Research Handbook on Information Law and Governance


Research Handbook on Information Law and Governance

9781788119917 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sharon K. Sandeen, Robins Kaplan LLP Distinguished Professor in Intellectual Property Law and Director of IP Institute, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Minnesota, US, Christoph Rademacher, Professor of Law, Waseda University School of Law, Tokyo, Japan and Ansgar Ohly, Professor of Private Law, Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78811 991 7 Extent: 352 pp
This fresh and insightful Research Handbook delivers global perspectives on information law and governance, delving into principles of information law in the areas of trade secrecy, privacy, data protection and cybersecurity.

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This fresh and insightful Research Handbook delivers global perspectives on information law and governance, delving into principles of information law in the areas of trade secrecy, privacy, data protection and cybersecurity.

Providing US, Japanese and European perspectives, this Research Handbook presents an overview of legal regimes concerning the protection of information, with a particular focus on trade secrecy protection. Top international contributors offer analyses of general principles of information law, rights in data, the tension between trade secrecy and the freedom of information and the cross-fertilisation between national and regional data protection regimes.

Presenting an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to information law and governance, this innovative Research Handbook will be useful to those researching trade secrets, privacy and data security laws. The broad range of perspectives will also appeal to attorneys and information professionals who are engaged in information governance activities on behalf of their clients or employers.
Critical Acclaim
‘While the breath is impressive, the true value of this book is found in the doctrinal chapters, authored by leading experts with clarity, depth and attention to detail. The Handbook is undoubtedly a good resource for anyone interested in the foundational tenets of many areas of information law.’
– Ann Kristin Glenster, The Cambridge Law Review

‘This is a must read for anyone with a keen awareness of the need for a new look at information law and governance. The book as a whole reviews information law from a holistic perspective beyond the traditional realms such as intellectual property, trade secrets, privacy and cybersecurity, providing an excellent coverage of the issues brought forth by accelerated digitalization and interconnectivity in today’s society.’
– Masabumi Suzuki, Nagoya University, Japan

‘This approachable title provides essential perspectives on the governance of valuable undisclosed information and data. Written by international experts, the book provides useful insights into complex questions of trade secrets, privacy and cybersecurity law. Their diverse approach to the topic highlights the multifaceted nature of protection of valuable information, underlining the necessity for balance, in times when everything may be digitalized and claimed to be owned.’
– Nari Lee, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Contributors: T. Aplin, G.C. Farrior, A. Gärtner, E. Goldman, M.E. Kaminski, D.S. Levine, U.-M. Mylly, I.S. Nathenson, A. Ohly, C. Rademacher, E.A. Rowe, S.K. Sandeen, G. Surblytė-Namavičienė, K. Takase, T. Ueno, F.F. Wang, H. Weiden, G. Westkamp, H. Zech

Introduction ix

1 Cyberlaw will die and we will kill it 2
Ira Steven Nathenson
2 Confidentiality creep and opportunistic privacy 28
David S. Levine
3 Disclosure 48
Sharon K. Sandeen

4 Exclusivity in data: How to best combine the patchwork of applicable
European legal instruments 69
Herbert Zech
5 Data(base) rights? – misappropriation, property, and tales of trials and
tribulations 77
Guido Westkamp
6 Big data in Japan: Copyright, trade secret and new regime in 2018 108
Tatsuhiro Ueno
7 Liability for the loss of data 121
Anette Gärtner

8 The emergence of a global standard for reasonable efforts? 135
Christoph Rademacher
9 Employer’s liability for trade secret infringement 154
Gintarė Surblytė-Namavičienė
10 The limits of trade secret protection in the EU 174
Tanya Aplin
11 Freedom of the media and trade secrets in Europe 195
Ulla-Maija Mylly
12 The DTSA and trade secret extraterritoriality 217
Elizabeth A. Rowe and Giulia C. Farrior
13 Jurisdiction and choice of law in trade secrets cases: the EU perspective 234
Ansgar Ohly

14 Data privacy in Europe and its reception under Japanese law 259
Henrike Weiden and Kensaku Takase
15 The right to explanation, explained 278
Margot E. Kaminski
16 An introduction to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) 300
Eric Goldman
17 Legislative developments on cybersecurity in the EU in the age of
artificial intelligence 309
Faye Fangfei Wang

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