Research Handbook on the Globalization of Chinese Firms


Research Handbook on the Globalization of Chinese Firms

9781783474158 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Craig C. Julian, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Southern Cross University, Australia, Zafar U. Ahmed, Lebanese American University, Lebanon and Junqian Xu, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, China
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78347 415 8 Extent: 320 pp
This comprehensive research Handbook encompasses an expansive range of perspectives on the globalization process of Chinese firms.

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This comprehensive research Handbook encompasses an expansive range of perspectives on the globalization process of Chinese firms.

Eminent global scholars provide contributions on a variety of topics, including:

• industrial innovation
• technological innovation and learning
• the performance of Chinese international joint ventures
• the global consumer
• foreign direct investment (FDI) including barriers to FDI and FDI in China’s hinterland areas
• the globalization of Chinese business practices in Africa
• the human resource management transfer process
• corporate information disclosure in China’s stock market
• the home employment effect.

In addition, regional economic integration, transportation costs and the national government’s role in globalization are also explored.

This innovative Handbook is perfect for scholars wishing to conduct research in China on some of the topics contained in the book, together with academics specializing in globalization or international management.
Critical Acclaim
‘Research Handbook on the Globalization of Chinese Firms provides an eclectic collection of essays on the state of affairs in the Asia Pacific, with special emphasis on China. It is an essential read for students of the Chinese economy and business environments, covering topics as diverse as industrial innovation, trade, FDI, productivity, value chains, international business, finance, human resources, accounting, information technology and governance. Chinese management leaders as well as researchers of international business can benefit from its insights.’
– Ilan Alon, Rollins College and Harvard University, US
Contributors: S.C. Berning, C. Cheng, D. Dahai, H.K. Hin, C.H. Hofmeister, D. Holtbrügge, L. Huiqun, Z. Jingqi, L. Jinyong, C.C. Julian, X. Junquin, X. Li, Y. Li, L. Lin, Q. Liu, G. Mapunda, D.N. McArthur, T. Meng, S. Moxi, T. Ran, Y. Rong, R.L.Schill, L. Tang, W. Wei, H. Xiaohong, T. Xiaowen, L. Yun, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang

1. Industrial Innovation in Chinese Firms
Li Yu and Zhang Yanming

2. Transportation Costs as a Barrier to Globalization for Nine Asian Countries Including China
Junqian Xu and Craig C. Julian

3. China’s Foreign Direct Investment across the U.S.
Chen Cheng and Xiaohong He

4. Global Optimal Values of Enterprise Cluster Fitness for Chinese Firms
Tang Linjia and Lin Li

5. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Productivity in China
Xiaowen Tian, Moxi Song and Ran Tian

6. An African Perspective of the Globalization of Chinese Business Practices
Gido Mapunda

7. The National Government’s Role in Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment
Dirk Hotbrügge and Sue Claire Berning

8. Risk and Return of Mezzanine Debt
Yun Li and Ho Kim Hin

9. The Consumer''s Role in Globalization and Management Innovation
Meng Tao, Dong Dahai and Zhang Yuan

10. HR strategy and practices in Chinese Multinational Companies
Jingqi Zhu and William Wei

11. Economic Globalization and Regional Economic Integration in China
Rong Yizhong

12. Corporate Information Disclosure Internalities in China''s Stock Market
Li Xiang and Liu Qijie

13. The Home-Country Employment Effect of Transnational Corporations Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China
Huiqun Liu and Jinyong Lu

14. The Empirical Link between Innovation, Learning and Performance in Chinese International Joint Ventures
Craig C. Julian and Junqian Xu

15. Barriers to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China''s Hinterland Areas
Clemens H. Hofmeister

16. Reconciling Differing Models of the Business: A Key Step in the Transfer of Production Technology into China’s Export-Led Economy
David N. Macarthur and Ronald L. Schill

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