Research Handbook on Leadership in Healthcare


Research Handbook on Leadership in Healthcare

9781800886247 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Naomi Chambers, Professor of Healthcare Management, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 624 7 Extent: 868 pp
This timely Research Handbook provides a comprehensive and transdisciplinary overview of current research in the field of health leadership. Emphasising diverse perspectives and under-explored issues, it calls for a sustainable future embracing social justice, technological innovation and artificial intelligence, patient-centredness of care, and the fair treatment of workers.

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This timely Research Handbook provides a comprehensive and transdisciplinary overview of current research in the field of health leadership. Emphasising diverse perspectives and under-explored issues, it calls for a sustainable future embracing social justice, technological innovation and artificial intelligence, patient-centredness of care, and the fair treatment of workers.

With contributions from over 90 experts in the field, this Research Handbook includes a wide range of key debates in healthcare leadership, focusing specifically on including voices from the Global South. Chapters explore the historical development of leadership theories and practices in healthcare, and identify cutting-edge initiatives which will shape the future of the discipline. International case studies examine critical issues including the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, leadership of healthcare charities, and changes in the leadership contribution of healthcare professions in the 21st century. Addressing the challenging question of persistent variation in healthcare leadership quality, this Handbook scrutinises the impact of leadership at every level on an organisation’s culture.

This Research Handbook will be an invaluable resource for scholars and students in health policy and management, business leadership, and the sociology of work. It will also be beneficial for healthcare practitioners and policy makers looking to deepen their understanding of effective management in the field.
Critical Acclaim
‘With this book, Naomi Chambers has brought together renowned scientists whose research contributes to the evidence that great leadership is the key to better patient experiences at a lower cost. I recommend this book to anyone seeking knowledge about how collective, compassionate, ethical, connective and transformational leadership can be applied in everyday practice, or to anyone who has this as a research interest. It is profound work that is most welcome in an era where the scarcity of healthcare professionals is already manifesting itself daily.’
– Kees Ahaus, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

‘This comprehensive volume will be an important reference for scholars and researchers but also has much that will be of value to practising leaders in health care. The presentation of the theoretical components is wide-ranging, clear, and accessible and is combined with case studies and vignettes that bring it to life.’
– Nigel Edwards, Nuffield Trust, UK

‘This excellent major edited collection offers evidence-based insights into the complexity of healthcare leadership in turbulent times. International experts share research-based analysis of the context, theory and practice of leading health and care services and systems, together with a comprehensive set of international case studies of how best to develop healthcare leaders and leadership.’
– Judith Smith, University of Birmingham, UK
Contributors: Suzie Bailey, Roland Bal, Helen Baxter, Lawrence Benson, Zakaria Belrhiti, Simon Bishop, Jacqueline Boyle, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Mike Bresnen, Mark Britnell, Alba Brugués, Sandra C. Buttigieg, Vincent Cassar, Rakhi Chand, Kiran Chauhan, Stella Christou, Kate Churruca, Jenelle Clarke, Robyn Clay-Williams, Judit Csiszar, Feroza Dawood, Melissa De Regge, Jean-Louis Denis, Helen Dickinson, Kristof Eeckloo, Mark Exworthy, Ceri Feltbower, Jane Ferguson, Berne Ferry, Joy Furnival, Lucy Gilson, Jon Glasby, Zhining Goh, Chris Griffiths, Chris Ham, Jean Hartley, Gill Harvey, Peter Hibbert, Gerard P Hodgkinson, Axel Kaehne, Roman Kislov, Marlot Kuiper, Anna Lewis, Su Mar Lwin, Ann Mahon, Walter Mangezi, Tino Martí, Graham Martin, Abigail Masterson, Elaine Maxwell, Jo Maybin, Jillian McCarthy, Robin Miller, Walter Mkumbuzi, Simon Moralee, Mariam Mousa, Simon Newitt, Mirko Noordegraaf, Jacinta Nzinga, Lieke Oldenhof, Marsha Orgill, Akiko Otani, Charlotte Overton, Matheus França Perazzo, Antoni Peris, Konstantinos V. Petrides, Christos Plakiotis, Jenny Proimos, Nathan Proudlove, Ronnie Ramlogan, Charlotte Refsum, Kathleen Riach, Jane Robinson, Stephanie Russ, Crispen Sachikonye, Reza Salehnejad, Karen Shawhan, Helen Skouteris, Catherine Smith, Stephanie Snow, Sophie Staniszewska, Barbara Stilwell, Mohan Tanniru, Jeremy Taylor, Helena Teede, Susan Usher, Wilma van der Scheer, Maxine Vella Cassia, Justin Waring, Michael West, Simon Wester, Frances Wu

