Research Handbook of Investing in the Triple Bottom Line


Research Handbook of Investing in the Triple Bottom Line

Finance, Society and the Environment

9781786439994 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sabri Boubaker, EM Normandie Business School, France, Douglas Cumming, College of Business, Florida Atlantic University, US and Duc Khuong Nguyen, Professor of Finance, IPAG Business School, France
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78643 999 4 Extent: 520 pp
The triple bottom line is an accounting framework with social, environmental and financial factors. This Handbook examines the nexus between these areas by scrutinising aspects of socially responsible investment, finance and sustainable development, corporate socially responsible banking firms, the stock returns of sustainable firms, green bonds and sustainable financial instruments.

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The triple bottom line has become the standard modus operandi for assessing the sustainability of financial markets, industries, institutions and corporations. This Research Handbook provides the most recent developments, current practices and new initiatives related to sustainable finance and impact investing. In doing so, it demonstrates how the triple bottom line principle can be used to design sustainable strategies for firms, markets and the economy as a whole.

The Handbook covers aspects of socially responsible investment, finance and sustainable development, corporate socially responsible banking, green bonds and sustainable financial instruments. Comprising 20 topical chapters from experts in the field, this Handbook is a comprehensive investigation of financial services and products that help cope with sustainable investing and climate risk management. Chapters discuss the role of regulation framework in guaranteeing the stability and resilience of financial markets and offer insight into governance issues including the management of organizational risks, CSR culture, and social-impact investing culture.

An essential reference for scholars and students, the multidisciplinary approach covers business, finance, accounting, management and entrepreneurship. Practitioners such as financial analysts, rating agencies and regulators will also find this an accessible read for exploring the possibilities the triple bottom line principle can provide.
Contributors: M. Amidu, W.R. Ang, M. Ariff, F. Aubert, H. Bassan, F. Bazzana, K. Berensmann, N. Boubakri, E. Broccardo, F. Dafe, F. de Mariz, K. Delchet-Cochet, M. Dempsey, G.N. Dong, K.U. Ehigiamusoe, J. Fouilloux, R. Gabriele, J.-F. Gajewski, J. Grira, K. Gupta, H. Issahaku, L. Kermiche, H.H. Lean, K.T. Liaw, N. Lindenberg, J.R. Mason, M. Mazzuca, R.P. McIver, C. Nitsche, G. Porino, J.M. Puaschunder, J.R.F. Savoia, M. Schröder, V. Tankoyeva, J.-L. Viviani, L.-C. Vo, O. Weber, A. Zarei

Part I Sustainability, Financial Stability and Fraud
1. Financial Regulation and Fraud in CO2 Markets
Joseph R. Mason

2. How to Better Detect Cases of Financial Reporting Fraud: Some New Findings from Earnings Restatements
François Aubert, Jean-François Gajewski and Lamya Kermiche

3. Fostering green investment decisions: the real option approach
Jessica Fouilloux and Jean-Laurent Viviani

4. Exchange Rate Instability: Relative Volatility, Risk and Adjustment Speed
Mohamed Ariff and Alireza Zarei

5. Financial Instability: Economic and Financial Perspectives
Michael Dempsey

6. The Stability of Financial System: An Analysis of the Determinants of Russian Bank Failures
Viktoryia Tankoyeva, Flavio Bazzana and Roberto Gabriele

7. Sovereign Wealth Funds and Macroeconomic Stability: Before and After their Establishments
Kizito Uyi Ehigiamusoe and Hooi Hooi Lean

Part II Sustainability and Financial Markets
8. Financial Markets like Potter’s Hands? Rethinking Finance for Sustainability in a Civil Society Perspective
Giulia Porino

9. An Alternative Way to Think of Finance: The Case of Innovative, Sustainable Financial Instruments
Eleonora Broccardo and Maria Mazzuca

10. The Market Premium of Sustainability in Health-Care Sector Firms
Gang Nathan Dong

11. Environmental Sustainability and Inter- and Intra- Industry Variation in Stock Returns: International Evidence
Harjap Bassan, Kartick Gupta and Ron P. McIver

12. The Role of Financial Markets in Promoting Sustainability – A Review and Research Framework
Mohammed Amidu and Haruna Issahaku

13. Financial Innovation with a Social Purpose: The Growth of Social Impact Bonds
Frédéric de Mariz and José Roberto Ferreira Savoia

14. Asset Allocation and Green Bond Market
K. Thomas Liaw

15. Demystifying Green Bonds
Kathrin Berensmann, Florence Dafe and Nannette Lindenberg

Part III CSR and Socially Responsible Investment
16. Models of Corporate Socially Responsible Banks: Financial Cooperatives, Islamic Banks, and Micro-Finance Institutions
Narjess Boubakri and Jocelyn Grira

17. CSR Implementation in French SMEs: An Adapted Framework
Karen Delchet-Cochet and Linh-Chi Vo

18. The Performance, Volatility, Downside Risk and Persistence of Socially Responsible Investments in Korea and the Impact of Korea Green New Deal
Wei Rong Ang and Olaf Weber

19. Are SRI Funds Conventional Funds in Disguise or Do They Live up to Their Name?
Christin Nitsche and Michael Schröder

20. Socio-psychological Motives of Socially Responsible Investors
Julia M. Puaschunder

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