Research Handbook on Quality, Performance and Accountability in Higher Education


Research Handbook on Quality, Performance and Accountability in Higher Education

9781785369742 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ellen Hazelkorn, Partner, BH Associates, Professor Emerita, Technological University Dublin, Ireland and Joint Editor, Policy Reviews in Higher Education, Hamish Coates, Tenured Professor, Tsinghua University''s Institute of Education, and Deputy Director, Tsinghua University Global Research Centre for the Assessment of College and Student Development, China and Alexander C. McCormick, formerly Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, US
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78536 974 2 Extent: 616 pp
As higher education becomes a key determinant for economic competitiveness, institutions face increasing pressure to demonstrate their fitness to meet the needs of society and individuals. Blending innovative research with richly contextualised examples this unique Research Handbook provides authoritative insights from around the globe on how best to understand, assess and improve quality, performance and accountability in higher education.

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The role, scale and expectations of higher education institutions have changed dramatically in recent times as knowledge intensity has become a key determinant of economic competitiveness. Higher education institutions face increasing pressure to demonstrate their fitness to meet the needs of society and individuals. Questions about the quality, performance and productivity of higher education are central to these concerns, and of relevance to society, governments and students. This Research Handbook brings together international scholars to address these issues and propose how to move beyond them.

This Research Handbook is the first comprehensive reference of its kind, laying out current research in the field and bringing it up to date with cutting-edge theoretical and empirical contributions from leading international experts. Blending new research with richly contextualised national and regional examples, the authors give authoritative insights from around the globe on how best to understand, assess and improve quality, performance and accountability in higher education.

This Research Handbook will become an invaluable tool for practitioners in higher education and education policy-making as well as researchers and students of social science and public policy.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Research Handbook on Academic Careers and Managing Academics is an excellent resource for higher education researchers working in the field.’
– Gaoming Zheng, International Journal of Chinese Education

‘This book will prove a valuable resource and reference well into the future.’
– Cindy Cogswell, Higher Education Research & Development

‘The advantages of this book are clear: it has informative content and comprehensive perspective.’
– Fengliang Li, Higher Education
Contributors: K.S. Adeyemo, K. Aleksandriyskaya, A. Amaral, S. Archer, I. Austin, E. Bell, P. Benneworth, C. Blanco, V. Borden, R. Bringle, R. Brown, H. Coates, G. Croucher, D.D. Dill, M. Dobbins, D. Edwards, A.H. Fryar, S. Fukahori, A. Gibson, F. Guo, M. Hanlon, L. Harvey, E. Hazelkorn, M. Hicks, N. Hillman, A.Y.-c.Hou, F. Huang, J. Huisman, Y. Ibrahim, R. Ismail, N.A. Jankowski, E. Jerez, G.A. Jones, B. Jongbloed, J. Jungblut, R. King, K. Kinser, M. Klemenčič, G.D. Kuh, J.E. Lane, L. Lange, M.C. Lennon, S.E. Lid, N.C. Liu, Y. Luo, M. Mahat, J.P. Mariño, M. Martin, W.F Massy, A.C. McCormick, K. Moore, S. Moyo, P. Noonan, D. Orr, R.J. Shavelson, J. Shi, O.-J. Skodvin, B. Stensaker, F. Strydom, P.N. Teixeira, R.J.W. Tijssen, A. Usher, F. van Vught, N.V. Varghese, H. Vossensteyn, M. Vukasovic, R. Wagenaar, C.D. Wan, E. Weber, H.P. Weingarten, W. Wen, D.F. Westerheijden, R. Williams, T. Yang, N. Zeeman, L. Zhang, O. Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia

1. Quality, Performance, and Accountability: Emergent Challenges in the Global Era
Ellen Hazelkorn, Hamish Coates and Alexander C. McCormick

2. Lessons Learned from Two Decades of Quality in Higher Education
Lee Harvey

3. Challenges for Quality Assurance in Higher Education: The Regulatory Turn
Roger King

4. Can Public Policy Promote Academic Quality? An Assessment of Policy Instruments for Instruction and Research
David D. Dill

5. Goals, Guesses and Gains: Learning Outcomes Policies in Regulatory Activities
Mary Catharine Lennon

6. Perspectives and Advances on Productivity Measurement in Higher Education
William F. Massy and Sandra Archer

7. Cross-Border Educational Accountability: Navigating Accountability Expectations when Educational Provision Crosses Borders
Jason E. Lane, Kevin Kinser and Li Zhang

