Research Handbook on Natural Law Theory


Research Handbook on Natural Law Theory

9781788110037 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jonathan Crowe, University of Southern Queensland and Constance Youngwon Lee, Central Queensland University, Australia
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78811 003 7 Extent: 464 pp
This thought-provoking Research Handbook provides a snapshot of current research on natural law theory in ethics, politics and law, showcasing the breadth and diversity of contemporary natural law thought. The Research Handbook on Natural Law Theory examines topics such as foundational figures in Western natural law theory, natural law ideas in a variety of religious and cultural traditions, normative foundations of natural law, as well as issues of law and governance. Featuring contributions by leading international scholars, this Research Handbook offers a valuable resource for scholars in law, philosophy, religious studies and related fields.

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This thought-provoking Research Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of current research on natural law theory in ethics, politics and law, demonstrating the rigour and versatility of the tradition and offering an up-to-date picture of these ideas in the 21st century.

Featuring contributions from leading international scholars in disciplines from law and government to philosophy and religious studies, the Handbook explores both the philosophical foundations of natural law thinking and its practical implications for law, politics and governance. Chapters showcase the breadth and diversity of contemporary natural law thought, going beyond the dominant Catholic and Thomist perspectives to investigate natural law ideas in a variety of religious and cultural traditions, such as Judaism, Islam and Confucianism, as well as African American and feminist theory.

The Research Handbook on Natural Law Theory will prove an invaluable resource for scholars and students of law, legal theory, philosophy, politics and government, as well as theology and religious studies, who wish to engage with current thinking on natural law and its relevance to their fields. Legal practitioners and experts in public policy will also find its varied perspectives useful.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Research Handbook is profoundly enlightening. The authors and editors all understand Natural Law not as a set of God’s commands, and not as a foil to legal positivism, but rather, as a tradition within which scholars explore and debate the content of the good, the common good, human nature, and the good or flourishing life as a guide to the content of ideal and just law. The volume as a whole presents a vibrant set of questions and reflections on law’s purpose, a wonderful intellectual history of an often overlooked and badly misunderstood scholarly tradition, and a deeply probing and critical examination of law’s role in promoting the conditions necessary for human flourishing.’
– Robin West, Georgetown University, US

‘This revolutionary revival of the natural law tradition quenches the thirst of those who are parched by the modern assumption that ethics, politics, and law must be devoted to the zero-sum distribution of rights to self-interested agents whose own good is the only good. In chapters both broad and deep, this Handbook reveals how a concern for the objective conditions of human flourishing can reinvigorate the role of common goods, cooperative enterprises, and pluralism in a theory of just governance.’
– Heidi M. Hurd, University of Illinois, US
Contributors: A. Amaya, N. Aroney, J. Burnside, C. Carol, E. Carolan, G. Chartier, J. Crowe, M. Detmold, R. Dougherty, G. Duke, J.L. Fox, N.P. Ho, N. Hosen, Y. Imbert, T. Irwin, J.A. Jacobs, C.Y. Lee, A. Lisska, V. Lloyd, T. Murphy, A. Taitslin, D. VanDrunen, A. Zimmermann



1. The Natural Law Outlook
Jonathan Crowe and Constance Youngwon Lee

2. Aristotle as Natural Law Theorist
George Duke

3. Stoic Natural Law as Right Reason
Anna Taitslin

4. St. Augustine on Natural Law
Richard Dougherty

5. God, Aquinas and Natural Law Theory: The Question of Natural Kinds
Anthony J. Lisska

6. John Calvin’s Natural Law Theory
Constance Youngwon Lee

7. Some Modern Conceptions of Natural Law
Terence Irwin

8. Natural Law in Judaism
Jonathan A. Jacobs

9. Natural Law in Islam from Theological and Legal Perspectives
Nadirsyah Hosen

10. Natural Law in Confucianism
Norman P. Ho

11. Natural Law and Biblical Law
Jonathan Burnside

12. Natural Law and Reformed Theology
David VanDrunen

13. Black Natural Law
Vincent Lloyd

14. Luce Irigaray on Women and Natural Law
Catherine Carol

15. Incommensurable Goods
Gary Chartier and Jere L. Fox

16. Virtue and Natural Law
Amalia Amaya

17. Natural Law and Imagination
Yannick Imbert

18. Intelligibility, Practical Reason and the Common Good
Jonathan Crowe

19. Natural Law and Natural Justice: A Thomistic Perspective
Tim Murphy

20. Natural Law and Physics: The State of Nature
Michael Detmold

21. Natural Law, the Common Good and the State
Gary Chartier and Jere L. Fox

22. Natural Law and Federalism
Nicholas Aroney

23. The Principle of Subsidiarity
Augusto Zimmermann

24. Natural Law and Constitutional Reasoning
Eoin Carolan

25. The Nature of Law
Jonathan Crowe

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