Research Handbook on Polar Law


Research Handbook on Polar Law

9781803927459 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Karen N. Scott, Professor of Law, School of Law, University of Canterbury, New Zealand and David L. VanderZwaag, Professor of Law and Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Ocean Law and Governance, Marine and Environmental Law Institute, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University, Canada
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80392 745 9 Extent: 512 pp
This timely Research Handbook explores the concept of polar law as a coherent body of law and as a set of rules and principles that applies to both the Arctic and Antarctic. It captures the evolution of polar law and policy, identifying future directions for research in this emerging and growing field.

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This timely Research Handbook explores the concept of polar law as a coherent body of law and as a set of rules and principles that applies to both the Arctic and Antarctic. It captures the evolution of polar law and policy, identifying future directions for research in this emerging and growing field.
Expert international contributors analyse the concept of polar law across a range of areas including human rights, bioprospecting, tourism, environmental protection and fisheries management. They examine how Antarctic and Arctic regional regimes contribute to polar law, scrutinizing international treaties, agreements and arrangements. With a focus on the evolution of polar law in the context of the Anthropocene, chapters cover key issues related to the poles, such as climate change, minerals exploration and boundary disputes. Demonstrating the benefits of polar as opposed to bipolar law, this Research Handbook provides a critical assessment of contemporary challenges to the field.
Incorporating a diverse range of themes and topics, this Research Handbook will be a valuable resource for academics and students of polar law as well as those interested in how international law applies to the polar regions. It will also be beneficial for diplomats and policy makers working in polar law and policy fields.
Critical Acclaim
‘This excellent, comprehensive, and thought-provoking book articulates a set of existential questions for the structure of ''Polar law'' in the world of accelerating change. The Research Handbook on Polar Law applies an ambitiously convergent focus on the Poles. The 22 chapters provide an excellent update on particular topics and a critical reflection on the challenges and opportunities of a distinct Polar approach. Beyond providing invaluable reference for researchers, the book helps see the bigger picture, stimulate innovative thinking, and allow for cross-pollination of ideas.’
– Jan Jakub Solski, Ocean Yearbook

‘This book would be a valuable addition to law libraries, especially in departments working on environmental law, law of the sea, and climate change.’
– Daria Shapovalova, The Edinburgh Law Review

‘This book provides a comprehensive and engaging analysis of the Polar regions, largely through a legal lens complemented by historical, political and scientific perspectives. The volume explores the complexity of regimes governing the polar regions, in a way that is both practical and user friendly, by focusing on the issues they are designed to address. The book deepens our knowledge and understanding of not only the regional Arctic and Antarctic legal regimes and governance structures, but also how they unite, through a set of common values, to form a tapestry of “Polar Law”. This book advances the literature and will be an excellent resource for researchers interested in discovering and analysing the complex nature of “Polar Law”.’
– Claudia Sosin and Erika Techera, The Polar Journal

‘The political, social and physical context of the polar regions makes the application of laws there distinctive. There are homelands, disputed territories, fertile oceans, unique lifeforms and electric skies, connected by icy nature-scapes. They have hidden riches of scientific information about our world that is of universal importance. This book, edited by Karen Scott and David VanderZwaag, brings the best authors on polar topics together to highlight points of convergence and divergence essential for a comprehensive understanding of legal custodianship.’
– Julia Jabour, University of Tasmania, Australia
Contributors: J. Barrett, K. Bartenstein, P.A. Berkman, R. Caddell, A. Chircop, M. Haward, A.D. Hemmings, A.H. Hoel, S. Joblin, R.L. Johnstone, S.A. Khan, S. Kirchner, P. Kleemola-Juntunen, T. Koivurova, S. Lalonde, D. Leary, D. Liggett, N. Liu, S.L. MacLeod, T.L. McDorman, R. Rayfuse, S. Romppanen, D.R. Rothwell, C. Schofield, K.N. Scott, S.V. Scott, S.L Seck, T. Stephens, E.J. Stewart, C. Summerhayes, D.L. VanderZwaag, D. Vidas, R. Warner, M. Williams, J. Zalasiewicz


1 Introduction to Polar Law 1
Karen N Scott and David L VanderZwaag
2 Polar Regions in the Anthropocene 18
Colin Summerhayes, Jan Zalasiewicz, Davor Vidas and Mark Williams
3 The Antarctic Treaty System 40
Jill Barrett
4 Arctic Regional Agreements and Arrangements 64
Timo Koivurova, Pirjo Kleemola-Juntunen and Stefan Kirchner
5 People at the Poles 84
Sara L Seck and Sarah L MacLeod
6 Polar science diplomacy 105
Paul Arthur Berkman
7 The Arctic Ocean unscrambled: competing claims and boundary disputes 124
Ted L McDorman and Clive Schofield
8 Antarctic: competing claims and boundary disputes 146
Shirley V Scott
9 Emerging and non-traditional actors at the Poles 162
Nengye Liu
10 Southern Ocean fisheries 180
Marcus Haward
11 The evolving management of fisheries in the Arctic 199
Alf Håkon Hoel
12 Marine mammals at the Poles 217
Richard Caddell
13 Non-living resources and the Poles 249
Rachael Lorna Johnstone and Scott Joblin
14 Bioprospecting at the Poles 271
David Leary
15 Polar cruise tourism 292
Daniela Liggett and Emma J. Stewart
16 Principles of environmental protection at the Poles 325
Robin Warner
17 Marine protected area networks at the Poles 345
Suzanne Lalonde
18 Polar shipping law 370
Kristin Bartenstein and Aldo Chircop
19 Global trajectories of chemical pollution: legal gaps and complexities in
the Polar context 390
Sabaa A Khan and Seita Romppanen
20 Climate change and the Poles 412
Rosemary Rayfuse
21 Ocean acidification at the Poles: regional responses to marine
environmental change in the Anthropocene 433
Tim Stephens
22 Evolution of a Polar Law 454
Donald R Rothwell and Alan D Hemmings

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