The Challenge of Public–Private Partnerships


The Challenge of Public–Private Partnerships

Learning from International Experience

9781843765097 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Graeme A. Hodge, Professor, Faculty of Law, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and Carsten Greve, Professor, Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Publication Date: 2005 ISBN: 978 1 84376 509 7 Extent: 368 pp
The aim of the book is to investigate how PPP reforms function in comparison to the more traditional methods of providing public sector services and infrastructure and who typically experiences the successes and failures of these reforms.

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Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs) – cooperative institutional arrangements between public and private sector actors – are now an increasingly relevant and globally popular public policy option. The authors argue that even though PPPs are still evolving, there is now sufficient research to bring these joint ventures to account and to provide lessons for the future. The aim of the book is to investigate how PPP reforms function in comparison to the more traditional methods of providing public sector services and infrastructure and who typically experiences the successes and failures of these reforms.

The Challenge of Public–Private Partnerships advances recent thought on PPPs in the areas of risk transfer, financial implications, contractual matters, politics, management and accountability. International case studies are presented from the United Kingdom, Europe, the US and Australasia, and the authors delineate the experience of PPPs in areas such as infrastructure and human services. A strong thread of accountability is woven throughout the book, synthesizing common issues, separating the rhetoric from the performance reality and providing strategies for better meeting the various international challenges for future PPPs.

Re-examining the myriad meanings and definitions given to PPPs, and presenting a range of theories and frameworks to improve understanding of PPP events and outcomes, this book will be of great interest to those involved in public administration and public policy-making.
Critical Acclaim
‘One of the first collections of empirical studies on the international experience with public–private partnerships (PPPs), The Challenge of Public–Private Partnerships raises several crucial issues that challenge the effectiveness of PPPs. It does a good job of organizing scattered research on a complicated topic, examining partnerships in historical, political, and economic contexts, and pointing out major defects in previous studies. The editors have assembled an all-star cast of contributors to accomplish three major goals relating to PPPs: to reexamine the huge range of definitions, to review the international experience and learn from the outcomes, and to call for more careful balanced assessment.’
– Yin Wang, Public Administration Review

‘. . . this is an excellent volume. The authors raise a number of important questions that extend beyond the particulars of the public–private partnerships that exist now, and address broader questions of the interactions of the two sectors, and the complexity of those interactions.’
– B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh, US
Contributors: R. Almqvist, A.E. Boardman, D. Bowman, K. Coghill, D. Corner, N. Ejersbo, L.M. English, J. Evans, C. Greve, G. Hodge, O. Högberg, J.M. Johnston, E.-H. Klijn, L.L. Martin, M. Oppen, M. Pollitt, F. Poschmann, B.S. Romzek, D. Sack, J. Shaoul, G.R. Teisman, A.R. Vining, A. Wegener, R. Wettenhall, D. Woodward
Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Public–Private Interface: Surveying the History 3. The United Kingdom Private Finance Initiative: The Challenge of Allocating Risk 4. Getting the Contract Right 5. Political Issues of Public–Private Partnerships 6. Public–Private Partnerships as the Management of Co-Production: Strategic and Institutional Obstacles in a Difficult Marriage 7. Traditional Contracts as Partnerships: Effective Accountability in Social Services Contracts in the American States 8. United States: Human Services 9. North American Infrastructure P3s: Examples and Lessons Learned 10. The Private Finance Initiative or the Public Funding or Private Profit? 11. Learning from UK Private Finance Initiative Experience 12. Public–Private Partnerships in Social Services: The Example of the City of Stockholm 13. Public–Private Partnerships for Infrastructure in Denmark from Local to Global Partnering 14. German Public–Private Partnerships in Personal Social Services: New Directions in a Corporatist Environment 15. Using Public–Private Partnerships to Deliver Social Infrastructure: The Australian Experience 16. Public–Private Partnerships: The Australasian Experience with Physical Infrastructure 17. Public–Private Partnerships: A Policy for All Seasons? Index

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