SMEs in the Digital Era


SMEs in the Digital Era

Opportunities and Challenges of the Digital Single Market

9781803921631 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Emanuela Carbonara, Professor of Economic Policy, Department of Sociology and Business Law, University of Bologna and Adjunct Professor of International Economics, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe, Bologna, Italy and Maria Rita Tagliaventi, Professor of Organizational Sociology, Department of Sociology and Business Law, University of Bologna, Italy
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80392 163 1 Extent: 270 pp
With an interdisciplinary approach this book elaborates and discusses the strategic, regulatory and economic scenario that the sponsorship of a European Digital Single Market has been generating for small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

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With an interdisciplinary approach, this book elaborates and discusses the strategic, regulatory and economic scenario that the sponsorship of a European Digital Single Market has been generating for small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

Encompassing expert innovative analysis of the regulatory framework, economic dynamics and organizational processes, SMEs in the Digital Era highlights the effects that these have and the complex process through which SMEs can enter and successfully compete in the digital market. With contributions from international scholars, this insightful book takes a deep dive into the current most relevant debates taking place in management, economics and law using original evidence from a variety of fields and countries. Chapters offer a fresh look at the new policies and regulatory tools required to meet the challenges of digitalization, reflecting on the effects on employment, competition and organizational processes, and how imbalances can impact the future of the technological revolution.

Providing insights into the most advanced and recent research on digital markets, this will be an excellent resource for academics, practitioners, managers and policymakers in fields ranging from organization theory and organizational behaviour to strategy and economic analysis as well as economics and business law.
Critical Acclaim
‘The necessary digitalization of small- and medium-sized companies in the single digital market of the EU leads them into a risky and disruptive interaction with the internet giants and widens the wage gap between the high and the low skilled. This highly recommended and pioneering book provides comprehensive insights into these and related issues, and the legal and economic policy responses in the European Union.’
– Hans-Bernd Schäfer, Bucerius Law School, Germany

‘The digital revolution is transforming economic and social relationships at a furious pace, creating exciting new opportunities but, of course, ubiquitous challenges. The potential for SMEs to be a vibrant source of growth and innovation is clear, and yet they are ostensibly falling short in the process. This excellent book offers insights as to the impact of the digital revolution on SMEs as well as means for them to discover their potential in a truly integrated European economy.’
– Michael G. Plummer, Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe, Italy
Contributors: Matteo Alvisi, Beatrice Bertarini, Emanuela Carbonara, Umberto Michele Carbonara, Giacomo Carli, Nicoleta Darra, Luisa De Vita, Spyros Fountas, Giuseppina Gianfreda, Alice Guerra, Jeanette Hartley, Aikaterini Kasimati, Michael Koutsiaras, Marco Marrone, Gianmarco Peterlongo, Giorgio Pirina, Vasilis Psiroukis, Enrico Santarelli, Luisa Scorciarini Coppola, Maria Alessandra Stefanelli, Maria Rita Tagliaventi, Stefano Zunarelli

Introduction: opportunities and challenges of the digital single market 1
Emanuela Carbonara and Maria Rita Tagliaventi

1 Business models and organizational choices for SMEs in
the digital single market 24
Giacomo Carli, Jeanette Hartley, and Maria Rita Tagliaventi
2 Digital technologies and female-led small and
medium-sized enterprises: a possible new growth area 45
Luisa De Vita
3 Digital transformation of SMEs in agriculture 65
Nicoleta Darra, Aikaterini Kasimati, Michael Koutsiaras,
Vasilis Psiroukis, and Spyros Fountas
4 Beyond the myths of digitalization: labor, space, and
ecology in the digital age 84
Marco Marrone, Gianmarco Peterlongo, and Giorgio Pirina

5 Artificial Intelligence and robots: a threat or an
opportunity for SMEs and entrepreneurship? 104
Emanuela Carbonara and Enrico Santarelli
6 Small-firm acquisitions, merger control, and digital
markets: the Meta/Kustomer case 122
Giuseppina Gianfreda and Luisa Scorciarini Coppola
7 Digital platforms, multi-sided markets, and the
anticommon problem 139
Matteo Alvisi
8 Tax challenges in the digital era 157
Alice Guerra

9 Digital innovation in the legal framework of SMEs 176
Maria Alessandra Stefanelli
10 The disintermediation of small and medium-sized
enterprises’ financing sources in the digital era 192
Beatrice Bertarini
11 The logistics industry in the digital era: problems and
opportunities for the SMEs of the transport sector 208
Stefano Zunarelli
12 Simplifying the formation of companies in light of
Digitalization Directive 2019/1151: an analysis of benefits
and risks 224
Umberto Michele Carbonara
Conclusions: digital technologies, organizational processes and
enterprises: opportunities or challenges? 243
Emanuela Carbonara and Maria Rita Tagliaventi

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