Research Handbook on Urban Design


Research Handbook on Urban Design

9781800373464 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Marion Roberts and Suzy Nelson, School of Architecture and Cities, University of Westminster, UK
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80037 346 4 Extent: 432 pp
With the UN-Habitat estimating that by 2035 the majority of the world’s population will be living in metropolitan areas, this cutting-edge Research Handbook explores the emerging field of urban design and its place in contemporary scholarship.

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With the UN-Habitat estimating that by 2035 the majority of the world’s population will be living in metropolitan areas, this cutting-edge Research Handbook explores the emerging field of urban design and its place in contemporary scholarship.

Gathering together a broad spectrum of eminent and up-and-coming scholars across the globe, Marion Roberts and Suzy Nelson demonstrate the depth and rigour of 21st century urban design research. Contributors explore a wide range of topics such as effectively aligning urban design and landscape; reshaping the sustainable city; crisis and temporary public spaces; indigenous urbanism; and designing a healthy neighbourhood. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, this erudite Research Handbook analyses key literature in the field supported by an in-depth examination of international case studies.

Offering an extensive cross-disciplinary overview of urban design scholarship, this Research Handbook will prove an enlightening read for academics and researchers in urban design, planning, urban studies, landscape architecture, human geography and cultural studies. Its wealth of specialist knowledge will also benefit urban design, city and planning practitioners alike.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book provides a foundation into the research occurring in urban design, and the rich case studies are excellent reference material for those looking for inspiration or desiring a deeper understanding of how urban environments can be developed and understood in a different way. By sharing expert knowledge and passion for urban design, the authors present an engaging and informative perspective on urban design practices.’
– Francesca Boyd, AIPH Green City initiative

‘Urban design is a critical profession balancing imperatives for beauty, justice, and sustainability in today’s increasingly dynamic cities. The Research Handbook on Urban Design is a detailed, convincing, and broad-ranging look at empirical inquiry across the scales, sites, spaces, and settlements of urban design. Practitioners, scholars, and students will find the Handbook a valuable and attractive addition to their libraries.’
– Brent D. Ryan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

‘Bringing together contributions from an international team of urban design academics and professionals, this collection is a welcome addition to the literature on urban design research, enriching a key field in an urbanizing world.’
– Ali Madanipour, Newcastle University, UK

‘This carefully-curated collection demonstrates two things. First, the sheer diversity and interdisciplinarity of urban design as a focus for research. Second, the ingenuity of researchers faced with understanding the multiple wicked urban problems that this throws up. In doing so it offers a valuable guide for researchers in urban design at all levels and internationally.’
– Matthew Carmona, University College London, UK

‘This edited collection offers timely and important contributions to urban design as a global practice and an academic discipline – admirably bridging both while also balancing the physicality of space with public interests, contributions by established and emergent researchers, and geographic and cultural representations of the practice and study of urban design.’
– Luna Khirfan, University of Waterloo, Canada
Contributors include: Philip Black, Fei Chen, Pengyu Chen, Carey Curtis, Alexander Cuthbert, Doris Damyanovic, Kim Dovey, Mariana Estrada, Anna Gabor, Emanuele Giordano, Karl Grimm, Tim Heath, Shruti Hemani, Constanza Jara, Hesam Kamalipour, Krystallia Kamvasinou, Karina Landman, Anders Larsson, Denise Lim, Barbara Goličnik Marušić, Damjan Marušić, Vikas Mehta, Ian Mell, Suzy Nelson, Elek Pafka, Jason Pomeroy, Florian Reinwald, Marion Roberts, Mahima Sharma, Quentin Stevens, Gusti Ayu Made Suartika, Emily Talen, Neha Goyal Tater, Tim Townshend, Jan Woudstra, Jing Xie, Antonio Zumelzu

Research for urban design: on becoming an established field 1
Marion Roberts and Suzy Nelson

1 The new urban design: implications from spatial political economy 12
Alexander Cuthbert and Gusti Ayu Made Suartika
2 Enquiry by mapping: understanding urban assemblages and morphological capacities 24
Elek Pafka and Kim Dovey
3 Effective alignment of urban design and landscape: barriers and successes for education and practice 40
Philip Black and Ian Mell
4 Shaping smart cities: balancing hardware, software and ‘heartware’ 56
Jason Pomeroy and Denise Lim

5 Indigenous urbanism: determining the future from the past for smaller historic settlements in Jaipur, India 79
Shruti Hemani, Neha Goyal Tater and Mahima Sharma
6 Informal urban design: forms of informal settlement 107
Hesam Kamalipour
7 The politics of urban trees: reshaping the sustainable city 125
Jan Woudstra
8 Extending urban design into the hours of darkness: reflections on research 153
Marion Roberts
9 Shedding light on the dark city: from the light master plan to the trame noir 173
Emanuele Giordano

10 Designing a neighborhood 188
Emily Talen
11 Healthy neighbourhoods: research into the connections between urban design and health and well-being 206
Tim Townshend
12 Heritage-led revitalisation in China: identity and modernity in Shenzhen’s urban villages 225
Tim Heath, Fei Chen, Jing Xie and Pengyu Chen
13 Capitalising on highly connected public transport nodes: exploring the relationship between physical design attributes and experiential qualities 248
Carey Curtis and Anders Larsson
14 Built environment and walkability during the COVID-19 pandemic in southern Chile 266
Antonio Zumelzu, Mariana Estrada and Constanza Jara

15 Overview of public space: reflections on contemporary research 284
Vikas Mehta
16 Memorials, public space, and urban design 303
Quentin Stevens
17 ‘Cool public spaces for the cities’: a climate-fit approach to the urban design of public streetscapes and squares – a vital contribution to climate-responsive cities 331
Doris Damyanovic, Anna Gabor, Karl Grimm and Florian Reinwald
18 Evolving public spaces in South Africa: moving beyond sustainability and resilience towards regenerative space 349
Karina Landman
19 Crisis and temporary public spaces: reflections from London, UK 367
Krystallia Kamvasinou
20 Time–people–place-based approaches for urban design frame setting 390
Barbara Goličnik Marušić
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