Smart Growth and Climate Change


Smart Growth and Climate Change

Regional Development, Infrastructure and Adaptation

9781845425098 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Matthias Ruth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of York, UK
Publication Date: 2006 ISBN: 978 1 84542 509 8 Extent: 432 pp
This invaluable book brings together two strands of applied research that to date have only been carried out in isolation from each other – ‘smart growth’ research and research into adaptation to climate change and variability. Both entail similar concerns, draw on complementary modelling tools and are concerned with bridging the gaps that may exist between science and engineering stakeholder interests and policy implementation. By providing theory, models and case studies from North America, Oceania and Europe this books helps to create synergies between the two research strands, reconcile differences and provide insights and possible future direction for decision makers at national and local levels.

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This innovative volume systematically brings together two strands of applied research that, to date, have been carried out separately – ‘smart growth’ research and climate change adaptability research. By providing theory, models, and case studies from North America, Oceania and Europe, the book creates synergies between the two strands, reconciles differences, and provides insights for decision-makers at national and local levels.

The contributors to the volume draw on modeling tools complementary to both camps as they explore the issues surrounding: water and energy use, health, transportation, urbanization and regional development. Examples from around the world illustrate the relationships between regional land use, infrastructure development, quality of life and climate change. The contributors take special care to develop theory and models in real-world contexts as they emphasize both the science of climate change and its land use management, policy and investment implications. In addition, they pay special attention to bridging the gaps that may exist among science and engineering, stakeholder interests, and policy implementation.

Students, scholars and practitioners in the areas of geography, planning, land use, civil and environmental engineering, environmental economics, and policy will find the approaches and strategies in this volume of great interest.
Critical Acclaim
‘The consensus on global warming and its effects are now almost unanimous. Even those politicians with serious denial issues are converting. That said, the question becomes: How well does this book deal with urban sprawl and climate change? Professor Ruth is a master at organizing thought (and of creative thought. . . but an editor most needs the former). He has pulled together a very impressive list of experts from good institutions and organized their contributions to this subject in a meaningful, useful way. I think the coverage of the issue is both very competent and complete.’
– Bruce Hannon, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, US
Contributors: A. Amato, S.J. Burian, C.V. Burnier, K.J. Clifton, B. Deal, P.R. Epstein, V.E. Forgie, N.E. Golubiewski, N.A. Jollands, P. Kirshen, A.-C. Lin, J. McBeath, G.W. McDonald, A.A. Olsthoorn, M.G. Patterson, F. Rong, J. Rotmans, M. Ruth, B. Stone, Jr, Z. Sun, R.S.J. Tol, N.M. van der Grijp, P.E. van der Werff, T.J. Wilbanks, M. Womersley
Part I: Smart Growth, Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
1. Introduction
Matthias Ruth
2. Research Themes and Challenges
Matthias Ruth and Fang Rong
3. Smart Growth, Sprawl and Climate Change Mitigation in the United States
Mick Womersley
4. Climate Change Impacts on Regional Development and Sustainability: An Analysis of New Zealand Regions
Murray G. Patterson, Garry W. McDonald, Nancy E. Golubiewski, Vicky E. Forgie and Nigel A. Jollands
Part II: Stakeholder Involvement: Needs, Experiences and Challenges
5. Stakeholder Involvement in Local Smart Growth: Needs and Challenges
Thomas J. Wilbanks
6. Oil Transportation Infrastructure: The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System and the Challenge of Environmental Change
Jerry McBeath
Part III: Modeling, Indicator Development and Decision Support
7. A Complex Systems Approach for Sustainable Cities
Jan Rotmans
8. A Spatially Explicit Urban Simulation Model: Land Use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model (LEAM)
Brian Deal and Zhanli Sun
Part IV: Methods and Cases
9. Urbanization Effect on Rainfall: Implications for Drainage Infrastructure Performance and Design
Steven J. Burian
10. Flood Risk Institutions and Climate Change in the Netherlands
Nicolien M. van der Grijp, Alexander A. Olsthoorn, Richard S.J. Tol and Peter E. van der Werff
11. From the Ground Up: Local Land Use Policies, Transportation Choices and the Potential for Improved Air Quality
Kelly J. Clifton and Carolina V. Burnier
12. Regional Energy Demand and Adaptations to Climate Change: Methodology and Application to the State of Maryland, USA
Matthias Ruth and Ai-Chen Lin
13. Physical Planning and Urban Heat Island Formation: How Cities Change Regional Climates
Brian Stone, Jr
14. Climate Change and Public Health: Focus on Emerging Infectious Diseases
Paul R. Epstein
15. Impacts of Changing Temperatures on Heat-related Mortality in Urban Areas: The Issues and a Case Study from Metropolitan Boston
Matthias Ruth, Anthony Amato and Paul Kirshen
16. A Summary of Lessons and Options
Matthias Ruth
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