Context of Global Governance is an ambitious book that consciously seeks to accelerate the convergence of international relations and public administration perspectives with regard to public administration in global governance. For the most part it succeeds in raising the key and abiding questions regarding theory, process and comparative public administration in the context of global governance. It explores the institutions, structures and procedures and does so through a variety of theoretical and case study lenses. A thought provoking book that should be studied by students on MPAs and public sector MBAs.''
– Andrew Massey, Exeter University, UK
Contributors: S. Ashley, O.G. Austvik, M.W. Bauer, P.-O. Busch, P. Carroll, J. Ege, P.D. Hirsch, J.E. Jreisat, A. Kay, S. Kim, S. Kim, J.G.S. Koppell, A. Y.-H. Lai, W.H. Lambright, M. Lodge, E.W. Malone, R. O’Leary, L. O’Toole, Jr., J. Perry, Y.R. Shawar, J. Shiffman


Introduction: Public Administration and International Relations – Converging on a New Research Frontier
Soonhee Kim, Shena Ashley and W. Henry Lambright

1. Globalization, Global Governance, and Public Administration
Laurence J. O’Toole, Jr.

2. Toward an “Open Systems” Perspective of Global Public Administration Citizenzhip,
Rosemary O’Leary

3. Building Public Administration Theory for Global Governance
James L. Perry

4. Public Administration and a Changing Context
Jamil E. Jreisat

5. Transboundary Leadership in Science and Technology: The International Space Station
W. Henry Lambright

6. Global Rulemaking and Institutional Forms
Jonathan G.S. Koppell

7. The Independent Influence of International Public Administration: Contours and Future Directions of an Emerging Research Strand
Per-Olaf Busch

8. The Autonomy of International Bureaucracies
Michael W. Bauer and Jörn Ege

9. Collaborative Problem Solving in a Fractured World: A Perspective on the Role of Global-scale Institutions and Administrators in the Context of Climate Change
Paul D. Hirsch

10. Regulation in Crisis: Reputation, Capacity and Limitations
Martin Lodge

11. Negotiating and Adapting Optimal Integration: Transnational Economic Integration and the Public Management Challenge
Ole Gunnar Austvik

12. Emerging Patterns of Regional Governance in East Asia
Sunhyuk Kim

13. A Case Study of the Expanding Role of the OECD in Global Health Governance: Combining Public Administration and International Relations Perspectives to Identify Internal and External Drivers
Adrian Kay and Peter Carroll

14. The Emergence of Governance Capacity in Global Policy Implementations: Evidence form Managing Transnational Public Health Crises
Allen Yu-Hung Lai

15. Insights from Public Administration Scholarship for Addressing Global Health Governance Challenges
Edward W. Malone, Yusra R. Shawar and Jeremy Shiffman

Conclusion: Core Themes and Future Challenges for Public Administration in the Global Governance Context
W. Henry Lambright, Shena Ashley, and Soonhee Kim

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