8. Private and For-Profit Higher Education in Europe: Current Patterns and Regulatory Challenges
Pedro Nuno Teixeira and Alberto Amaral

9. When Intuition Misfires: A Meta-Analysis of Research on Performance-Based Funding in Higher Education
Elizabeth Bell, Alisa Hicklin Fryar and Nicholas Hillman

10. Accountability In Higher Education: Different Forms, Functions and Forums
Jeroen Huisman

11. Using Indicators in Higher Education Policy: Between Accountability, Monitoring and Management
Michaela Martin

12. Indicators and Global Trends in Higher Education Development
N.V. Varghese

13. Understanding and Improving Higher Education Productivity
Kenneth Moore, Hamish Coates and Gwilym Croucher

14. Comparing and Benchmarking Higher Education Systems
Ross Williams

15. Emerging Perspectives on Measuring and Classifying Institutional Performance
Victor Borden, Hamish Coates and Robert Bringle

16. Rankings and Their Impact on Chinese Higher Education
Tianli Yang and Nian Cai Liu

17. Between Rhetoric and Reality: University Reporting on Academic Research Commercialization, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Robert J.W. Tijssen

18. The Impact and Influence of Rankings on the Quality, Performance and Accountability Agenda
Ellen Hazelkorn and Andrew Gibson

19. Performance indicators of learning in Higher Education Institutions: An Overview of the Field
Richard J. Shavelson, Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia and Julián P. Mariño

20. Global Assessments of Disciplinary Learning Outcomes: What We Learned from AHELO
Mary Catharine Lennon, Satoko Fukahori and Daniel Edwards

21. Quality Efforts at the Discipline Level: Bologna’s Tuning Process
Robert Wagenaar

22. Revisiting Student Performance as a Cornerstone of Higher Education: How is Student Performance Reflected in Performance-Based Funding?
Dominic Orr and Alex Usher

23. Assuring High-Quality Learning for All Students: Lessons from the Field
George D. Kuh and Natasha A. Jankowski

24. What kind of quality assurance leads to improved performance and accountability? The views of European students
Jens Jungblut, Bjørn Stensaker and Martina Vukasovic

25. The Student Voice in Quality Assessment and Improvement
Manja Klemenčič

26. Fit for Purpose: Intellectual, Political and Operational Struggles in South African Quality Assurance
Lis Lange and Francois Strydom

27. Towards Building Useful Institutional Reporting Systems for Research and Innovation in African Higher Education: A Lateral View
Sibusiso Moyo

28. Governing Quality in a Transforming Higher Education System: The Case of China
Jinghuan Shi, Yan Luo, Wen Wen and Fei Guo

29. Quality Assurance of Higher Education in East Asia: Changes, Characteristics and Challenges
Futao Huang

30. Quality Assurance and Its Use in Taiwan Higher Education: Implications for Fully Accredited and Non-Fully Accredited Institutions
Angela Yung-chi Hou

31. Funding Reform in Malaysian Public Universities: Examining the Current Situation
Russayani Ismail, Chang Da Wan and Yusnidah Ibrahim

32. Higher Education Policy in the Philippines: Quality and Quality Assurance for Socioeconomic Development?
Kolawole Samuel Adeyemo and Everard Weber

33. National Performance Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education: Lessons from Australia
Marian Mahat and Martin Hanlon

34. Lessons from Analysing Failure in Higher Education Policy in Australia
Gwilym Croucher

35. Changing Patterns of Accountability in the UK: from QA to TEF
Roger Brown

36. Exploring the Institutionalization of Quality Assurance in Post-Communist Higher Education
Michael Dobbins and Katja Aleksandriyskaya

37. Governance Tools to Increase Quality and Diversity in Higher Education: Emerging Trends in Norway
Ole-Jacob Skodvin and Stein Erik Lid

38. Measurement of Postsecondary Performance in Canada: Moving Beyond Inputs and Funding to Outputs and Outcomes
Harvey P. Weingarten and Martin Hicks

39. Transforming Quality Assurance in Chilean Higher Education: Development, Reviews and Reform.
Emeline Jerez and Christian Blanco

40. Changing System-Level Conceptualisations of Performance in Higher Education
Peter Noonan

41. Emerging Trends in Higher Education Governance: Reflecting on Performance, Accountability and Transparency
Ian Austin and Glen A. Jones

42. Civic and Regional Engagement and Accountability
Paul Benneworth and Nadine Zeeman

43. Transparency Tools for Higher Education
Ben Jongbloed, Hans Vossensteyn, Frans van Vught and Don F. Westerheijden

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