1 Research Handbook on Leadership in Healthcare: Introduction
Naomi Chambers

2 A brief history of healthcare leadership
Stephanie Snow and Lawrence Benson
3 Healthcare leadership: cultures, climates and compassion
Michael West and Suzie Bailey
4 The role of leaders in implementing health reforms
Jean-Louis Denis and Susan Usher
5 Leadership insights in the creation of a global sustainable workforce
Charlotte Refsum and Mark Britnell
6 Healthcare leadership in resource constrained environments
Walter Mkumbuzi, Walter Mangezi and Crispen Sachikonye
7 Healthcare leadership with Political astuteness
Justin Waring, Simon Bishop, Jenelle Clarke, Mark Exworthy and Jean Hartley
8 The contribution of leadership for effective integration of care
Robin Miller, Axel Kaehne and Jon Glasby

9 Psychodynamic leadership in healthcare settings
Christos Plakiotis
10 Comrades in adversity: The role of action learning in healthcare leadership development
Helen Baxter and Simon Moralee
11 The role of trait emotional intelligence in healthcare leadership
Stephanie Russ, Matheus França Perazzo and Konstantinos V. Petrides
12 Addressing the adaptive challenges of leadership and organizational decision making in healthcare settings: A dynamic managerial capabilities perspective
Gerard P Hodgkinson and Jane Ferguson
13 The relationship between transformational leadership, leadership agility, work engagement and adaptive performance – a theoretically informed empirical study
Sandra C. Buttigieg, Maxine Vella Cassia and Vincent Cassar
14 Leadership for quality improvement
Charlotte Overton, Joy Furnival, Anna Lewis, Ceri Feltblower and Jane Robinson
15 Insights from complexity theories for healthcare leadership
Jo Maybin, Kiran Chauhan and Simon Newitt
16 Openness in healthcare leadership
Graham Martin and Frances Wu
17 Healthcare board leadership and governance: conceptual framings and controversies
Kristof Eeckloo and Melissa De Regge
18 Organisational Change for Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership: Role of Stakeholders in Attaining Gender Equity
Mariam Mousa, Kathleen Riach, Jacqueline Boyle, Helen Skouteris, Jenny Proimos and Helena Teede

19 Leadership for patient-centred care
Jeremy Taylor and Sophie Staniszewska
20 Ethical leadership in healthcare
Jillian McCarthy and Karen Shawhan
21 Regulatory leadership: conducting mundane work to ‘tailor’ rules
Lieke Oldenhof and Roland Bal
22 Leadership that promotes access to services for marginalized people: championing better health and care for people with disability
Helen Dickinson and Catherine Smith
23 Cross cultural leadership
Judit Csiszar, Akiko Otani, Feroza Dawood and Zhining Goh
24 The value proposition for nursing in the NHS – enabling a shift from cost pressure to public value
Elaine Maxwell and Abigail Masterson
25 Leadership and governance of the response to Covid-19 in the UK
Chris Ham

26 Leadership to manage mission drift: the case of health charities working in Africa
Crispen Sachikonye and Ronnie Ramlogan
27 Leadership and team building in primary care: the experience of CASAP in Catalonia
Alba Brugués, Atoni Peris and Tino Martí
28 New professions and leadership: the case of healthcare scientists in the UK
Simon Moralee and Berne Ferry
29 Healthcare leadership on the front line: meanings, value and potential
Wilma van der Scheer
30 Supporting the transition from individualistic to collective leadership: A longitudinal study of a university-healthcare partnership
Roman Kislov, Gill Harvey and Mike Bresnen
31 The Nursing Now Campaign: Global evidence for advancing the status and profile of nurses in healthcare leadership
Barbara Stilwell
32 Case Study of Leadership Crossing Borders: The Burma Skincare Initiative
Su Mar Lwin and Christopher Griffiths

33 Leader and leadership development for healthcare managers
Ann Mahon
34 Social movements in healthcare: learning for leaders
Stella Christou
35 Health system leadership development in selected African countries: challenges and opportunities
Lucy Gilson, Jacinta Nzinga, Marsha Orgill and Zakaria Belrhiti,
36 Healthcare Leadership Development for Co-Creating Public Value
Mirko Noordegraaf and Marlot Kuiper
37 Problems and opportunities in increasing the diversity of healthcare leaders: a narrative review of factors affecting promotion and retention for racially minoritised women
Rakhi Chand
38 The use of data science by healthcare leaders
Reza Salehnejad and Nathan Proudlove
39 Digital Leadership and Community Strategies to Transform Population Health
Mohan Tanniru
40 At the heart of getting things done in complex health care ecosystems: leadership strategy, sensemaking and sensegiving
Jeffrey Braithwaite, Peter Hibbert and Robyn Clay-Williams and Kate Churruca
41 From Paternalism to Mutualism Eco-Leadership: the cultural transformation of healthcare
Simon Western
42 Conclusion to the Research Handbook on Leadership in Healthcare
Naomi Chambers

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