The Challenges of Collaboration in Environmental Governance


The Challenges of Collaboration in Environmental Governance

Barriers and Responses

9781785360404 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Richard D. Margerum, Professor, University of Oregon, US and Cathy J. Robinson, Principal Research Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and University Fellow, Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, Australia
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78536 040 4 Extent: 424 pp
Collaborative approaches to governance are being used to address some of the most difficult environmental issues across the world, but there is limited focus on the challenges of practice. Leading scholars from the United States, Europe and Australia explore the theory and practice in a range of contexts, highlighting the lessons from practice, the potential limitations of collaboration and the potential strategies for addressing these challenges.

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Collaborative approaches to governance are being used to address some of the most difficult environmental issues across the world, but there has been less attention paid to the challenges of practice. The Challenges of Collaboration in Environmental Governance brings together leading scholars from the United States, Europe and Australia with a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds – planning, public policy, public administration, geography, political science, natural resources management, conflict resolution as well as other fields – to directly confront the challenges and limitations of collaborative governance in practice

The authors explore the theory, problems, and context of collaboration challenges through a diverse set of international case studies from around the world. They also examine challenges related to power, politics, organizations, stakeholder roles, process, and participation, concluding with a research agenda to help guide future scholarship and practice. The goal is to highlight consistent difficulties from practice, and examine potential strategies for addressing conceptual weaknesses – all with an eye towards improving environmental governance results.

By providing a synthesis of major themes and a research agenda for collaborative governance, this book will serve as an asset to academics and researchers in urban planning, public policy, public administration, political science, geography, conflict resolution, and natural resource management as well as practitioners working for governments or non-profit organizations.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book will be invaluable for anyone interested in collaborative planning, management or governance. It includes significant chapters from some of the leading scholars in these fields, as well as insightful research from a new generation. It is an impressive compendium, a good read, and a useful coursebook.’
– Judith Innes, University of California, Berkeley, US

The significant strength of this edited volume is that it goes beyond normative approaches to collaborative governance in a cross-disciplinary effort to analyze “how to do collaboration” and how to overcome the challenges involved in using collaboration in environmental governance.’
– Eva Sørensen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Contributors: R. Agranoff, J. Bellamy, J. Edelenbos, J.M. Fliervoet, J. Forester, K. Genskow, M. Gilfedder, M. Grayer, M. Grundy, B. Head, T.M. Koontz, S.D. Lurie, R.D. Margerum, D.H. Nelson, R. O''Leary, J.M. Purdy, C.J. Robinson, J. Rongerude, H. Ross, G. Sandoval, L.D. Schroeder, A.J.M. Smits, A. van Buuren, I. van Meerkerk, J. van Popering, N. Vij, J.F. Warner, E.P. Weber, J.M. Wondolleck

1. Introduction: The Challenges of Collaboration in Environmental Governance
Richard D. Margerum and Cathy J Robinson

PART I Theory and Context
2. Theoretical perspectives on the Challenges of Collaboration
Richard D. Margerum

3. Back to the Future? Collaborative Environmental Governance Theory and Practice
Tomas M. Koontz

4. The Other Side of Managing in Networks
Robert Agranoff

5. Vitality in interactive governance: conditions and challenges
Jurian Edelenbos and Ingmar van Meerkerk

PART II Problems and Context
6. Where has all the salinity gone? The challenges of using science to inform local collaborative efforts to respond to large-scale environmental change
Mat Gilfedder, Cathy J Robinson and Mike Grundy

7. Collaborative governance – does it work for climate change adaptation? Insights from the Dutch Delta Program
Arwin van Buuren and Jitske van Popering

8. Collaboration challenges in addressing natural resource management problems: Australian regional case studies
Helen Ross, Jennifer Bellamy and Brian Head

PART III Policy, Politics and Power
9. When Voluntary is Prescribed but Mandated is Necessary: The Challenges of Compulsory Collaboration on Complex Public Issues
Julia M. Wondolleck and Susan D. Lurie

10. Politicians and Collaborative Governance: The New Logic of Support
Edward P. Weber

11. The Role of Power in Collaborative Governance
Jill M. Purdy

PART IV Organizations, Stakeholders and Governance
12. Collaboration Across Boundaries in the Indian Forest Service
Daniel H. Nelson, Rosemary O''Leary, Larry D. Schroeder, Misty Grayer, Nidhi Vij

13. Towards a Joint Maintenance Approach for floodplain management in the Netherlands: tensions and possibilities
Jeroen F. Warner, Jan M. Fliervoet and Antoine J.M. Smits

PART V Process and Participation
14. From the table to the street: Strategies for building a more inclusive collaborative process
Jane Rongerude and Gerardo Sandoval

15. The Challenge of Transformative Learning: Mining Practice Stories to Study Collaboration and Dispute Resolution Strategies
John Forester

16. Hunting for country and culture: The challenges surrounding Indigenous collaborative partnerships on the coast of northern Australia
Cathy J. Robinson

17. The Challenges of Collaborative Governance: Towards a New Research Agenda
Richard D. Margerum, Cathy J. Robinson and Ken Genskow


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