Research Handbook on the Governance of Projects


Research Handbook on the Governance of Projects

9781802208061 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ralf Müller, Professor of Project Management, Department of Leadership and Organization, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, Shankar Sankaran, Professor, Faculty of Design Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney, Australia and Nathalie Drouin, Professor, Department of Management, École des Sciences de la Gestion, Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG UQAM), Canada and Adjunct Professor, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 806 1 Extent: 488 pp
This cutting-edge Research Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of research on the governance of projects. Spanning sectors, project types, and organizational hierarchies, it delves into diverse theoretical and practical approaches to the governance of projects, identifying valuable new phenomena for future study.

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This cutting-edge Research Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of research on the governance of projects. Spanning different sectors, project types, and organizational hierarchies, it delves into diverse theoretical and practical approaches to the governance of projects, identifying valuable new phenomena for future study.

Through diverse case studies, chapters cover all aspects of the governance of projects, including theories of governance, governance approaches, mechanisms, and situational contingencies. It examines the governance of individual projects, groups of projects, megaprojects, and inter-organizational project networks in turn. Expert contributors explore key issues such as governance for sustainable development programs, benefit management, social value creation, ethical governance, and meta-governance. Drawing insights from industry, academia and the public sector, the Research Handbook provides a toolkit of resources that can be applied in diverse contexts.

Covering a wide range of approaches to the governance of projects, this Research Handbook will be a valuable guide for academics and students in governance, business, management, and organizational innovation. With extensive case studies illustrating how theories of governance can be practically applied, it will also be a useful resource for practicing managers seeking to develop their governance strategies.
Critical Acclaim
‘Written by three illustrious project-management scholars, this book is a must-read for students and researchers. The best way to describe this book is in the words of the authors who state that it offers “a kaleidoscope of applications, theoretical lenses, and philosophical stances.” Presented in five sections, the book spans invaluable conceptual and practical insights from chapter contributors and underscores the need for novel approaches to governance.’
– Professor Kam Jugdev, Athabasca University, Canada

‘This is by far one of the most ambitious books on governance of projects that has ever been published. It covers the entire spectrum of perspectives and challenges and it gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of current research on the governance of projects. It is a fascinating blend of theories, examples and outlooks – authored by some of the top scholars and thinkers in our field.’
– Professor Jonas Söderlund, Linköping University, Sweden

‘How should we regulate and make successful our efforts to achieve broadly appreciated results in society’s most important organizations and projects? This Research Handbook assembles insights from a broad cast of expert contributors, who provide a multifaceted treatment of the governance of projects. Researchers at all levels will benefit from this, the most comprehensive compendium available on the subject.’
– Professor Tyson Browning, Texas Christian University, US

‘This book brings together the state-of-the-art of research on the governance of projects – I encourage you to read. It covers a vitally important topic, given the grand challenges that society faces and has practical implications for project leaders, managers, engineers and researchers, with insights across a range of contexts from the set up and delivery of individual projects to corporate project management offices and overseeing activity on boards.’
– Professor Jennifer Whyte, University of Sydney, Australia
Contributors: Tuomas Ahola, Raimonda Alonderienė, Karyne Ang, Monique Aubry, Sofiane Baba, Timo Braun, Maude Brunet, Alfredas Chmieliauskas, Stewart Clegg, Lynn Crawford, Kate Davis, Ganesh Devkar, Nathalie Drouin, Gabriela Fernandes, Yves Genest, Rehab Iftikhar, Ole Jonny Klakegg, Efrosyni Konstantinou, Boeing Laishram, Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Kate Lawrence, Florence Yean Yng Ling, Giorgio Locatelli, Sam MacAulay, Miia Martinsuo, Sandeep Mathur, Ralf Müller, Johan Ninan, David O''Sullivan, Alessandro Paravano, Margarita Pilkienė, Jeffrey K. Pinto, Patrick Renz, Marie-Claire Richer, Shankar Sankaran, Magali Simard, Saulius Šimkonis, Jörg Sydow, Nicola Thounaojam, Ivor Tsang, Paolo Trucco, Rodney Turner, Ata ul Musawir, Christine Unterhitzenberger, Alfons van Marrewijk, Gro Holst Volden, Linzhuo Wang, Xinnan Wang, Graham M. Winch, Wujuan Zhai, Fangwei Zhu

Introduction to the Research Handbook on the Governance of Projects 1
Ralf Müller, Shankar Sankaran, and Nathalie Drouin

1 A philosophy of governance 9
Efrosyni Konstantinou
2 Principles of good governance 20
Ralf Müller
3 Classic perspectives on project governance: transaction cost economics, agency theory, and stewardship theory 31
Tuomas Ahola
4 Shareholder and stakeholder theory in governance 42
Ralf Müller
5 Systems theories and systems praxis 50
Shankar Sankaran
6 Multi-level governance 65
Alfredas Chmieliauskas, Ralf Müller, Raimonda Alonderienė, Margarita Pilkienė, and Saulius Šimkonis
7 Governmentality for positive project management 78
Stewart Clegg and Johan Ninan

8 Governance of projects and project governance: enabling strategy implementation through projects 91
Ata Ul Musawir
9 Social value from megaprojects and their governance 103
Karyne C.S. Ang, Shankar Sankaran, and Nathalie Drouin
10 Steering committees as governance entities 116
Lynn Crawford
11 The project management office: governing at the interface of temporary and permanent 124
Monique Aubry and Magali Simard
12 Governance across the commercial interface on complex engineering projects 138
Graham M. Winch
13 Contractual and relational governance for sustainability: case study of a PPP megaproject in India 150
Nicola Thounaojam, Ganesh Devkar, and Boeing Laishram
14 Governance through project management methodologies 161
Miia Martinsuo
15 Normalization of deviance in projects: its causes and implications for effective governance 171
Jeffrey K. Pinto and Kate Davis
16 Ethics and trust implications of governance 184
Ralf Müller
17 The link between governance, decision-making, and project performance 195
Rodney Turner
18 Cultural practices of governing megaprojects 210
Alfons van Marrewijk
19 Social acceptability and governance for public infrastructure projects 220
Maude Brunet and Sofiane Baba
20 Learning through evaluation: the missing link in governance of projects 235
Ole Jonny Klakegg and Gro Holst Volden
21 Environmental, social, and governance criteria and their relationship with governance of major infrastructure projects 251
Nathalie Drouin and Yves Genest
22 New nonprofit organization governance: driving impact by adopting a holistic governance view 263
Patrick Renz
23 Boosting quality of megaprojects through governance mechanisms: perspectives of mega water transfer projects in China 283
Florence Yean Yng Ling and Wujuan Zhai
24 Governing crises and coping strategies in megaprojects 296
Rehab Iftikhar

25 Portfolio and program governance 308
Miia Martinsuo
26 Governance of Sustainable Development Goal programs 318
Shankar Sankaran
27 Governance of organizational project management 329
Shankar Sankaran
28 Fairness and justice in the governance of projects 343
Christine Unterhitzenberger and Kate Lawrence

29 Governance of inter-organizational project networks 356
Jörg Sydow and Timo Braun
30 From network governance to metagovernance 366
Ralf Müller
31 Toward a theory of resilience governance: insights from megaprojects in China 379
Linzhuo Wang, Xinnan Wang, and Fangwei Zhu

32 Governing major projects in healthcare 395
Monique Aubry, Marie-Claire Richer, and Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay
33 Evolution of space programs governance 411
Alessandro Paravano, Giorgio Locatelli, and Paolo Trucco
34 Governance evolution in university–industry collaborative R&D programs 429
Gabriela Fernandes and David O’Sullivan
35 Minimum viable governance for data science initiatives 445
Sandeep Mathur, Shankar Sankaran, Sam MacAulay, and Ivor Tsang

36 A look ahead 458
Ralf Müller, Shankar Sankaran, and Nathalie Drouin

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